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Manney 'Mister Mime' Meyers EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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PostSubject: Manney 'Mister Mime' Meyers   Manney 'Mister Mime' Meyers EmptySun Oct 22, 2017 12:58 am

Name: Manny Meyers, known professionally as 'Mister Mime'

Sex: Male

Species: Altered human

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 190 lb

Age: 35

Age in appearance: early thirties, if prematurely balding.

Hair Color: Brown (what's left of it)

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: olive

Personality: A character in his own right, Manny loves theatrics, and delights in performing for his audience. His personality is optimistic yet charismatic and a little humerous. While he is in his Oath of Silence, he is comical, exaggerated, and somewhat uncooperative.

Weakness: He has a somewhat logical fear of claustrophobia. He does not mind acting it out, but when he is enclosed in a tight space, he'd find himself unable to focus and a huge desire to escape. He is also not a team player.

Profession:Professional mime artist

Weapons: Metal staff, 5' long.

Armor: none


-Pouch full of balloons, a squirt bottle, chalk and minimal makeup

-several bags of clothing

-A few trinkets, including a ring and a locket

-necessities and toiletries

-Magic trick equipment, balls, cards, string, but none of them gimmicked.


-weapon skill (2 skill slots): Proficient with all melee weapons

- Martial Arts A-D (2 skill slots):

Martial Arts A - +1 CS to Fighting when opponent is unarmed as well
Martial Arts B - +1 CS to disarm attempts
Martial Arts C - Normally unarmed opponents take a -1 CS to fighting when attacking someone with a weapon. This skill negates that penalty.
Martial Arts D - +1 CS to 'grapple' attempts ( to Fighting for grabbing and holding an opponent, and also to Strength for holding them once he has them )

-steel mind, very resistant to fear and mental attacks aimed at taking over his mind. Rolls at +1 against those.

Description and/or Picture:

Looks like a man in his thirties with a bald head, blue eyes and a very animated face.


Fighting: Excellent (Incredible while taking Oath of Silence)

Agility: Good

Strength: Good

Endurance: Good

Reasoning: Excellent

Intuition: Excellent

Psyche: Excellent (Remarkable while taking Oath of Silence)

OPTIONAL: Only include this section if it is different then normal

Hit Points: 50 (70 while taking Oath of Silence)

Mana: 60 (70 while taking Oath of Silence)

Spells / Special Abilities:

Oath of Silence

Manny can take on acting to an extreme performance. He forces himself to take what is known as an 'Oath of Silence', which is where the user cannot make a sound from them or their current possessions, and bring acting to a supernatural level of performance. Manny loses all of the colour from his posessions and performance.

Manny's fighting goes from merely proficient to exceptional. His physical fighting prowess beyond his physical ability (and by training his actual strength, he can then push the boundaries further.) as is established by his acting.

Manny's many projections and actions seem to come into real life. He has two proficient abilities which has come from actual training. Extensive study and practice has been done to make his Oath of Silence be able to actually push the boundaries of such abilities.

There is the downfall that while he is in the mindset, breaking out of such a mindset is often difficult. He may continue to act in character, even if he otherwise might act more responsibly or safely. His own object will likewise affect him. So if he throws a weapon that was made of his ability and it was sent back, it will hit him as if it was a real weapon. It also makes it hard to switch between an offensive and defensive performance. Anything done during the Oath of Silence must be exaggerated.

-Unarmed/armed fighter(offensive): By adopting a mindframe and acting as well as he is able, he is able to act as quite a large array of fighters, from a Viking axe swinger, to the disciplined chinese martial artists. These may change form at any time during his Oath of Silence, however, a change from offensive to defensive takes time.

-Ensnare(defensive): Manny will do a short performance, (the lasso swing from a cowboy, a sticky goo explosion from a Spec-Ops, imitating a clock slowing down) to imitate a way in which someone is stuck in a small area. Anyone that has a strength score higher than GOOD will be able to break from it immediately. An opposed agility score is used to conclude if the target is caught.

This ability is only to ensnare. Any further attempts to further manipulate the situation will not work at this stage. This is also proficiency beyond the miming attempt. With appropriate equipment, he may attempt the same type of ensnarement outside of the Oath of Silence a proper opposed checks.

-Clown(Defensive): Manny has a bad luck... which can be uncannily very good luck. He bounces off the ground after a hit, doing a dramitc tumble. A smack to his face will send him spinning in the air before landing in a pratfall. A banana peel will suddenly find itself under his foot, and pies strangely hit him in the face from out of nowhere. Manny is not imperveous, but his fighting skill is incredible only for the purpose of evading attacks or defending, while appearing like a fool.

-Charades(Utility): This is more for performances. Manny does minor tricks that act as if real-life objects existed as he indicates. A coin suspended by a string, a light breeze when he opens a window, a short step ladder, or his favourite, a basketball slam dunk. People touching any mimed object can dispell the effect easily, or break it apart. It cannot be used to make things or provide structure for heavy objects other than Manny himself, and is often a well-rehearsed performance.

The Oath of Silence has a bizarre side effect that has another. Radiation and plasma attacks are considered intangible and thus can have reduced effects. Manny has a damage resistance of 4. While taking this damage, Manny immediately takes on the Oath of Silence and must act as if affected.

