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 The Learning System

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PostSubject: The Learning System   Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:36 pm

As time progresses, characters will improve in ability. As such, they can learn skills, spells, or even improve their stats. The purpose of this section is to explain how one goes about upgrading their character.

Learning New Skills

Every character can start with up to five skills, they can learn more as time goes on in the RP by actively using the skill they want to learn. Once the skill teacher feels they have been practicing enough they can attempt to learn the skill. Just like in real life, one cannot enter into a type of work, practice for one day and then be a master!

To learn a skill when the teacher feels you are ready, you roll the stat associated with it. For example, gymnastics would use agility, while negotiation would use reasoning. The required roll is a 70, or a yellow roll, whichever is lower. Characters are limited to three attempts per day.

Example 1: Tia has been studying to be a negotiator, learning how to talk people down from rooftops, persuade criminals to release their hostages. After a month or so of classes, she can be asked to roll reasoning, and needs to score a 70 or higher.

Example 2: Laura has been trying to improve her knowledge in an additional martial art, training regularly at the dojo. She shows a lot of promise and soon enough the teacher allows her to make a roll. She would only need to a 61 or higher to learn the skill, as she has incredible fighting.

Skills cost 1XP to learn. However there are a couple skills have requirements. Martial Arts Master requires you to know at least three(3) martial arts before you can purchase it. Law Enforcement requires you to know at least two(2) of the skills included in it before learning. Journalism requires you to know at least one(1) of the skills included in it before learning. Crime requires you to know at least two(2) of the skills included in it before learning.

Learning Spells

Magic is a major part of RP. Some enemies will be resistant to physical damage and need a more magic approach to defeat. However, keep in mind that some enemies will be resistant to some or all kinds of magic, or may even be healed by certain types!

To learn even the most basic of magic spells, one must have at least typical psyche or typical magical ability. To learn into the various magic schools, at least good psyche or magical ability is required. To find out the exact level you need for the level of magic spell you are learning, please reference .

All magic is learned with a psyche roll, regardless of magic ability. Each level of magic spell has it's own requirement: For testing it i the human form of Psyche that is used as most creatures tend to have higher psyche in non-human form. Using the psyche at human levels keeps things on a more balanced play field.

Beginner Magic: A roll of 50 is required for the first level, all other levels 55 or a yellow roll, whichever is lower. Costs 1XP to learn. Can learn a new spell every week.

Circle 1 magic: A roll of 60 is required, or a yellow roll, whichever is lower. Costs 2XP to learn. Can learn a new spell two weeks.

Circle 2 magic: A roll of 65 is required, or a yellow roll, whichever is lower. Costs 3XP to learn. Can learn a new spell every month.

Circle 3 magic: A roll of 70 is required. Costs 4XP to learn. Can learn a new spell every two months.

Circle 4 magic: A roll of 75 is required. Costs 5XP to learn. Can learn a new spell every two months.

Circle 5 magic: A roll of 80 is required. Costs 6XP to learn. Can learn a new spell every three months.

Circle 6 magic: A roll of 85 is required. Costs 8XP to learn. Can learn a new spell every four months.

Magic can be learned from anyone who knows the spell, or lacking that, one of the guildmasters listed on each magic school page. Do note that a character with the Magic Master skill can learn any spell in a lower circle then he or she is already in without a guildmaster or teacher, however the difficulty roll increases by 5.

Improving Abilities

Improving base stats is the most difficult area to improve in the RP, not just because of the amount of time it takes to improve but also due to the limits of the body. However with enough diligence it IS possible to improve ones abilities over time.

To improve an ability, extensive effort must be made to do such. For example,. characters that wish to improve strength should be seen working in the weight room on a very regular basis. Those improving in agility should be seen doing things like balancing acts, gymnastics, and so forth. Those who wish to improve their reasoning can take classes at the colleges on the island.

Only a GM can decide when enough effort has been put forward for an improvement in the stat. Typically this will require at least a couple months effort, at higher points even more so. Once the time has come for an improvement the GM will decide when a roll is required to have the stat officially increased. Below is the guideline that is usually used for improving stats, though exceptions can be made if a GM feels it is warranted. Asking for an exception will likely get it refused immediately.

Cost to improve a stat is as follows, and how to score points:
Feeble to Poor: 2XP, requires two green ( 61+ ) roll on stat when tested
Poor to Typical: 2XP, requires three green ( 56+ ) rolls on stat when tested
Typical to Good: 4XP, requires four green ( 51+ ) rolls on stat when tested
Good to Excellent: 10XP, requires three yellow ( 76+ ) roll on stat when tested
Excellent to Remarkable: 10XP, requires three yellow ( 71+ ) rolls on stat when tested
Remarkable to Incredible: 20XP, requires four yellow ( 66+ ) rolls on stat when tested
Incredible to Amazing: 40XP, requires one red ( 91+ ) roll on stat when tested

Note for scoring the required score, you gain 1 point. For getting a red ( unless a red is required for points ) you get 2 points.

Do note there are restrictions on how high certain stats can gain for certain races. For example, humans usually cannot go beyond excellent strength, and dwarves cannot usually go beyond excellent agility. Exceptions can be made in some cases, but do note the cost of going one rank above a race's normal limit costs double, and you cannot go any higher then that.

Racial Modifiers:
Below are some of the modifiers that certain races face when learning. If in doubt, ask your local GM.

Elves: Learns Agility easier ( -5 required ) Learns Strength harder ( +5 required )

Mithra: All Mithra learn spells and skills easier then other races. Requirements to learn are reduced by five( -5). Learns Agility and Intuition easier ( -5 ), learns Strength and Endurance harder ( +5 )

A'Reah: Learn Fighting easier ( -5 ) learn Strength harder ( +5 )

Succubus: Learn Agility and Endurance easier ( -5 ) learn fighting much harder ( +10 ).

Angels of Heaven, Demons of Hell, and Creatures of Limbo are unable to improve their FASE RIP, but are able to learn new spells and abilities easier ( -5 ).

Mutants: Cannot learn spells, however can upgrade individual powers they have. Learn all stats easier ( -5 ). Can learn new powers in their specific field, for an XP cost to be determined by GM.

Dragon: These creatures have lived for thousands of years and are set in their ways. All xp costs to improve their abilities are doubled.
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The Learning System
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