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 Snow, the White Chocobo

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PostSubject: Snow, the White Chocobo   Sat Sep 22, 2018 6:33 pm

Name: Snow

Sex: Female

Species: Chocobo

Height: 6'8"

Weight: ~280 lbs

Age: 25

Age in appearance: 20-30 as far as Chocobo's go

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Skin Color: Pale

Personality: A loyal creature through and through. She puts a lot of importance on being able to trust and make sure that others can trust in her.

Weakness: Chocobo's being hurt or mistreated.

Profession: N/A

Weapons: Beak, Talons, Magic

Armor: N/A

Items: N/A


Medicine: +1 CS to Reasoning for stabilizing an injury. Green instead of Yellow is needed for stabilization/and a yellow roll instead of Red is needed to bring them to 1hp, +1 CS to Intuition for finding herbs and +1 CS to Reasoning for indentifying herbs for various purposed including but not limited to medicines and poisons.

Communion With Nature: +1 CS to Intuition rolls in the forest, and +1 CS to Reasoning to trying to calm an angry animal.

Description and/or Picture:

Fighting: Good
Agility: Excellent
Strength: Good
Endurance: Remarkable

Reasoning: Good
Intuition: Remarkable
Psyche: Remarkable

Running Speed: Incredible ( 70mph unburdened )
Flying Speed: N/A
Swimming Speed: Feeble

Hit Points: 90
Mana: 70

Spells / Special Abilities:

Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche on learning, none otherwise.
Description: Heals an amount equal to Psyche -2CS in hp or 6hp, whichever is greater.

Cost: 10MP
Uses: Psyche on learning, none otherwise.
Description: Heals an amount equal to Psyche -1CS in hp or 10hp, whichever is greater.

Cost: 15MP
Uses: Psyche on learning, none otherwise.
Description: Heals an amount equal to Psyche in hp or 20hp, whichever is greater.

Uses: Psyche
Description: Restores an amount of MP to the target equal to the Psyche color rolled. White=10, Green=20, Yellow=20, Red=30.

Innervating Aura
Cost: N/A
Uses: N/A
Description: Restores 1d5 MP/turn to any and all allies within 10 meters.

Low Mountain Climbing:
Cost: N/A
Uses: N/A
Description: Requires a flat surface to initiate, and can simply run up most surfaces that would need to be climbed to ascend. Her feet have become powerful at gripping jagged rocks and gravel. May only climb upward a vertical distance of 50ft/round and must begin and end each move on a flat surface.

Shallow Water Walking:
Cost: N/A
Uses:  N/A
Description: Has the ability to run over shallow bodies of water, including rivers, lakes, and water just off the shore. This is due to the adaption of their bone to become spongy and hollow. Unfortunately, a white chocobo can only run over shallow water, not stand on it; the chocobo must remain moving to not sink. (Shallow Water is any water with a depth of < 10ft)

Biography: Snow was bred in what used to be Hojo's science labs at the global Mako corporation known as Shinra. With certain infusions of Mako energy while gestating, they were able to enhance certain attributes. Not a scientist in the room breathed as she cracked through her egg, and similar to most creatures, she didn't seem to have much cognitive or vocal function for the first few weeks of life, but she learned quickly.

It wasn't long before she was celebrated among the lab as a grand success. She could think like they did, speak like they did, and act like they did...but then the other foot fell. They wanted more like her, but the next experiment failed, as did the next. They started infusing more and more mako energy, eventually creating abominable creatures that could no longer be considered chocobo.

This all took more and more stress on her psyche as the scientists were conducting more and more tests on her to see what they weren't exactly replicating. It wasn't until the humans decided to try cloning her instead that she knew she had to escape. She could speak, she showed empathy, and had friends with most of the staff. In their own risk, she was smuggled out of the science facility and escaped into the wild.

She spent a long time isolated, bypassing the town of Kalm altogether and knowing she couldn't stop at the Chocobo Ranch. It was then, running across the bog, that she learned she could run across the water that others would have had to wade through. On the other side of this bog, she found her ability to easily scale mountains.

She eventually found a forest and a flock of chocobo to live with, communicating with them and gaining their trust. She wasn't much of a fighter, but assisted those who were enough to defend the herd from poachers and catchers alike.
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Snow, the White Chocobo
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