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 Locations Of the World of Fantasy Island

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PostSubject: Locations Of the World of Fantasy Island   Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:30 pm

Fantasy Island

This is the location where most of the action in the RPG currently takes place. Most of the 100,000 people on the island live in Oceandia. Included is a map of the island below.

The Seventh Heaven

The Seventh Heaven is the starting point for most new arrivals in the game. It offers free room and board to new arrivals for the first three months so that they have a place to stay until they can get on their feet in this new world. This includes food and three sets of clothes for those who do not come with any clothing. Part of the money for this comes from government funding, while others come from donations, or revenue of those who continue to live there after they have made something of themselves.

The Seventh Heaven is also the home to the Island Defense Force. This government-funded agency actually works mostly independently of the government; the only rule they have to obey for the funds is if someone of their group is wanted by the police ( typically for violating island law ) they will turn them over.

In the Seventh Heaven area is also an ice cream shop, surfboard rentals and a couple other small businesses catered for beachgoers. The town itself can be seen approximately two miles to the south of the beach, close enough to walk back and forth but far enough away the sounds of the town do not take away from the tranquility of the beach area. To the east can barely beside the main forest of the island, where Protector's Clearing and the Forest Shrine reside.

Chocobo Farm and Racetrack

The chocobo farm is run by Chocobo Bill and maintained by Strato, Natsumi and Ivy. People can come here if they wish to rent out a chocobo for a ride or just want to pet one. There are many chocobos that stay here, along with spacing for more if people wish to rent out a stall. It is approximately a mile northwest of the town proper.

Recently completed, the Chocobo Racetrack allows for the public to bet on races. Four to Six chocobo race at a time, with prizes going to those who pick the winner or second place finisher. Some of these chocobos live on the island, while others are brought in to compete from other islands and other worlds.

More information can be found at this link:

The Forests

People of Fantasy Island believe themselves to be very close to nature. As such, much of the island remains undeveloped and untouched. The forests of Fantasy Island take up over 1/3 of the land, and is protected by the government. Any building of property near the forest area is reviewed quite heavily and constantly checked to ensure it is not damaging to the forest or the animals within.

Within the main forest, there are a small group of guardians who protect the forest from harm, both from people and from monsters. These people can be seen most often near a clearing in the forest just west of the lake. This clearing has come to be known as Protector's Clearing. People can come there to ask advice of the guardians there, or explore the peacefulness of  nature. All are welcome there, as long as they do not try to harm the animals.

There are also talks of unicorns that protect the forest, but these claims have, as of yet, not been verified...

A shrine has recently opened it's doors. The only public building to be given permission to be built within the forest, it serves as a meeting area for those who wish to walk in the forest, and also as a place of worship for those who believe in spirit animals. More information about this shrine can be learned by going there and speaking to Ashe or Natasha.


Oceandia is the largest ( and only ) town on the island. It's information can be found at

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Posts : 188
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PostSubject: Re: Locations Of the World of Fantasy Island   Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:31 pm

Monster Preserve

The monster preserve is an area of the world that many monsters seemed to naturally gather at. How they got there is unknown to virtually everyone. However the number of monsters there is quite large and varied. Depending on how deep you go in the island or certain areas, you will come across fiercer and more dangerous creatures. It is even rumored within the mountain of the island are some truly terrifying creatures..

The Lodge / Fort

The Lodge is actually a fortified installation on the island. It's primary purposes is to provide support for those who wish to explore and fight some monsters, but are unsure of their ability, and also for search and rescue for those who go out alone but are missing for a long time.

The Lodge is operated by Tifa Lockhart on behalf of the Fantasy Island Government, and employs over fifty people. Most of them live on the main island, living on Monster Preserve for a period of two weeks on, one week off, to ensure the fort is constantly secure from any invasions that may occur. There are living quarters, a training area, a stage for performers that come out to entertain the defenders now and then, and battlements around the fort to protect it from the occasional attack.

