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 Dominique Kerrigan

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PostSubject: Dominique Kerrigan   Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:17 am

Name: Dominique Kerrigan

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Height: 5’5"

Weight: 98lbs

Age: 19

Hair Color: Black with Purple streaks

Eye Color: One Electric Blue, One Brown

Skin Color: Dark

Personality: Dominique is very eccentric, being really smart with computers and technology but not much else. She speaks in cyberpunk slang, which makes communication very difficult. She can be a sarcastic and even downright insulting if you get on her bad side.

Weakness: Dominique is a typical human with cybernetic implants. While these implants are waterproof, they are not indestructible, and since they have replaced biological parts necessary for her survival, if they were to shut down she could die. Her ability to Netrun is only usable in The Net.

Profession: Netrunner (Hacker)

Weapons: None

Armor: None

Items: NetDeck and netrunner paraphernalia.

Skills: Espionage - Skilled at 'information acquisition'. Gives stealth and +1 CS to Intuition for searching computers, file cabinets, etc for information.

Computers - Dominique’s knowledge of computers and other electronics is superb, even if her language barrier makes her sound highly insane.

CyberWare: Dominique contains cybernetics that boost her ability to hack computers once in The Net.

Description and/or Picture:
Dominique is a short, skinny African American girl with black and purple pigtails separated by a row of spiked piercings that lead down to the base of her skull where a small circular auxiliary jack is implanted. She also has one natural brown eye, and another cybernetic electric blue eye that also functions as a projector of sorts, able to show a small holographic screen of what she sees in The Net. She wears a black tank top with stylistic lettering that reads “Johnnie Maxxx", a short black and purple skirt that shows off her metallic outer thighs that function like pockets. She wears purple fishnet stockings and large black boots with many studs and spikes. She also wears a pair of large rectangular mirrored sunglasses that function as a monitor for her NetDeck.


Fighting: Typical
Agility: Typical
Strength: Typical
Endurance: Typical

Reasoning: Typical (Monstrous in anything involving hacking or electronics)
Intuition: Typical
Psyche: Typical (Remarkable in The Net)

Her Psyche while in The Net is due to the combined usage of viruses and other software and mental fortitude to survive any attacks made against her own cyberware implants.

Hit Points: 24
Mana: 18 (111 in The Net)

Spells / Special Abilities:

Netrunning: Dominique is able to mentally download herself into any computer or electronic device (with enough rewiring if initially incompatible). While inside The Net, she is able to take on the form of an avatar that can control various aspects inside the computer. While connected, she remains vulnerable from the outside world, and can be attacked by other Netrunners and viruses from within The Net.

Mind Magic
Circle 1

Basic Illusion
Cost: 5MP per person being affected
Uses: Psyche ( If being challenged, typically minor pranks need not be rolled )
Description: Can make those around you see small things that do not exist are not really happening. For this level, examples could be a glass dancing across a table. Or a spoon singing such a high note said glass breaks. Nothing larger then a house cat, and no more then three items at a time. Can include sight and sound. Opponents roll psyche, any yellow roll disbelieves. In addition, trying to grab said illusion will break the illusion.
Special Conditions:
1. Must have at least Typical Psyche to attempt to disbelieve an illusion. Only one attempt is allowed unless the person rolling has at last remarkable psyche, then they can roll every round. Those with amazing psyche or, if the caster has amazing psyche as well, one level higher then the caster, see through the illusion.

Empathy ( Basic )
Cost: N/A
Uses: Psyche
Description: The mentalist attempts to sense, aided by a person's words, general demeanor, and their very top-most feelings, if they are being truthful or not. Once you reach circle 3, this does not have to be rolled for unless contested.

Telekinesis ( Basic )
Cost: 1MP / minute out of combat, 1MP / round in combat, per person or item ( only if used for more then 1 minute / round )
Uses: Psyche ( only if another person with mental abilities tries to target the same item )
Description: Allows the user to lift an object into the air and move it where they wish. User must be able to maintain eye-contact with the object at all times. Maximum weight of the item is 10 pounds. Maximum movement speed is Typical air speed.

