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As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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 List of Status Effects

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PostSubject: List of Status Effects   Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:51 pm

There are not many special statuses ( Statusi? ) in this RP. Those that do exist however will be explained below.

Effect: The player cannot see. All attacks, defenses, and magic cast on someone besides themself is at -4CS. All non-defense botch rolls result in all available targets ( friend and foe ) being put in a list and a dice roll being done to determine who is being affected by the weapon/spell, and the roll is redone.
Special Notes: Characters who have a special strength in their other senses ( Examples: Extraordinary sense of smell or hearing, a 'spider sense' or anything similar ) only suffer a -2CS for defense rolls.

Effect: You are unable to tell who is friend and who is foe. You'll roll a random ability or skill to use ( 1 is always single attack 2 is multiple attacks if applicable, followed by spells and skills and so forth ). Then roll to see which opponent ( either friend or foe ) you will hit.
Special Notes: This effect will wear off automatically if you take any HP damage.

Effect: You have been knocked off your feet and are laying prone on the ground. Those in a knockdown status take a -2 to fighting and Agility for both offense and defense. On their turn they can roll Agility to stand up if they wish or attack from the ground with current penalties.  A yellow or higher lets them act as normal. A green makes their next attack or move act at -1 CS. A white makes them take their turn standing up. Botches have no effect here. Regardless of roll color, players are considered 'standing' and take no further penalties.

Effect: Your movements become more and more difficult. You are at -1CS to Fighting and Agility until the effect wears off for each level of Paralysis that you are affected by ( unless the effect states otherwise ). Should either stat reach Feeble you are helpless to all attacks, and cannot attack, until it wears off.

Effect: You are being restrained by someone and cannot move. Those in a pinned status take a -2 to Fighting and Agility for defense. On your turn you are unable to attack, you must roll Strength against their Strength to break free. On a success that is also Yellow or higher you may also take your turn.
Special Notes: If you are affected by both Pinned and Knockdown, the penalties stack ( making it -4 to Fighting and Agility ). If this will take that stat below Feeble you are helpless and the attack automatically succeeds.  On your turn you must get yourself out of Pinned first, before you can attempt to remove Knockdown.

Effect: You are gradually losing health each turn. Those affected by poison take a -1CS to endurance for the duration of the poison, and Lose HP each round specified by the level of poison. A red endurance roll on their turn will negate the HP loss for that round, with a 100 purging the poison from their system. A botch results in double HP loss. A player does NOT have to roll endurance on their turn if they do not wish to, and can instead let the poison run it's course.
Special Notes: Heal spells cast on someone poisoned only heal one half their normal amount, with the exception being 'full heal' spells. Characters with a 'regenerative' ability can negate the poison damage they take that round if their healing factor is high enough, however they cannot 'heal' beyond that mark until the poison wears off or is cured.

Staggered 1
Effect: Something has thrown you off balance. Until your next turn skills that give you bonuses to attacking or defending ( Acrobatics, tumbling and so forth ) cannot be used.

Staggered 2
Effect: Something has thrown you severely off balance. Until your next turn skills that give you bonuses to defending ( Acrobatics, tumbling and so forth ) cannot be used, and you can only use a single attack.

Effect: You are being turned to stone.You must roll endurance each turn for three turns to resist the effects. For every white roll, you move up one stage in Stoned. Effects are as follows:
- Stage 1: You are at -1 to Agility, Endurance, and Swim, and -2 to Fly. You cannot use any agility-based skills. Should someone attempt to carry you to safety, your normal weight is increased by 50% and their swimming ability is reduced by 1 more then usual ( where applicable ). You do however gain resistance to knockdown ( Any knockdown abilities have the required color raised by 1 level )
- Stage 2: You are at -2 to Agility and endurance, and -4 to Swim and Fly. You cannot use any skills or special abilities besides magic. Should someone attempt to carry you to safety, your normal weight is increased by 100%, and their swimming ability is reduced by 2 more then usual ( where applicable ). You are immune to all non-red knockdowns.
- Stage 3: You are a statue. You cannot act in any manner. Should someone attempt to carry you to safety, your normal weight is increased by 200%, and their swimming ability is reduced by 4 more then usual ( where applicable ). You are immune to all other status effects, though you can be killed if your head is removed from the statue.

Effect: You are unable to act. If you are attacked the next affect will automatically hit, and the stun effect will be removed. In addition, if your turn comes around, your turn will be skipped but stunned will wear off.
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List of Status Effects
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