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PostSubject: Trevor Lupin Draconis   Trevor Lupin Draconis EmptySun Mar 24, 2019 1:44 pm

Trevor Lupin Draconis Ac6e80245cf1589577bfd723aa2de03b

Name: Trevor Lupine Draconis
Sex: Male
Species: Dragon-wolf
Height: 6'3”
Weight: 180 lbs
Age: 2000 yrs
Age in Appearance: Middle-Age
Hair Color: Monochrome (Appears as an unnatural ashy gray due to overexposure in the shadow plane)
Eye Color: Red (feral dragon pupils)
Skin Color: Monochrome Fur

Personality: Trevor has ages, status and power to go along with it. As a result, he has developed a rather arrogant and overconfident attitude towards others that he deems as inferior to himself thus projecting a rather unapproachable demeanor to many besides those that recognize his status as a veteran war general and house leader.

Weakness: Due to overexposure in the shadow plane, Trevor features a weakness to pure light or power from any divine nature akin to your traditional demons. He also has an aversion to overtly positive situations. Religious symbols imbued with holy power can drive him away if they're powerful enough.

Profession: In Progress

Weapons: Deathboon Scythe – A scythe imbued with residual energies of the shadow plane. Its natural enchantments do not seem to function on fantasy island, but its design looks ancient and made of a special metal. Its blade is sharp and seems to hiss when it clashes with other metal or another solid surface.

Armor: Full-Plate Armour – With his family's crest designed upon the breast, Trevor originally wears a full set of plate armor complete with cape denoting his status symbol where he is from. This includes gauntlets and boots.

Items: Silver Flute – It is believed that Trevor's flute seems to possess magical properties, but it remains unseen what it has access to. He typically is seen using it when communing with the dead.


Sharp Weapons: +1 CS to Fighting
Performer: +1 CS to stat used for performance
Mystic/Occult Lore: +1 CS to Reasoning for research
Politics: +1 CS to Reasoning
Resist Domination: +1 CS to Psyche vs mind attacks

Description: Trevor stands a little over 6' in height with black dragon horns that protrude out of his forehead and curl behind his wolven ears. He has red feral black-dragon eyes and fur that seems to be an unnatural monochromatic color where it looks as though color has been entirely drained out of his fur. He features a bulky physique insinuating that he is considerable strong as well as smart.


Fighting: Good (10)
Agility: Good (10)
Strength: Excellent (20)
Endurance: Excellent (20)

Reasoning: Remarkable (30)
Intuition: Excellent (20)
Psyche: Incredible (40)

Hit Points: 60
Stamina Points: 75
Mana Points: 90

Spells/Special Abilities:

[School of Shadow]

(C3) Barrier – Cost: 15MP, Uses: Psyche, Description: Calls on the shadows to surround you and one ally, putting you behind a protective wall of shadow. This can be a directional barrier or surround you both in a bubble.

(C2) Shadow Step – Cost: 5MP, Uses: Psyche if countered, none otherwise, Description: Allows the caster to walk into the shadows and appear in another location. This location must be on the same world as them, and it has to be an area they have been to before. ( Exception: If they are currently spying on someone through Shadow Sight they can step to that location ). There must be shadows in the area for them to step out of, for example they cannot appear in the center of the beach at mid-day with the sun out, though they could if it was night-time or there was a shadow being cast in the area from a large umbrella or something similar. Shadowmancers, along with those of Light or Darkness, if they are in the immediate area of departure and arrival ( within 20 feet ) can roll to attempt to block this.

(C1) Create Darkness – Cost: 5MP, Uses: Psyche, Description: Removes light from an area, plunging an area into darkness. At Circle 1 this can darken the average bedroom. Circle 2 a large living/dining room area. At Circle 3 it can darken an entire restaurant. Circle 4 and above this spell works outdoors during the daylight hours as long as there is at least some shadow coming from above, such as trees in a forest ( this will not work on an open beach for example ). This spell lasts for 1d5 minutes / rounds times the maximum Circle of the caster.

(C1) Shadow Sight – Cost: 5MP, Uses: Psyche if countered, see special conditions, Description: Allows you to use the shadows to find the location of an individual. You must have met and physically met the person in order for the shadows to search for them ( speaking on the phone is not sufficient ).

[School of Necromancy]

(C1) Minor Life Curse – Cost: 5MP, Uses: Psyche, Description:  Deals typical damage every round. Opponent rolls endurance to resist this spell. Spell lasts 1d2 rounds minimum. Every turn after, the target must roll the same color of the curse ( red needs only a yellow roll ) or takes Typical damage again. There is no resistance to this spell.

(C2) Speak with the Dead – Cost: 10MP, Uses: Reasoning/Psyche (Whichever is higher), Description: Allows you to speak with one type of undead. Duration is one hour.

(C2) Spell Curse – Cost: 10MP, Uses: Psyche, Description: Causes Typical damage every time a spell is cast by target. Target is unable to heal themselves while this spell is active. Spell can only be removed through Purify, Transfer Curse, or Remove Curse.

(C3) Drain Life – Cost: 15MP, Uses: Psyche, Requires: Minor Life Curse, Description: Drains HP from one living target. Steals Remarkable amount of health, half on green, quarter on white. WARNING: Caster must declare if they are going to prevent someone from being drained to the threshold of death.


Trevor hails from his home world, Gothika. Due to a tense civil conflict with another family house, he had attempted to lead a coup multiple times to claim the throne. Upon finding out that multiple heirs had pushed back any hope of obtaining the throne for himself, Trevor exiled himself from the realm to seek out these heirs for reasons known only to himself.

Although his intentions may seem benevolent enough, Trevor is largely evil at heart, but it manifests in a specific way instead of reckless abandon and being cruel for the sake of being so. He is a lawful evil individual at heart, so he plays by the rules, but does so ruthlessly. He is born from a union between dragon and lycanthrope, resulting in a rare hybrid of species.

Being an elder dragonwolf, Trevor has affiliations with various ancient beings, however, his overexposure to the shadow plane has left him vulnerable to pure light as well as traditionally divine powers. It's debatable if he is even “alive” anymore; however, he does not appear to respond to attempts to treat him like an undead.

He has family in Blake, but, due to the two's courtship, an entangling by-law alliance with the Morales clan has left things rather complicated, so he has thus far given up his pursuit of assaulting Blake due to possible conflict with a certain feline as old as he is. To Trevor, age and power is a status symbol.
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Trevor Lupin Draconis
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