Biography: Dominique was raised on the streets of Night City, a large metropolis located in a dystopian United States, now known as the New Colonial Republic. Her life was filled with many hardships, having to grow up rather quickly. To accommodate for her lackluster real life, she delved deep into netrunning, a form of computer usage in which a person links up to The Net as an avatar and can live a second life of sorts. During her time as a netrunner, she has taught herself various tricks of the trade. Hacking, net espionage, and much about computers and the electronics she has used to do so. Being a child of the streets, she speaks in a language made up entirely of slang terms. By the time she turned 16, she had made plenty of credits by committing various crimes over The Net, and as such has bought many cybernetic and biological body modifications, known as Ware, to accentuate her cyberpunk lifestyle. She has made many corporate enemies in her short life of just nineteen years, more than most netrunners have at her age.

Cyberpunk Terminology
Dominique uses a number of slang terms in order to communicate on her homeworld. Most but not all of these terms are listed below.

Ace: 1) An expert in the field. 2) Friend, buddy, pal.
Aces: The very best.
Aesthetics: Simple cosmetic surgery.
AI: Artificial Intelligence. A computer or network-based entity, originally designed to solve complex problems, that has achieved self-awareness.
AMF: "Adios, ". Good-bye. Typically derogatory.
ASIST: "Artificial Sensory Induction System Technology." The industry name for simsense.
Avatar: Decker slang for a personal Matrix icon. Also called, a persona.
BA: Pronounced "Bee-Aye", shorthand for Bad-Ass
Badge: Police or corporate security.
Bakebrain: General purpose derogatory term indicating someone with limited or damage mental faculties (frequently due to excessive use of neural cyberware.) (Syn. asshole, idiot, jerk, moron.)
'Base: Database.
B.B.: Either "Big Brother" or "Boys in Black". See Boys in Black.
B-D: Breakdown.
Bennie: An out-of-towner.
Bioroid: A full-body conversion cyborg.
Bioware: Any biological enhancement or replacement. See wetware.
Bithead: Slang for a decker or "nerdy" computer enthusiast (cf. wirehead 1.).
Bit Jockey: Programmer.
Bitty Box: A primitive, underpowered, or generally useless computer or other electronic device.
Biz: Street slang for crime. From, "business."
Black Ice: Illegal countermeasure software which causes physical harm or death to an intruder (see Ice).
Blowing Code: A decker term for inputing or uploading information.
'Borg'ed: Excessive use of cybernetic body modifications.
Brain Potato: A person who is brain-dead.
Brandy: A highly popular, off-the-shelf, female avatar, with customizable body attributes & facial expressions.
Bug-Out: To flee from a situation or area.
Business: "Biz" In slang context, crime.
Buzz: Buzz off. Go away. Leave.
Causing static: Starting trouble.
Cement poisoning: What a person dies of after being pushed off of a multi-story building and hitting the sidewalk. Also known as deceleration trauma.
Check out: To die.
Chilled: A hip term meaning, to be cool, together.
Chinese Take-out: Anything extremely jumbled or messy. (e.g. "That riotgun made his chest look like Chinese take-out.").
Chip-truth The absolute truth.
Choombata, Choomba: (Bantu) Friend. Buddy. Neo-African slang for a friend/family member. Roughly equivalent to chummer.
Choob: Jerk, nerd, weirdo.
Chromatic: 1) Heavy Metal music. 2) Of or relating to Heavy Metal music 3) Anything wild, fantastic, or bodacious.
Chrome: 1) Flash, glitter, bells and whistles, tinsel. Material used to spice up the appearance of something. 2) Sexy features on a program, not needed for functionality but radiating style (e.g. a guillotine instead of a trash can icon). 3) Generic reference to cyberware.
Chromed: The state of being equipped with obvious offensive augmentations.
Chummer: "Pal" or "Buddy". May be used sarcastically.
Chunking: Eating on the run, eating as a secondary activity.
Cinema: A movie or simsense, usually in tri-d.
CIRS: Cybernetic Implant Rejection Syndrome: a psychotic aberration suffered by excessive users of cyberware.
