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The Ancient Vampire AngelFire EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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PostSubject: The Ancient Vampire AngelFire   The Ancient Vampire AngelFire EmptyWed Aug 29, 2018 8:00 pm

Name: AngelFire

Sex: Female

Species: Vampire/Fallen angel

Height: 6'0

Weight: 230 lbs with wings

Age: over 600

Age in appearance: 26

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: White purely <shes blind>

Skin Color: Pale white with runes tattooed all over her save for face, hands, and the soles of her feet

Personality: Shes a quiet woman who listens to everything around her. Most of the time she might seem as if shes brooding, but that isnt the case. If she actually makes a friend shes likely to be more open and friendly, when she drinks shes quite cheerful and loves to sing. Under the spine of steel she has, she adores children like no other.

Weakness: Sunlight if she isnt wearing her ring. She has an allergy to magic being used to heal her, it will harm her farther. Children in danger.

Profession: Mercenary

Weapons: A claymore dubbed Soul Stealer, and a long bow with runes etched into it.

Armor: Scale Mail -  Provides typical protection from piercing attacks, and good from all other types. Restrictions: Agility type 2, Swimming type 1.

Items: A ring with the scale of a Siren in it, it grants her limited time in the sun when its needed. A locket with Crysta's picture in it.


Bows - +1 CS to Agility

Sharp Weapons - +1 CS to Fighting.

Assassinations - Whether it's gunshot to the head, dagger to the heart, poisoned drink, you know the perfect way to kill someone. +1 CS to the needed skill to make this work. Can ONLY be applied if you are attempting to kill someone off this attack. Note: Many worlds have an issue with assassins and if you fail or are discovered you will likely have a manhunt on your hands.

Tracker - Able to find footprints of people or creatures in some areas and lead them towards who they are trying to find. +1 CS to Intuition.

Description and/or Picture:
The Ancient Vampire AngelFire WDes9w6
The Ancient Vampire AngelFire Y9a84aN
The Ancient Vampire AngelFire Ohkv4gg

Stats: ( General idea of their abilities, go to for information. )

Fighting: Remarkable
Agility: Excellent
Strength: Excellent
Endurance: Amazing

Reasoning: Good
Intuition: Incredible
Psyche: Excellent

OPTIONAL: Only include this section if it is different then normal

Running Speed - Incredible
Flying Speed - Excellent

Hit Points: 130
Mana: 70

Spells / Special Abilities:

For information about spells in the RP:

For information about special abilities in the RP ( note many abilities have prereqs or racial requirements ) :

Medium Armor Proficiency
Cost: N/A
Uses: N/A
Requirements: Medium Armor Training
Description: This character has completed advanced training in the usage, combat, and flight in medium armor, and the penalty for flight speed is reduced to normal movement penalties. In additional the extra A'Reah agility penalty is also eliminated.

Regeneration ( Superior )
Cost: N/A
Uses: N/A
Description: The character heals 4hp at the end of every round in combat, or after 1 minute outside of combat.

Blood Drinker
Cost: 5 mp
Uses: Psyche
Description: Angel attempts to charm a person by gazing into there eyes. If succcessful she will be able to feed upon them without causing any pain and giving them a pleasent warm feeling when she sinks her fangs into them.

Enhanced Senses (must choose one)
Cost: N/A
Uses: N/A
Description: Being blind for centuries as a side effect of the runes tattooed on her body, Angel's sense of hearing far surpasses others naturally so that she can hear anything around her moving or breathing. Even the beat of a heart.

Charm the Senses
Cost: 15 mp
Uses: Psyche
Description: being a vampire has many uses, during battle when she uses her charm against an enemy she can for a 1d3 set of turns change there heart over to her side. This requires a Psyche vs Psyche roll.

Biography: What began with the humble beginnings of a girl born into the Noble house of a Elf, ended in the death of her mother at the hands of her father. Having witnessed this she sworn vengeance on her father, learning all the skills she could even when people denied her because she was a female. She took the gifts of a vampire when she was in her twenties after making close friends with one whom was the leader of the sect near her home. Using her newfound power and strength she set plans into motion, eventually severing her fathers head from his body. This brought her great pleasure and relief in life, having done this before all of the other Nobles in the area at a banquet one night. Leaving her noble life behind she spent her days with the vampires that had drawn her in, learning there skills and trades with weapons and the charm of them. As the years passed she grew more quiet, ever watching others as she took on odd jobs that labeled her a mercenary.

In the middle of her second century, still young for an elf and a vampire, she was captured while out on a mission. Enslaved to a terrible man who delighted in the torment of others she was cursed with a set of runes all over  her body. It was quite possibly the most distinctly painful moment in her life. It took her sight away from her, and left her with an allergy to certain types of magic if they were cast on her. She spent the better part of a hundred years under this mans thumb with  her anger only ever growing stronger. It was then that she met Crysta, the collar around her throat prevented her from lying or actually leaving the grounds of where she was being kept. But then the dream was always wondering about. A friendship developed between the pair, leading to Crysta's help in her escape.

Many years have passed since, and there friendship developed into an unspoken love between them no matter the distance. Though it had been years since she had seen Crysta she still took assassinations and mercinary jobs so long as they didnt involve children. She'd never been able to have any of her own to date. but her one rule in any job she took was never to kill children or hurt them.
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The Ancient Vampire AngelFire
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