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Where to find us
Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:55 pm by SgtSarros
New players who want to join the RPG can join us at , and joining the channel #fantasy-ooc

If you do not have your own IRC client you can go to and click chat now. to go to for their IRC client.

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 Nithor, Head of Nithor Security

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PostSubject: Nithor, Head of Nithor Security   Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:49 pm

Name: Nithor

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Height: 5ft 5in

Weight: 165lb

Age: 21

Age in appearance: 21

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Red

Skin Color: Peach

Personality: Playful, but very shy around women, causes him to stutter often.

Weakness: Women

Profession: Security

Weapons: Nightstick, taser, he does own handguns but uses non-lethal rounds.

Armor: Bullet-Proof armor


Skills: Martial Arts Master, Marksmanship, Wrestling Stealth


Fighting: Remarkable

Agility: Excellent

Strength: Good

Endurance: Excellent

Reasoning: Good

Intuition: Remarkable

Psyche: Excellent ( Poor vs seduction / charm tactics used by the opposite gender )

Hit Points: 80

Mana: 60


Nithor was born into a family very firm about law and order. His mother a police officer, his father a security officer. He was brought up rather strictly, shown the merits of right and wrong, yet was not so strict he didn't have any freedoms of choice or learning, and thus was allowed to make some mistakes on his own.

He was an average student in school, though his main specialties were social studies and physical education. In fact, many thought that he would become a sports star, something both his parents encouraged. However they were both happy as well to learn that he had decided he wanted to follow in his parents footsteps and serve the public.

One particular weakness he shows early on was a weakness to speak around women. This only seemed to get worse once puberty hit, finding himself nearly unable to speak in speech classes in front of female students. Their touch or kiss would cause him to faint, something they took advantage of often. The reason for this is not quite understood though he has been going to therapy to try and solve it.

His life was changed forever on the day of the infamous invasion of Fantasy Island. While protecting the public, both of his parents were critically injured. His father died on the way to the hospital, his mother surviving but falling into a coma. At the age of sixteen he was forced to take over the security company his father founded as it's new owner.

As time has passed he has become a fine security officer himself, though he rarely takes part in anything unless he is needed. He, like his father, is firmly against excessive force, and uses non-lethal weapons such as a taser, rubber bullets, and a nightstick.

His troubles with women continue to this day, though he is slowly gaining some confidence and is even able to have mild conversations with some. A blind magic shop owner and katana wielding woman have been a part of his life as of late, helping to alter the man's life in ways he has yet to fully understand...
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Nithor, Head of Nithor Security
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