Corp: 1) Corporation. 2) Of or relating to a corporation, its assets, personnel, or anything corporate.
Cowboy: A very hot, professional deckjockey.
Crease: To kill. - Creased: Killed.
Cred: Money, typically electronic funds.
CSC: A "Computer Sabotage Consultant". A tactful form of address for a netrunner. See Deckjockey.
Cube: A decker who operates within the confines of the law, ie. the 3-dimensional evolution of the term, "square."
Cut-Out Chip: A quasi-legal piece of neural cyberware, that selectively turns off specified stimuli from/to the brain.
C-YA: Pronounced as "see ya", acronym for "Cover Your Ass".
Cyberdeck: Hardware used to access cyberspace through a DNI link.
Cyberpsychosis: A psychotic aberration suffered by excessive users of cyberware (see CIRS).
Cyberspace: 1) The conceptual space within a computer. 2) The conceptual medium within which computer communication takes place, e.g. Electronic Bulletin Boards, online services, databases, or in general the program space of any computer which can run a communication program. 3) A slang term for the global computer network.
Cyberware: Any cybernetic/bionic body implant which replaces or augments a specific body function.
Cylon: Derogatory term for corporate security personnel.
Dataslave: A corporate decker or a data processing employee.
Datasteal: Theft of data from a computer, usually by decking.
DDR: An expert in "Difficult Data Retrieval". A tactful form of address for a netrunner. See Deckjockey.
Deceleration trauma: See Cement poisoning.
Deck: 1) Cyberdeck. 2) To use a cyberdeck illegally.
Decker: A pirate cyberdeck user. Derived from 20th century term "hacker." See Deckjockey.
Deckjockey: An expert cyberdeck user, usually a specialist and covertly accessing and stealing from corporate databases.
Deep Reality: The real world we live in. As opposed to the realities we create for ourselves within our minds (e.g. fantasy games) and in our processors (e.g. cyberspace).
DeeVee: Devalue. To make something worthless.
De-Rezz: 1) To terminate a program. 2) To kill someone.
DI Digital Intelligence. A computer intelligence made up of the recorded knowledge of one or more human experts. This is less complex and expensive than developing an AI (q.v.).
Dilligaf!: I could care less. Buzz off! Go away! From the acronym, "Do I Look Like I Give A Frak?"
Dirty: 1) Derogatory term for low-tech (paper & pencil, walking, etc.) 2) Old.
Dis: Disrespect; to treat with disrespect.
Disappear: To cause a person, and all known references to that person, to become difficult or impossible to find.
DNI: Direct Neural Interface.
Do Ugly: To beat up or be beaten up (e.g. "Boy, somebody sure did him ugly!")
Downtime: Free time; off the job.
Drek: Common curse word (archaic "shit"). adj: drekky.
Dumped: Involuntarily ejected from the Net.
Dump shock: The disorientation resulting from the rapid cutoff of a simsense signal.
Dust: To kill.
Exotic: An obviously biosculpted individual, usually with non-human features (fangs, fur, tail, etc.).
Expert System: A sophisticated program with access to a large database, capable of analyzing & making decisions.
Extraction: 1) A corporate kidnapping. 2) The removal of a (combat) team from its operational area.
Face, The: Decker slang for 1) an interface, 2) jacking-into the Net.
Firelane: The clear area a weapon can put its shots into.
Fixer: A go-between, deal maker, information broker. Also a fence or mover of illegal goods.
Flash: 1) Anything spectacular (e.g. "That deck has a lot of flash!")
Flatline: 1) A state of death (ref. flat EEG traces upon brain-death) which may refer to either a machine (usually a deck or other computer) or a person. 2) To die, usually killed in the Net by Black IC.
Fold: To shut down something or someone (e.g. "This operation is about to fold.")
Fossil: 1) An elderly person. 2) Someone who refuses to give up old ways. 3) Any old or obsolete item.
Frak: Common curse word. adj: Frakking.
Fumigation: An assault in which no survivors are left.
Gahump: A General Purpose Heavy Maching Gun, possibly from the failed attempt to pronounce its acronym.
Gaijin: (Jap.) A derogatory term for a foreigner or outsider.
