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 Xaldin, The Whirlwind Lancer

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PostSubject: Xaldin, The Whirlwind Lancer   Sat Oct 27, 2018 6:58 pm

Player Name: Beca`

Character Name: Xaldin, "The Whirlwind Lancer"

Sex: Male

Species: Nobody

Mate: Akasha

Height: 6ft 10in

Weight: 310 lbs

Age: Unknown

Age in Appearance: 25

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Saphire

Skin Color: Lightly Tan

Personality: Cold, Stand offish, Sarcastic

Weakness: Light, Human Emotions

Profession: Number 3 of the Organization 13


Name: Ryugasen (Flash of the Dragon's Fang)
Description: Six lances he can summon


Name: Master Earring
Description: Master Earring is an accessory found in Kingdom Hearts that serves as an upgrade of the Guard Earring. It grants four extra AP and a small boost to Defense. It can be synthesized from List II in the Traverse Town Moogle Shop.

Name: Omega Arts
Description: Omega Arts is an accessory found in Kingdom Hearts. Granted when locking the Keyhole at Hollow Bastion, and again when confronted by another Behemoth in End of the World, it is one of the better accessories in the game obtained through battle rather than synthesis, providing modest boosts to HP, Strength, and Defense.

Name: Divine Bandana
Description: Divine Bandana is an armor from Kingdom Hearts II. Providing a decent increase to defense, but no elemental protection, it can be considered an upgrade of the Elven Bandana.

Name: Acrisius
Description: Acrisius is an armor from Kingdom Hearts II. It is one of the most powerful armors in the game and can be considered an upgrade of the Aegis Chain. It can only be obtained through Item Synthesis at one of the Moogle shops; the recipe is unlocked by reaching B-level. Successfully making Acrisius is worth 24 syntheisis experience points.

Name: Light Anklet
Description: The Light Anklet is an armor available that provides some kind of elemental defense.

Name: Organization Cloak
Description: A black cloak that is magical and made of Darkness. That hides clothing beneath and conceals the wearer from being detected by Darkness entities often. It also offers up some protection against physical and magical damage.

Name: Organization Pants
Description: A black pant that is magical and made of Darkness


Name: Tent
Description: Tent is an item that is found in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II that fully restores HP and MP.

Name: Ether
Description: Ether is an item that restores MP.

Name: Mega Potion
Desciption: Mega-Potion is an item found in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II that restores HP.



Name: Lance/Spear Proficency
Description: The art of Wielding a lance, With this your lance wielding experiences can go far and wide.

Name: Dual Wielding
Description: This will enable you to use two one handed weapons in combat that are alike. If the weapons are small, such as knives or kunai, you may buy into this and hold up to 4 small weapons in each hand.

Name: Ambidexterity
Description: A character with this equipped may use one hand as good as the other in combat scenarios and can interchange between hands for attacks. For clarity, Ambidexterity does not imply that you gain more than one attack per Turn or that you hold two weapons.

Name: Jump
Description: Xaldin warps upwards and drops 5 spears on one opponent and then drops down for a final attack with remaining spear.:

Name: Combo
Description: This will enable a character to have the ability to attack up to 3 times on a specific target. This must be equipped/bought before any combo bonuses or finishers can apply. This is for ground attacks only.

Name: Summon Dragoon
Description: He summons dragoons from the darkness to help him in battle.

Name: Summon Spear
Description: He can summon any number from one spear to all six at one time

Name: Aerial Recovery
Description: Regains balance after an aerial assault, flipping through the air if successful.

Name: Empathy
Description: The character can feel the emotional state of another being, animal or even general area on occasion when it is particularly bleak or pure. The character also has the ability to see Auras.


Name: Elemental Affinity (Wind)
Description: An unnatural connection to an element of choosing. If purchasing more than one element, each must have its own skill listing. This represents an uncanny level of connectino to an element, and at this level a character virtually oozes the element from their spirit at all times unless it's actively controlled.

Name: Elemental Affinity (Darkness)
Description: An unnatural connection to an element of choosing. If purchasing more than one element, each must have its own skill listing. This represents an uncanny level of connectino to an element, and at this level a character virtually oozes the element from their spirit at all times unless it's actively controlled.

Name: Serpentine Wind
Description: This is a vicious combo attack that can strike many foes with gale force winds.

Name: Wind of Despair
Description: Xaldin's uses his spears form as one and then change into a gray/white dragon that he rides on top of. It will fire a massive wind blast from afar and obey his commands to fly around.

