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Marc Speeds up EmptyThu Sep 19, 2019 10:42 pm by SgtSarros
The site does cost about $70 a year for the picture storage we have and keeping it ad-free when logged in, more if we get rid of ads altogether as some users have wished.

If you wish to help with donations click the link below. Avoid clicking on a custom gif as those are for Pro users of StreamLabs who do not mind paying a monthly fee.

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PostSubject: Marc Speeds up   Marc Speeds up EmptyFri Jul 10, 2020 2:51 pm

Name: Marc

Sex: Male

Species: Altered Human (Mutant)

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 180

Age: 17

Age in appearance: 17

Hair Color: Brown, currently dyed Blue

Eye Color: Grey

Skin Color: Pale


Weakness: Currently unable to control his powers consistently. Girls. Hot headed.

Profession: Student?




Skills: Student, Martial Arts Master, Reconnaissance - Used by scouts to gather information about the area ahead. Grants +1 CS to intuition and +1CS to agility for stealth and avoidance of detection, First Aid - +1 CS to Reasoning for stabilizing an injury on another person to aid in healing. If someone is dying this skill can help save them. A green roll instead of a yellow roll is needed for stabilization, and a yellow roll instead of a red roll is needed to bring them to 1hp.

Languages: English

Marc Speeds up 66472010

Stats: (General idea of their abilities, go to for information.)

Fighting: 20 Excellent
Agility: 20 Excellent
Strength: 6 Typical
Endurance: 30 Remarkable

Reasoning: 6 Typical
Intuition: 6 Typical
Psyche: 10 Good

Running Speed: Poor - Amazing

Hit Points: 76
Stamina Points:49
Mana: 22

Spells / Special Abilities:

Faster Then A Speeding Bullet I
Cost: N/A
Uses: N/A
Description: If the character is attacked while he is running at high speed, any white attack automatically misses. If he starts running in combat this takes effect at the start of the next round ( He can be hit normally until that round begins ). This will only work if there is sufficient room to maneuver (a long narrow hallway will not suffice).

Not Equipped With Air Bags
Cost: N/A
Uses: N/A
Description: Botches are very bad when running at high speed. A botched offensive roll will cause her to collide with something, ending his run and he will take 10 damage. Any botched defense roll will cause him to take an additional +1CS damage ( for a total of +2CS ) in addition to knockdown. Lastly, any successful Red attack against him automatically applies knockdown.


Marc spent most of his life living in Westchester NY. He lived mostly an average life, growing up in school among friends who, through no fault of their own, seemed to sprout mutant powers. Most of his friends thought it was cool, but someone always talked and they'd be pulled out of public school and, more often than not, never seen again. Whether his friends' families moved or they were disowned and/or his friends ran away, he never found out. It was also kind a sore spot for him, as it seemed like over the course of only a year or two, most of his friends left.

To help keep his mind off of such a depressing topic, he threw himself into his extracurricular hobbies like track and field for school, and his martial arts that his parents signed him up for. Perhaps it was the nature of track-and-field that he never really noticed beforehand, but his powers for speed manifested one day while he was sparring at a dojo. He and his opponent squared off on the mat, their classmates and instructors surrounding them as observers. They started with ruetine thrusts and swings, blocks and parries, before he realized he felt like his opponent was moving in almost slow motion. The moves were clearly telegraphed and he had plenty of time to dodge before landing a solid strike that bowled his opponent over. Standing there in confusion, like 'why was that so easy' as his opponent didn't even appear to try and dodge, he looked at his class and teachers all of whom watched on in stunned silence.

It came to light that he must have simply been a late bloomer with his powers of speed, and was unceremoniously booted from the dojo and, when it came out in school as it inevitably always did, was suspended, and finally got to see what his friends had to go through. Back home his family was surprisngly supportive dispite his protests that there was nothing for them to be supportive about. After all he's just a better athlete than the others, he wasn't like his friends. When his parent's mentioned sending him to the 'School for the Gifted' Marc realized that clearly his parents weren't as supportive as they claimed to be. As such the night before they were to take him he ran. Ran as far and fast as he could making his way into NYC where for the past several months he has been living in and out of shelters and streets. Using the skills he's learned to keep himself safe and patched up when things go wrong.
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Marc Speeds up
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