Gato: (Spanish) A smooth operator, cool person; a Fixer.
Geek: To kill or die.
Ghost: A deckjockey who assists a "physical entry team" by entered and controlling the computer of the target site.
Gonk: Idiot or fool.
Gumby: An act of minor but conspicuous stupidity.
Gutterpunk: A slang term for street riffraff.
Hackware: Software produced by amateurs. Distinguished by the fact that it works and is ready 2 years before the professional version. Characterized by non-standard code, lack of comments, and great chrome.
Handle: A working nick-name by which one is known on the streets. Also street-name.
Hard: Cool, hip, tough. A flattering term.
Hardwired: 1) Having Cyberware. 2) Unable to change, inflexible options.
Hoi: Hi, Hello.
Holo: A holographically generated image.
Hoop: A mild curse word, referring to a person's backside.
Hose: 1) Make a mistake; screw up. 2) To spray someone with automatic weapons fire.
Ice: 1) To kill 2) Security software. Intrusion Countermeasures, or IC.
Icebreaker: Any program or software designed to penetrate or foil ice.
IDJ: Acknowledgment of something that has passed on. "It's Dead Jim."
Indie: Independent, underground, self-employed.
Info Bro: Information broker.
Input: Girlfriend, female companion.
Jack - :1) Jack In, or enter cyberspace. Jack Out, or leave cyberspace. 2) A DNI connection (usually in the skull) for a cyberdeck.
Jacked: 1) Senses, skills, reflexes, muscles, and so on enhanced by cyberwear. 2) To be connected to cyberspace, a rigged vehicle/security system, or a simsense playback unit.
Jacked-In: Actively using a cyberdeck.
Jake: 1)A homosexual prostitute. 2) A hustler. (Both uses are derogatory.)
Jam: 1) To fight or run away. 2) To have sex. 3: To work.
Jamming: 1) Sex. 2) Moshing heavily in a band. 3) Working diligently on something.
Jander: To walk in a casual or arrogant manner, to strut.
Jazzed: Equipped with ability-enhancing cyberware.
JoyBoy/JoyGirl: Prostitute.
Joytoy: A prostitute who has been cybernetically modified or sculpted to match the specifications of the user.
Juvie/Juve: 1) Street slang for anything relating to a juvenile. 2) A legal minor, eg. anyone under 18-years-old.
Leash: A corporate safeguard implanted into an employee to ensure loyalty and continued service. Cortex bombs and sabotaged chipware are common examples.
Lurker: A decker who only sneaks into systems to look around, never taking anything.
Meat: 1) Decker slang for the physical body, un-cybered flesh, or anything else undesirable. 2) A decker curse-word, equivalent to "drek!"
Meat Puppet: A prostitute whose memory and/or senses are disabled temporarily.
Meat Rack: A house of ill repute.
Meat-Space: Decker slang for the physical world, ie. the opposite of cyberspace.
Metalhead: 1) Individual with a fully mechanical body - a full 'Borg. 2) A heavy metal fan.
Metro, the: The subway or underground.
MIL-INT: 1) An abbreviation for MILitary INTelligence. 2) Anything inherently oxymoronic.
Mnemonic: Someone who uses a brain implant as an electronic vault.
Moddy: A personality module. A cyber-data chip which allows the user to assume (and become totally submerged in) the personality of another person (real or fictional).
Monkey: The business term for an expendable person.
Motorhead: A rigger (q.v.) or mechanic.
Mouse Around: To explore in a very low profile manner (e.g. "Let's mouse around the perimeter and see if we can find a way in.").
Mundane: A normal person. Someone who lacks cyberware.
Naked: See running naked.
Nano-Tech: The science responsible for cyberware. Lit. "one step beyond micro-technology."
Neh: - exp. (Jap.) Interrogative; "Right?", lit. "negative."
Nervewires: Cybernetic reflex enhancements, normally Wired Reflexes.
Net: Another term for cyberspace.
NetFet: Net Fetishist. Derogatory term for a netrunner who can only relate to life in the Net.
NetNerd: Someone who spends more time in the matrix than in the real world.
Netrun: A session spent interfaced to a cyberdeck and exploring the Net (cyberspace), usually in the course of invading a corporate database.
Netrunner: A decker, not necessarily implying illegal activities.
NewTek: An item or device exhibiting the very latest technological advances.