Name: Wild Spear Dance
Description: This is a vicious combo attack that can strike a foe up to 8 times with two spears he wields.

Name: Protective Wind
Description: A protective wind gust that surrounds Xaldin when he calls it up. Even if hit, this will activate next turn unless he is knocked down.

Name: Manipulative Wind
Description: This releases wind-bombs that are homing and trail after characters.

Name: Aero
Description: A strong wind strikes an enemy with small debris.

Name: Aerora
Description: A gust of wind slams into an enemy with larger debris.

Name: Aeroga
Description: A burst of strong wind barrages an enemy with debris.

Name: Tornado
Description: An enormous funnel cloud forms around enemies, using gale-force winds and debris to cause damage.

Name: Darkness Portal
Description: The character can portal to any place at any time to get away from danger or to prevent harm coming to him or another.

Name: Darkness Healing
Description: Being made a nobody Xaldin can be harmed but recovers quickly not really effected like most people when hurt.

Limit Breaks (Final Attacks):

Name: Dragoon Storm
Description: He glows a bright greenish blue color before he lifts into the air and summons his spears into a dragon. He lifts into the air high above his foes and summons a wave of a hundred dragoon nobodies.
Chance of Activation: When he is down to the last of his hp.

(Bonus Attacks)

Name: Dragon Screaming Wind
Description: After the hundred dragoon nobodies have disappeared, he sends three waves of wind blasts from his dragon killing any and all that remain of his foes.
Weapon Required: Ryugasen


Fighting: Remarkable
Agility: Remarkable
Strength: Remarkable
Endurance: Remarkable
Reasoning: Remarkable
Intuition: Remarkable
Psyche: Remarkable


Mother: n/a
Father: n/a
Sister(s): n/a
Brother(s): n/a
Child(ren): n/a

He is the nobody of Dilan.

Hollow Bastion

Xaldin appears with Xemnas, Saïx, Xigbar, Luxord, and Demyx at Hollow Bastion standing at the right of Xemnas. All he does in the confrontation is laugh emptily with the rest of the group at Xemnas' empty humor.

First Attempt

Xaldin's first major appearance in the game is as a cloaked and hooded figure during Sora's first visit to Beast's Castle. At this time, Xaldin has already drained Beast of much of his hope and kindness by convincing him that Belle is plotting against him. Beast is unresponsive to Sora, Donald and Goofy when they first greet him, despite having met them before in Kingdom Hearts at Hollow Bastion. Xaldin's slippery words cause Beast to lock himself in his chambers and refuse contact with them or Belle.

Sora, fighting his way through the Heartless that have settled into the castle, eventually reaches Beast's bedroom. Xaldin tells Beast that Sora and his party are only there to help Belle against Beast, and that she has sent them to steal the rose symbolizing his curse from him with the intention of eventually taking his life. Beast, still under Xaldin's influence, attacks Sora as Xaldin flees, but Sora is able to bring Beast back to his senses.

When Sora and Beast head downstairs into the ballroom, they encounter the Shadow Stalker Heartless, which attacks them. After being defeated, it evolves into the large Dark Thorn, but that too is no match for Sora, and is destroyed. Xaldin leaves the area without actually fighting himself, stating that it wasn't over, but continues to lurk in the world until Sora returns.

Second attempt

Xaldin strikes again when Sora returns to Beast's Castle to find Belle and Beast having a private dance party. He captures Beast's rose and flaunts it in front of Beast, who goes into a rage and pursues Xaldin around his castle. Before Xaldin seems to disappear from the world entirely, he mocks Beast, taking off his hood and resolving to separate Beast's heart from him and take control of his Heartless and his Nobody. In Beast's anger, he rages at Belle for insisting on having the party. Despaired over the loss of his rose and his own beastly state, Beast orders Belle to leave the castle.

Belle shuts herself in her room, confining herself to looking out on the balcony. There she finds Beast's rose, and gladly signals to Sora from the balcony. The rose is just a trap, however, and Xaldin appears behind her, kidnapping her as well as retaking the rose. Xaldin flies down in front of Beast in his courtyard, taunting him by saying he can only carry either the rose or Belle along with him, and forcing Beast to choose which one he wants him to leave behind. Before Beast has to choose, however, Belle elbows Xaldin in the side and grabs the rose, taking the time from Xaldin's surprise to escape his grasp. Beast then attacks Xaldin, who leaps aside and conjures six long spears using his powers over wind. He battles Sora and Beast on the bridge, using his abilities to the fullest, but is eventually defeated, and fades back into the darkness. But did he die?
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Xaldin, The Whirlwind Lancer
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