Likewise, if a stat is lowered, Oath of Silence is in effect unless it is a pre-meditated situation. The stat lowering will last one round less. Long-term stat decreases will recover at 1 lvl per day, but will recover even if Oath of Silence is not in effect.

As this is a form of Mind magic, Manny has foundational training to assist with getting to Oath of Silence.

Basic Illusion

Cost: 5MP per person being affected

Uses: Psyche ( If being challenged, typically minor pranks need not be rolled )

Description: Can make those around you see small things that do not exist are not really happening. For this level, examples could be a glass dancing across a table. Or a spoon singing such a high note said glass breaks. Nothing larger then a house cat, and no more then three items at a time. Can include sight and sound. Opponents roll psyche, any yellow roll disbelieves. In addition, trying to grab said illusion will break the illusion.

Special Conditions:

1. Must have at least Typical Psyche to attempt to disbelieve an illusion. Only one attempt is allowed unless the person rolling has at last remarkable psyche, then they can roll every round. Those with amazing psyche or, if the caster has amazing psche as well, one level higher then the caster, see through the illusion.


Manny was an astute child. A flair for acting, for make believe, for pretend. Never once did he let this overcome him, a keen sharp mind and even more so, a well-trained body. Manny was a man of balance. He took up martial arts training and practicing with weapons of quite a variety of flavours. His passion, focus and determination all amalgamated as he worked through his life. Then suddenly... he found that miming ability progressed beyond that of his acting. A pretend shot through a basketball hoop. Better yet, he swished.

He sought help and assistance. He was only 15 when he suddenly could project his acting, and so even his parents were pleased by this. He was brought to a teacher who assessed him and determined that he had potential for magic.

The training was not very successful. His ability didn't come so much from pure talent than it was from sheer hard work. Talent played a part, but not as significant as his focus for martial arts and performing. After many trials and errors, Manny and his teacher both sourced out how to reach into his magic, and how to work on his skills in this challenging and difficult path. He could only flick a paper cup over or make the place light up slightly at first.

Soon, he came to grasping who to convey himself through his performance. And as such... the performance was something of a unique skill. It started to have strange side effects, such as more immersive characters, fading colours of him and his immediate posessions, and the inability to break character easily. It was like he became a puppet to himself for those periods.

Tactical teams were interested in taking him on, as he provided a strange, but useful set of tools. It became very clear that Manny was a one-man band. His skills were not useful in a team environment, and he could rarely communicate well in a serious situation. Everyone teased him relentlessly about it, and there he earned his nickname 'Mister Mime', and the 'dreaded Oath of Silence'. Being the charismatic performer he was, he gladly took on the names to label his own situation.

With mimed tears in his eyes, he set on a slightly different path. He became a performer with which people could very well fight him if they so asked. And he didn't back down. He learnt many things about how people fought, and over the years, he slowly grew in ability alongside his teacher's instructions. He learnt a great deal many things, one of which was how to simply defend himself without needing to attack, or to get people at a range.

Most impressive of all was his ability to become an extraordinary fighter, and with real weapons or not, he could hold his own against just about any he would come against. Eventually though, even he tired of staying in the same area for too long.
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PostSubject: Re: Manney 'Mister Mime' Meyers   Manney 'Mister Mime' Meyers EmptySun Oct 22, 2017 12:58 am

Going through the Magic system with a better understanding of how to use the RP's resources, I have come up with the following similarities to help better align Manny's unique magic to the existing system and give reasonable restrictions.

Oath of Silence can only be performed if there is 1 or more MP left. When MP reaches 0, Oath of Silence cannot be invoked or used, including resistences. The MP gained from Oath of Silence works as temporary MP that are used last.
Oath of silence increases the Psyche for the purposes of MP and maintaining the performance even when being attacked. It also increases fighting ability for purposes of HP and abilities. When switching abilities, strength is considered to be unaffected by oath of silence. When HP is 0, Oath of Silence and resistances cannot be invoked. The HP gained from Oath of Silence works as temporary hit points that are used last.
Furthermore, I have taken a leaf out of Mind magic to better define the learning progress of Manny's magic. Manny will learn a new spell or upgrade a current spell at twice the length of a normal spell. This will be under OP approval if it actually happens. These will be based on the current Mind magic spells to fit to Manny's unique skill set.

Being physically hurt pulls an opposed Psyche check to maintain the oath and all its benefits for attacks that deal more than 5 HP. When Manny has been dealt more than 20 points of damage, an apposed Psyche check is made at every successful attack on him.
To change from ability to ability will take 2d3 turns (minimum of 2 turns, maximum of 6. 20-60 seconds)

-Unarmed/armed fighter(offensive):
This is treated like the Circle 5 spell Telekinesis, with some modifications
Cost: 1MP / minute out of combat (self only), 1MP / round in combat (self only)
Uses: fighting

This is based on the spell illusionry attack. It counts as a circle 3 spell: 5MP per hit to do an ensnare attack.

This is similar to (approx) a circle 3 telekinesis spell. However, this relies entirely on
Cost: 1MP / minute out of combat (self only), 1MP / round in combat (self only)
Uses: agility

-Charades(Utility, non-combat):
This is the equivalent of Telekinetic Flight.
Cost: 1 MP/ minute
Uses: Psyche, but any interaction with real objects dispels the specific use.
Can only be used out of combat
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Manney 'Mister Mime' Meyers
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