Null Persp: A slang expression meaning, "no problem," "all right," or "affirmative." From the archaic expression, "no sweat."
Output: Boyfriend, male companion.
Pervo: A freakish-looking individual.
Pig-Rig: A police car.
Plastic: A person with a great deal of cyberware.
Plex: A metropolitan complex, or "metroplex".
PLR: A cyberdeck plug-in, designed to negate the effects of black IC. From the acronym, "Phase-Loop Recourser."
Poser: 1) A person who pretends to be something they are not, especially through surgery.
Prog: 1) A computer program. 2) The act of programming.
Punch: 1) To force one's way into a protected system. 2) To enter commands on a cyberdeck. Also to punch deck.
Puppet: 1) An illegal cut-out chip that turns off most of the conscious mind, commonly fitted to prostitutes. 2) See Meat Puppet.
Puppet Parlor: A house of ill-repute, ie. populated by meat puppets.
Ram or RAM: A person's memory.
Ray-Ban Mode: The act of utilizing mirrorshades.
Reason: 1) A slang name for a minigun. 2) A railgun.
Reconfig: To kill or die in a particularly messy fashion, usually with a knife.
Recycling: Environmentally friendly act of killing someone and taking the corpse to a body bank.
Reduce: Slang for physical violence (e.g. "Hey asshole, shut down (q.v.) your screamer (q.v.) or I'll reduce your face!"). See also packing, spindling, stomping, etc.
Reduction: The act of reducing something or someone.
Rimbo: 1) A gun-totting sex kitten (a rambo bimbo). 2) Derogatory term for an aggressive female.
Rock: To kick or punch someone violently, especially in the head. Derived from the Jailhouse Rock fighting style.
Running Naked: To enter the Net without defensive protocols.
San: (jap) A respectful form of address or title. Lit. "Mr, Mrs, Ms, Sir, or Madam."
Sand: Phonetic pronunciation of the phrase "S-and-D", for "Search and Destroy." To sand someone or something is to locate and severely damage them or it.
Scratch: 1) Money. 2) Purchase.
Shag: To bamboozle, cheat or trick.
Shirt: A white-collar worker, usually a low level corporate employee.
Short-circ: To become mentally fatigued.
Shortwire: To burn out, flame out, splash down and generally crash mentally.
Shredder: A minigun or auto-cannon.
Shut Down: to shut up, used as an exclamation (e.g. "Hey asshole, shut down!")
Simsense: Program that simulates sensory stimulation in the Net.
Slam: To assault or beat up.
Slammin: Word of praise, equiv. of bitchin.
Slam it: Generic expletive (Syn. kiss off, up yours.)
Slammit On: 1) To get violent. 2) To attack someone without reason.
Slave: 1) Of or relating to a corporate employee. 2) Specifically, a wage-, mage-, or data-slave.
Slitch: Slang term for a female. Used as an insult.
Slot: 1) Mild curse word (i.e. "Slot THIS, chummer!"). 2) To plug a moddy or daddy into a DNI ( i.e. to use a skillsoft.) 3) To have sex.
Slot and run: Hurry up, get to the point, move it.
Smart: Any device which has been augmented to interface with a user via cyberware; usually applies to weapons
Smudge: Pronunciation of the acronym SMG (SubMachineGun); thus, a submachinegun.
So ka: (Jap.) I understand, I get it.
Solo: A mercenary who works the streets. A "for-hire" combat specialist. Used as bodyguards, assassins, and soldiers, individually or in groups.
Spare Parts: 1) A corpse. 2) Any vat-grown or donated body-part (wheather by choice or not).
Spill: To spend money.
Splash: To shoot down. E.g. to splash an idea, or "Splash that bastard!"
Splat job: A dead body, usually messy. Also sometimes used to describe a person (or persons) who are "cannon fodder" and are not expected to live much longer.
Sprawl: 1) A huge metropolitan area, usually consisting of several merged mega-cities, covered a large portion of a landmass. 2) The prone position the bronze order perps to assume. 3) To fraternize below one's social level.
State of the Art (Aka SOTA): 1) Hipper than Hip. 2) To be on the edge (usually technologically).
Streak: To run naked in the Net.
Streaker: A decker who prefers to streak.
Street, The: 1) The Underground or Black Market. 2) The sub-culture. 3) The place where you live late at night.
