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Where to find us
Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:55 pm by SgtSarros
New players who want to join the RPG can join us at , and joining the channel #fantasy-ooc

If you do not have your own IRC client you can go to and click chat now. to go to for their IRC client.

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 Darkshade Hellfire

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PostSubject: Darkshade Hellfire   Sun Oct 29, 2017 2:25 pm

Name: Natrias “Darkshade” Hellfire

Sex: M

Species: Humanoid “Shadean”

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 175lbs

Age: 22,000

Age in appearance: 26

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Moonlight Blue

Skin Color: Fair

Personality: Darkshade is calm, collected and level headed. Never the one to instigate conflict, one would assume he wouldn't harm a fly, even if he is armed. The fact is that he only uses violence as a means to an end, should it bring about a greater peace for all involved. However, he feels that even those truly vile and unable to coexist with others are not completely beyond redemption.

Weakness: Sees redemption even in those deemed unredeemable.
Physically damaged by magic that directly targets his person.

Profession: Ex-assassin (homeworld), wanderer (offworld)

Weapons: Silver Katana

Armor: Clothes

Items: Tarnished jeweled ankh necklace.

Sharp Weapons (Katana): +1 CS to Fighting
Stealth: +1 CS to Agility for moving in shadows or keeping silent to avoid people or sneak up on them. Certain situations may negate this ability.
Reconnaissance: Used by scouts to gather information about the area ahead. Grants +1 CS to intuition and +1CS to agility for stealth and avoidance of detection.
Escape Artist: +1 CS to untying yourself, finding route out of an exploding building, and other life and death situations. Do not there are some situations where this skill will not benefit you.
Tumbling: Rolls, dives, even falling over the edge of a cliff or landing to prevent or lessen damage. +1 CS to Agility for use. Can be applied to aid in defending rolls by unarmed characters is most areas where Acrobatics would not work.

Description and/or Picture:

Stats: Quick, tactical, melee fighter

Fighting: Incredible

Agility: Excellent (Poor - Firearms)

Strength: Good

Endurance: Amazing

Reasoning: Excellent (Poor - Modern Technology)

Intuition: Remarkable

Psyche: Remarkable (Feeble - Magic and Psychic ability)

Running Speed: Excellent

Flying Speed: N/A

Swimming Speed: Typical

Hit Points: ( F + A + S + E ) 120HP

Mana: 0, No magical ability.

Spells / Special Abilities:

Regeneration (Supreme):
Description: The character heals 5hp at the end of every round of combat, or after 1 minute outside of combat.
Explanation: Lore wise, he comes from a world without magical energies and, as a plant takes energy and nutrients from the sun and earth, so does he absorb these natural energies to heal himself in the form of a healing factor. Play wise, since he has no magical abilities, and that he is damaged by any magic ability that targets him, including healing magic, this is his only form of “supernatural” healing.

Natrias was born of two demigods, Alara, the Guardian of Life, and Andramar, the Guardian of the Cosmos. He and his twin, Kale, grew into power in their father's army and began to conquer the realm of Hellfire one civilization after another. Those who surrendered were either enslaved or conscripted into the Hellfirian forces.

One day, Natrias came to understand the true nature of the Hellfirian Empire. While out scouting a village thought to be a rebellion base, he realized that these rebels were nothing more than humble villagers. He watched as Kale and the rest of his squad slaughtered the entire village, leaving no one alive. It was on that day that Natrias chose to fight back. Overpowered, Natrias was imprisoned in his father's dungeon for a few hundred years. During this time his mother was executed and the entire realm of Hellfire was laid to waste by Andramar's forces.

After his release by a rebel group, Natrias was exiled to journey the realms for millennia. In his travels he found love and had a son, and a wife whom he cared for deeply , only to have both cleaved away by his own brother whom followed him.

Natrias returned to his world, and joined the new rebellion, leading it to victory against the Hellfirian Empire. Refusing to be worshipped as a god due to his abilities, Natrias left his homeworld to seek new adventures. Centuries later he returned, only to find his homeworld seared away by the three suns it orbited. He left his desolate world seeking new journies across the realms.
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Darkshade Hellfire
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