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Jiima the slave EmptyThu Sep 19, 2019 10:42 pm by SgtSarros
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PostSubject: Jiima the slave   Jiima the slave EmptySun Jul 05, 2020 3:41 pm

Name: Jiima
Sex: Female
Species: Shifter(Canine)
Height: 4'5(2'6 in shifted form)
Weight: 90lbs(15 lbs in shifted form)
Age: 20
Age in appearance: 18-ish? Hard to tell for her species
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Heterochromia: Right eye pink, left eye blue
Skin(fur) Color: White
Personality: Demure and raised to be submissive. Born and raised in slavery, she's never known anything else.
Weakness: Disapproval of her owner
Profession: Slave
Weapons: N/A
Armor: N/A
Items: Collar with the name tag 'Jiima'.

Stealth: +1 CS to Agility for moving in shadows or keeping silent to avoid people or sneak up on them. Certain situations may negate this ability.
Medicine: Medicine - Applies both First Aid and Herbalism, and also gives a +1 CS to medical skills for use in a hospital. Counts as two skills.
-First Aid: +1 CS to Reasoning for stabilizing an injury on another person to aid in healing. If someone is dying this skill can help save them. A green roll instead of a yellow roll is needed for stabilization, and a yellow roll instead of a red roll is needed to bring them to 1hp.
-Herbalism: +1 CS to Intuition to finding herbs, and +1 CS to Reasoning for identifying herbs for various purposes, including but not limited to medicinal or poison making.
Cooking: Know how to make the best gumbo. +1 CS to reasoning.
Tailoring: Knows how to make the latest fashions. +1 CS to reasoning.

Languages: Common

Description and/or Picture:
Jiima the slave Jiima210

Jiima the slave Jiima10

Fighting: Poor(4)
Agility: Excellent(20)
Strength: Typical(6)
Endurance: Good(10)

Reasoning: Typical(6)
Intuition: Good(10)
Psyche: Poor(4)

Running Speed: Typical(15mph)/Good(30mph)
Swimming Speed: Poor(10mph)

Hit Points: 40
Stamina Points: 30
Mana: 20

Spells / Special Abilities:

Biography: Jiima never knew her parents, or if she had any siblings. Growing up in a world where shifters like her are seen as not even human, with no rights of their own, and tantamount to slaves or pets, she knew only a life of servitude.

On a version of Earth with Shifters, she was born at the turn of the millennium. Seeing that she was a shifter, her parents put her up for adoption and mourned their otherwise wasted chance for a human offspring. While parents tend to loath their children that turn out to be Shifters, if they're put up for adoption, then the only extent of time they stay at the Pound is usually until they're old enough to perform daily tasks without assistance. After they're taught basic chores, they're usually pretty quickly bought just like a pet.

She went home with a man to a small apartment, her first few chores being to just keep the place clean. When she was old enough to be trusted to cook, she was taught to do so to satisfaction and was then expected to have meals prepared by a certain time. It was hard to mess up, and on the rare occasion she did just to get some attention from her owner, as he rarely paid her any mind.

Her youth and adolescence was spent cleaning, cooking, and learning medicines and administering first aid, as well as sewing and stitching if she needed to. It wasn't until she was a little older that, one day, she was punished for no reason. Her master came home from..whatever he did while he was away..and right off the bat she felt like something was off about him. He approached her, grabbed her arm despite having just prepared his dinner, and walked her into his bedroom, the bedroom door closing behind them.

Her life got a little darker after that. Her Master was rarely physically abusive before, and never sexually abusive, but she had no rights, and no recourse for escape, let alone the will to follow through with it. Years went by like this until, one day, fate threw a curve ball. In the dead of the night, she and her Master both awoke to the sound of glass breaking. Her Master reached into a locked bedside table and withdrew a small handgun, getting up to go investigate.

She wasn't exactly sure how what happened went down, but at the sound of a confrontation, then a struggle, then several rounds being fired, she transformed into her much smaller dog form and hid under the bed. Her master had left the bedroom in the nude, and when a pair of heavy boots walked in, she covered her mouth to keep from breathing too loud. The stranger shuffled through a few things, took any valuables, and left. She knew her responsibility was to her Master, so waited a minute or two before crawling out from under the bed to discover her Master dead on the floor, three bullet wounds in his chest.

She wasn't sure what to do, so she did nothing. She sat on the floor in the corner, naked save for her collar, waiting for someone to come and collect her, or the stranger to come back, or anything to happen next.
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Jiima the slave
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