As Operator of the Fort, Tifa has the authority to make many major decisions, including but not limited to, blocking access to people due to dangerous conditions or other reasons, locking down the fort due to state of emergency, hold events there, and allow / deny specific private vessels from docking. In her absence, the captain of the guard is the acting operator.
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PostSubject: Re: Locations Of the World of Fantasy Island   Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:38 pm

Island of the Water Dragon

A much smaller island about 250 miles east of Fantasy Island. The Islands inhabitants are primitive by their own choice. The people there have shunned technology, believing that it will lead them astray. They believe in 'the old ways' and that all they needed for protection is given to them by the Water Dragon they worship named Aquina.

Aquina, has been the protectors of the island for as long as the people's history is remembered.. a very compassionate female, she accepts the offerings by the people only because it makes them happy. In times of famine she will return some of the offerings to them in the dead of night, feeling she should not benefit while others starve. It is through her, and the elders of the island the only ones who can 'speak' to the dragon ( as far as the people know ) that it has enjoyed prosperity as long as it has..

Then the unthinkable happened. Aquina vanished. The two elder priestesses tried to explain she went off to engage those who would harm the island, but strange men arrived, 'convincing' the populace that the elders had betrayed them, forced the dragon to flee. A battle ensued that resulted in one of the elders losing their life, and the other going into hiding.

Once the 'leadership' was removed, the group took the island's inhabitants hostage, taking them away. The last surviving elder, along with a dragon from Dragon Mountain named Europa, searched the world, trying to find where the populace was taken, and return them to their peaceful lives. Only then, could they try to find Aquina...

Thanks to the help of the IDF, The dragon Aquina and the villagers were found and returned safely. However, Aquina was badly injured, and an aging dragon. She decided it was time to pass on the torch so to speak, appointing Europa as the new head dragon of the island, before flying off... her whereabouts are currently unknown.

A couple years ago, there was a severe drought on the island. Europa worked herself ragged ensuring there is enough water for the plants and people on the island, while the weather seemed to be keeping all the clouds and rain away. What could be causing this was found to be a demonic essence controlled by a deity of fire. Europa, along with the aid of Tia and Yemaya, managed to banish this entity and restore the normal weather to the island. As a thank you to her assistance, A shrine to Yemaya was allowed to be built on the island.
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PostSubject: Re: Locations Of the World of Fantasy Island   Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:40 pm

Fisher's Haven

On a smaller island about 100 miles to the north west ( making it not that much further out then Monster Preserve is ), is a village of fishermen. Due to the small size of the island and the limited population, it does not have most ( or really any ) of the amenities of the main island.

Besides most of the island being covered in trees, the water around the island is among the best fishing spots around. Much of the fish brought to Fantasy Island is caught in this area. As such, it's also a popular location for people to go and fish on vacation, and the island is used to visitors. Those who are different from humans ( with wings, tails, and so forth ) are rarely seen on this island, however the island inhabitants welcome them warmly.. though will ask many questions about them, and as a hands on people will likely touch and pet these 'unusual' additions.

Despite the large amount of fishing and trees on the island, the island is lacking in most other resources, which may explain why it has never built up further, including a larger population or any real commercial or industrial development. Though recently a large supply of iron and other materials was found under the island by Nitesh, spurring new growth.
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PostSubject: Re: Locations Of the World of Fantasy Island   Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:42 pm

Island Districts:

( These are used when events happen on the island )

District 1: Seventh Heaven and main beach / docks ( Northern brown area )

District 2: Chocobo farm / racetrack / farms ( Northern Red Area )

District 3: North end of town / entertainment district ( Orange )

District 4: Central Business District ( CBD ) ( Yellow )

District 5: West end of town ( west beach ) ( Green )

District 6: Dixon and Franklin districts ( Purple )

District 7: Governmental Area / Mayor's Estate / Central Park / Main Library ( Blue )

District 8: South end of town ( Red )

District 9: East end of town ( Magenta )

District 10: Joaquin and Maeser districts ( White )

District 11: Forest ( East side of map )
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PostSubject: Re: Locations Of the World of Fantasy Island   

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Locations Of the World of Fantasy Island
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