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Where to find us
Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:55 pm by SgtSarros
New players who want to join the RPG can join us at , and joining the channel #fantasy-ooc

If you do not have your own IRC client you can go to and click chat now. to go to for their IRC client.

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 Oceandia,Capital of Fantasy Island

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PostSubject: Oceandia,Capital of Fantasy Island   Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:29 pm

Oceandia is officially the only town on Fantasy Island, although the area around the Seventh Heaven and Docks has grown into a miniature village of it's own. The population of Oceandia is approximately 100,000 people. Among it's population is humans, elves, fae, centaurs, and more.

The town is set up into districts, with the main districts being the Central Business District ( CBD ), TIMP, Joaquin, Franklin, and Dixon ( formerly known as Boniface ).

Each district will have it's own section below. In each threat will be the mentions of the type of district it is, it's district number when it comes to public alerts sent out, and major businesses / residences / parks / etc to be found in that area.

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PostSubject: Re: Oceandia,Capital of Fantasy Island   Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:36 pm

Central Business District

Zoning: Commercial
District Number: 4
Crime Levels: Low - Medium

The Central Business District is located just off to the edge of downtown, where it has that to the border to the north, and the government district to the east Most of the businesses in the CBD are small shops that grew from 'self-run' businesses to small or medium sized businesses that employ up to a dozen people each.

CBD Businesses

Magical Beginnings: A magic store run by Arjuna Martin, where Megan Gwynn also works. Need something for that next spell? A component for that ritual coming up? Almost anything odd, strange, and magical, you can find it here.

Claire's Music Store: Guitars is the specialty item here, but flutes, trombones, drums.. even pianos can be purchased here, and some of them can even have lessons offered. Performances are given outside now and then to show an example of what they can teach, and they also supply the instruments for the weekly party on the beach.

Twilight Shells: A jewelry store run by the local Hinoe Lightwind. There, many one-of-a-kind, handcrafted bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and just about anything else you can imagine live, as well as the chance to have something custom made. All of the pieces are made from natural sources, such as shells, or glass beads and charms.

Dark's Touch: The local tattoo and piercing parlor, run by the Amazonian woman Darku. Though she may be intimidating and frightening at first, she's got a gentle and precise touch when it comes to her shoving needles into peoples skin.

Folcwin's Fabrics:

Ghenna's Dojo:

Unusual Cuts: A clothing store run by Medusa, for the oddest of clothing for the oddest of people. Just don't look her in the eye to cut a deal; her price will become stone solid.

Upon a Star: Commonly referred to as the wish shop by the Chimera, it features a lot of oddities within, though its true purpose is only known to those that actually need it. While you can find all sorts of rare, and obscure things within, an air of energy and mystery tingles the skin and leads some to believe that there may be much more behind this place then meets the eye.

Jaded's Apothecary:

Faunalyn's Weapon Shop: Is the heart and home of one of the islands few elves, Faunalyn. A master weapon-maker, she can forge anything from the smallest dagger to the mightiest broadsword, and even craft the best long bow you have ever seen. Wish for a re-curve? Something with a bit more weight in the hilt? She can make that too.

Faunalyn's Armour Shop: Originally belonging to Faunalyn's brother, she now runs the store and crafts basic armor for the islands defense force, or anyone that is in need of it really.

Scarletti's, A taste of Sicily: Open Sunday-Thursday 12-10, Friday-Saturday 12-1
Employee size:25 (Servers, Cooks, Managers, Hostesses, Maintenance)
Menu Includes everything from pastas, pizzas, to seafood. Meals come in sizes that are fit for the serving of 2 or 4, but there is also a children's menu. Scarletti's also has a bar with an large category of domestic and imported beers and a wine selection to die for!

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PostSubject: Re: Oceandia,Capital of Fantasy Island   Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:49 pm


Zoning: Commercial
District Number: 4
Crime Levels: Medium

Originally given the name the 'Tourism Improvement Municipal Project', this area was heavily funded to encourage businesses in the area to start and grow. However greed became rampant in the area, and lack of regulation of the funds spent led to this being one of the few failures in Oceandia's history.

The district, now simply known as TIMP, is a lesser used area of the CBD, though there are some successful businesses in this area. The top three blocks in the district is home to a large mall, with skyways connecting the three large buildings to each other.

There is also a sports bar in the district that has recently opened, a popular stop for people just getting off of work.

TIMP Businesses:

Ferona's Fortunes: The mysterious woman known only as Ferona has the ability to see into people's pasts and futures, though the ball of fire that she carries with her. The only people she cannot see into the past or future of are those related to her. While her shop is on 100 N between 300 W and 400 W, she is often seen wandering the entire district, making herself more easily accessible and allowing her employees to handle the merchandising and minor fortunes.

