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Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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 Corbin Norwood

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PostSubject: Corbin Norwood   Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:08 pm

Name: Corbin Norwood
Sex: Male
Species: A'Reah
Height: 5’9
Weight: 110 (malnurioushed)
Age: 20
Age in appearance: 20
Hair Color: Black, wings are also black but are torn, tattered and have slight miscoloration due to years of neglect.
Eye Color: Dark brown
Skin Color: Under his clothes he’s semi white, the parts exposed to years in the sun are a tanned a light brown. A series of dark feathers adorn his right arm that are from a raven tattoo on his chest.
Personality: Stubborn, proud, will remain quiet till he is spoken to as he was trained to be. Defensive when aggressively talked to and will carry out any order to the letter. Very gullible and easily flustered when asked questions.
Weakness: Can’t swim.
Profession: Scout, Assassin.
Weapons: make shift throwing spikes
Armor: None
Items: Neckalace, Cursed, forced to Obey whoever is designated as his ‘owner’ (atleast that is what he’s been told.), Knife belt, scarf, cracked goggles, beads woven into his hair.
Thrown weapons
Escape Artist


Fighting: Good
Agility: Excellent
Strength: Typical
Endurance: Excellent
Reasoning: Typical
Intuition: Remarkable

Psyche: Typical

OPTIONAL: Only include this section if it is different then normal

Flying Speed: Excellent

Hit Points: 56

Mana: 42

Spells / Special Abilities:


Corbin was stolen from his home at a young age and sold to slavers in the south. Forcibly tortured and trained into forgetting his real name given the pet name Corbin Norwood (little black bird from the north wood.) He would constantly try to escape into the desert to try and get back home failing and nearly dying in the desert until he was captured again by his slavers. The slavers growing tired of his antics punished him by giving him a ‘cursed’ necklace on him that at the time was explained, with heavy punishment, that every time he broke a rule they would know and would punish him for it. They also said that anyone who ‘claims’ him will have that same power. After that out of fear of the necklace he became obedient.
He was passed around due and asked for given the rarity of how he looked. He eventually was ‘saved’ from a master into a group of mercenaries who originally kept him around to just help spot sandstorms from high in the sky or to spot other groups of mercs or nomads. He began to pick up knife throwing from one of the other mercs during the pass time eventually impressing the leader. Who then added Corbin as a permanent member of his group though he still used the necklace as a leash incase the boy got any ideas. Corbin with his new found family would be sent out to take out other scouts from other groups, create blind spots in whatever they targeted for raids, and help find new marks. His service to the group was rewarded to Corbin with his tattoo, a raven since it matched his hair that was as black as the bird’s, and as a great honor he believed for such great work on his part. It would later grow to encompass his arm adding a feather for every kill and successful job. Eventually he got his own spoils from the raids, the beads he has braided into his hair, the cracked goggles, and the scarf that was made from various scraps.
The group was attacked one night when Corbin rested for a moment while he was the one on the lookout. He fought but the group was overwelmed and he fled. Knowing that his group would not survive he went into the desert unsure of what to do next with his life.
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Corbin Norwood
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