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Where to find us
Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:55 pm by SgtSarros
New players who want to join the RPG can join us at , and joining the channel #fantasy-ooc

If you do not have your own IRC client you can go to and click chat now. to go to for their IRC client.

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 Island Groups and Members

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PostSubject: Island Groups and Members   Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:13 pm

This is a listing of the current major and minor groups in the RPG. Do note some of them ( such as the New Mutants ) have very restrictive requirements to join and as such may be difficult to join, while others ( like the Black Rose ) may not currently be accepting members ( though exceptions can be made with a -very- good reason, contact Sarros for info. )

Note: Some of these groups used to be more heavily filled out with previous characters that have either been removed from the RPG or players are on LOA

Island Defense Force:
Commissioner: Darku Xafel
Leader: Mary Lightwind
Asst. Leader: Akemi Tsurata
- Public: Aerith Gainsborough
- FIPD:  Axel Radley
- New Mutants - Katherine Pryde
- Goverment: Ramza Beoulve
Auxiliary Leaders: Clare, Corann, Terentia
Senior Members: Crystal, Akasha, Shanelle, Obadiah
Members: Aralyn, Daisy, Trey, Leffu, Sona, Savonia, Fuu, Nine, Claire Bradley, Sarros Salazar, Elorani, Strato, Selene, Shaiya, Kiohai, Nina, Ryu
Probationary Members: Miki Sayaka, Varok Saurfang, Chris Lightfellow, Aseirr
Members on Leave: Amy, Candy, Minx, Svine, Deliliah, Uru, Karen, Artan, Vivi, Flair, Jax, Sonya, Feralis, Wave, Kinttex

New Mutants:
Leaders: Kitty Pryde, Ororo Monroe
Asst. Leader: Jubilation Lee
- Public: Kitty Pryde
- IDF: Kitty Pryde
- Government: Jean Grey
Senior Members: Rogue, Remy LeBeau, Jubilation Lee
Other Members: Alison Blaire, Akera, Axel Radley, Kurt Wagner, Gabrielle, Gino Jackson, Rebecca Carson, Declan Carson, Jemma Matheson, Wolverine, Laura, Jemma Matheson, Liana, Dominik

Forest Protectors:
Leaders: Nature's Protector, Gaia
Asst. Leaders: Aeryn, Hope, Misha
- Public: Misha
- Government: Hope
Guardians: Rosemary, Tesalia, Guennaen, Ghia, Rowan, Ivy
Members: Taini, Cinder, Lewnie, Mikau, Sarros, Talon, Dryad, Alethia, Minavara, Timmy, Coireana, Justice, Link, Omari, Spectre, Yendris, Nora, Yazoo

Island Government:
Governor / Mayor: Larsa Solidor
Deputy Mayor: Unnamed NPC
Chief of Staff: Gordon Haldengaffer
Assistant Chief of Staff: Tinker Bell
Minister of Finance: Unnamed NPC
Minister of Labour: Unnamed NPC
- IDF: Ramza Beouvle
- FIPD: Commissioner Frank Reagan
- New Mutants: Jean Grey
- Forest Protectors: Hope
- FIFD: Unnamed NPC
Chief of Security: Connor

Fantasy Island Police Department:
Commissioner: Frank Reagan
Deputy Chief: Lou
Inspectors: Unnamed NPCs
Captains: Unnamed NPCs
Lieutenant / Detective Lieutenant: Chun Li, Alisa Vikor, Donovan Jackson, Axel Radley
Sergeant / Detective Sergeant: Morgan Callaghan, Hannah Dalton
Officer / Detective: Joanna Smith, Tina Wesson, Miranda Lee, Kirru
Current Division Heads:
Homicide: Lt. Chun Li
Investigation: Lt. Axel Radley
SWAT: Acting Lt. Alisa Vikor
Special Victims: NPC

Merchant's Guild:
Leader: Hinoe Lightwind
Liaison: Faunalyn Moonflower
Executive Members: Ghenna, Tifa, Akemi
Members: Arjuna, Sammy, Kethend, Darku, Medusa, Nidishu, Ghia, Mai Tsurata

The Black Rose, Fantasy Island Sect:
Leader: Gordon Haldengaffer
Asst. Leader: Shayla Jackson
Members: Morphine, Ena Leighseach, Tinker Bell, Jolana, Dani Williams, Lux, Fong MeiFeng, Cissnei, Kirru

Remnants of Target-X:
Leader: Nicholas X
Asst. Leader: Bethany Lewis
Members: Liana

Fantasy Island Women's Shelter:
Matron: Suzie
Assistant Matron: Olivia
Liaison to FIPD: Sgt. Hanna Dalton and Sgt. Morgan Callaghan
Liaison to Government: Simone Hiyatt

Any minor group with less then three members has not been included in this listing. there are many other groups and factions ( such as the fire department ), and players are encouraged to inquire about other groups they wish to see on this list, or wish to create.
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Island Groups and Members
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