Beth's Ballet: Beth Lewis and Leah Morales run a very popular ballet school. Despite the suspicious sightings of known enemies to the Island in the district, the two head instructors have proven the students there are safe, as with numerous fights nearby over the past three years not one student has ever been injured from these confrontations. Such a high record has given them quite a reputation. It's located on 500 W near the mall.

Purgatory: A new nightclub in the business district, a sleek, attractive building, with a neon green sign of a pair of curled, wicked lips, and the name of the club wrapped around them. Inside, the decor is an interesting duality, one side done in sleek white, blue and silver, with the waitstaff wearing white uniforms, all soft cotton and padded cushions on the floor, rather than traditional tables and chairs the other side, all crimson and black leather, the staff dressed in leather and lace, often naughty uniforms, the furniture is, oddly enough, modified bondage equipment turned into leather clad chairs and tables. At the midpoint is a large dance floor made of a black mirrored looking plastic that has depth, looking like you're standing over oblivion.
The "Purgatory" between Heaven and Hell, with a black glass second floor office shaded from the outside with black mirrors, a fully decked out, high tech DJ booth on the ground floor of the office box. On any given night, there are random events cooked up by Owner-Operator Morrigan Aensland, just show up and find out!

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PostSubject: Re: Oceandia,Capital of Fantasy Island   Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:57 pm

Joaquin District

Zoning: Residential / Light Commercial
District Number: 6
Crime Levels: Low

The Joaquin district is a mostly residential area of town. Situated on the edge of the CBD, some smaller shops have spilled over into the area, namely a bakery, small grocery store, hobby shop, businesses that would generate some minor traffic but not enough to disrupt the district as a whole.

In addition, the largest park on the island is just outside this district, so many family who enjoy celebrations such as the Lunar New Year will reside here to shorten driving or mass transit time back and forth.

Joaquin Businesses:

Golden Dragon Bakery: This is a bakery run by the well known swordswoman Akemi Tsurata. It sells a mixture of modern cakes like cream cakes, donuts and cupcakes, as well as more traditional Land of Dragons food. There are sweet pastries, meat and vegetable pastries, as well as different types of bread. It's often a popular place on the island, and has been very profitable.

A Stitch in Time: This is run by Ghia Starling, a young woman who often is found in the forest. It has a very nice painted sign, and the door frame is all hand painted it seems. Painted with vines and leaves, as well as flowers. Inside the shop is a large mishmash of natural hippy-esque clothing, in varying colours, all handmade. There are some natural woven bracelets, and some natural soaps/cosmetics. It also has dried herbs and a small range of natural potions/salves. There are also naturally sourced tea leaves and such. It has a very sweet smell there as well when you head inside, seems like she has some incense, candles.. all sorts like that. Primarily she sells hand made clothing and bags, cushion covers and other textiles. There are also a lot of hand carved wooden figurines, bowls and various wooden items. There does seem to be a bit of everything to her store. It's a regular hippy shop.

School For the Gifted: A junior and senior high private school run by the New Mutants. It's a school where people with magic, people with mutant powers, those with additional body parts ( wings, tails, and so forth ) and those without, all interact and learn together.

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PostSubject: Re: Oceandia,Capital of Fantasy Island   Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:18 pm

Dixon District

Zoning: Residential
District Number: 6
Crime Levels: Medium - High

The Dixon District, formerly known as the Boniface District, is a low income area of town. What few businesses have started up in this area have generally failed and for a time it was believed 'lesser' or 'lazy' people have lived in this area, causing a serious disconnect between it and the rest of the city.

The area until recently was high in crime activity, to the point the FIPD did not have a strong presence there just because it was too dangerous to send officers into the area. A major effort led by Axel Radley, Morgan Callaghan, and Hannah Dalton, assisted by the spying and information gathering of the mysterious Gabrielle shut down one of the largest gangs. It was discovered at this point gang leaders were taking people's wives, girlfriends, and daughters, to force them to work for the gangs.

The area since has undergone a moderate transformation, t is still one of the poorer parts of town, but now people who live here have hope of one day making something of themselves.

Dixon Businesses:

Women's Shelter: This shelter is funded by the Fantasy Island Government, and run by many of the original women rescued from gang activity in the district. It's a haven for women and children who have been abused or tortured, and have nowhere else to go. The support it regularly gets from the rest of the city leads the hope that life will one day get better for everyone who lives in the area.
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PostSubject: Re: Oceandia,Capital of Fantasy Island   

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Oceandia,Capital of Fantasy Island
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