Streetmeat: A term for people not equiped to survive on the streets: hicks, sprawling suits, or involuntary meat puppets.
Streetname: A nickname, handle, or working name by which one it known by on the streets.
Stud: 1) See Jack. 2) A slang term for anyone (or the state of being) jacked-into a machine, other than a cyberdeck.
Stuffit: 1) To have sex. 2) To forget about something.
Stuka A slang term for diving, "as in he did a stuka into the pool" or "he stukad underneath the table."
Stunning: Mind-bogglingly stupid. Used sarcastically.
Suit: A corporate employee.
Suss: To solve a problem, figure out something, understand.
Swag: A commodity, usually a datafile, worth money on the black market.
Sweedack: Concurrence, or "I agree". From the French Canadian "Je suis d'accord."
Tag: 1) Name, handle or trademark generally used in the Net. 2) To grab or take something. 3) To mark destinctively.
Tagged: 1) Equipped with a tracking device. 2) Recognized.
Tanstaafl!: An abbreviation for "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch," meaning, "ya gotta pay as ya go."
Technician: A corporate slang term for a professional hit-man.
Tek: 1) An item of a highly technical nature. 2) A technician of any kind.
Telecomm: A telephone, normally incorporating both video and audio communication. Also comm.
ThreeVee: Also 3-V. Holovision. A 3-dimension projection system which has superceded the television as the primary form of information delivery.
Throwback: Derogatory term for an exotic.
Thumper: A slang term for a grenade, commonly but not always concussional in nature.
Tiger (Net): A military netrunner.
Tight Interfacing: To have sex.
Tortoise: A decker term for someone running in the Net with a (slow) terminal.
Towntalk: A hybrid street language, not part of any formal group. See also street talk.
Trid: Three-dimensional successor to video.
Tune: Listening to music.
Tuning Up: The street term for the act of beating a prisoner/captive to elicit a confession.
Twinkie: A naive, defenseless, vulnerable, or otherwise useless person.
Twitch: A careless, scatterbrained, or otherwise unreliable individual.
Twitchers: Taser and, by extension, any electricity-based weapon.
Underware: A slang term for form-fitting body armor.
Vatjob: 1) A person with extensive cyber- or bioware replacement. From the time spent in a nutrient-fluid vat. 2) Organic enhancement by means of vat-grown tissue or muscle.
Very: Hip term for "cool" or "in".
Vidflick: Flat screen entertainment that predates 3D or holographic projection. Old style TV or movie.
VRcade: A Virtual Reality, and/or video game arcade or parlor.
WageSlave: A low-level or non-ambitious, corporate employee. See Shirt.
Waldoes: A common term for any set of remote-controlled mechanical arms, as used in factories and toxin handeling.
Wavy: Cool or smooth.
Wetware: 1) human augmentation mechanisms based on biochemical methods. E.g. biochemical processors, custom crafted DNA, custom biological tissue, brain implants/grafts, mind/body altering drugs (rare). As opposed to hardware which is based on artificial, physics based methods, e.g. chips. 2) Slang for cyber-augmentation of skills or other mental functions. 3) The human brain (a backhanded reference to normal organic thought processes.) 4) Any original body organ.
Wetwork: Assassination. Murder.
Whacked: Of or relating to the state of being either "high" or insane.
Wigly: Weird or different. Usually referring to a good drug trip.
Wilson: 1) Idiot. 2) Wannabe. Often used as decker insult.
Wire Boy/Girl: A decker.
Wired: Equipped with cyberware, especially increased reflexes.
Wirehead: 1) Someone addicted to computers or electronic communication (e.g. a person who would rather hack then eat or have sex). 2) Someone addicted to electric stimulation directly applied to the pleasure centers of the brain, i.e. simsense abuser.
Wiz: 1) Very impressive. 2) Someone who is the best at what they do.
Word, the: The latest gossip or rumors on the street.
Wysiwyg ("Wizzy-wig"): Lit. "no nonsense." From the acronym, "What You See Is What You Get."
Zero: 1) See Blank. 2) To delete or destroy a piece of software. 3) To kill someone. 4) Midnight (From zero-hour.)
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