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PostSubject: Kurenbo Drakkenhall   Kurenbo Drakkenhall EmptyFri Jul 03, 2020 7:52 am

Name: Kurenbo Drakkenhall
Sex: Female
Species: Kobold(Urd)
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 40 pounds
Age: 55
Age in appearance: Adult, in so far as Kobolds go.
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Black
Skin Color: Red
Personality: Can sometimes seem a little happy-go-lucky, but takes matters of justice seriously - as the order of knights she serves dictates.
Weakness: Can fall into either a furious rage or submissive state when ridiculed for her Koboldish roots.
Profession: A knight of Drakkenhall
Weapons: Rapier, Dagger
Armor: (Wing Slits)Studded Leather - Poor protection from piercing attacks. Typical from all other types. Agility Restriction 1.
Agility Restriction 1: Agility and Defensive rolls limited to Incredible, Offensive limits to Amazing; -1CS to swimming.
Items: Rapier, Dagger, several packs to hold items and inventory.
Sharp Weapons: +1 CS to Fighting with Sharp Weapons
Aerial Combat: +1 to Fighting against flying opponents. Must have some way of flying to use.

Languages: Common, Draconic

Description and/or Picture:
Kurenbo Drakkenhall Kurenb10

Fighting: Excellent(Ripost: Remarkable)(20)
Agility: Remarkable(30)
Strength: Typical(6)
Endurance: Good(10)

Reasoning: Good(10)(-1CS to modern technology)
Intuition: Excellent(20)
Psyche: Good(10)

Running Speed: Typical(15mph)
Flying Speed: Typical(30mph)(Carry weight <50 lbs)
Swimming Speed: Poor(10mph)

Hit Points: 66
Stamina Points: 53
Mana: 40

Spells / Special Abilities:
Flame Breath:

Uses: Fighting
Description: Gives a +1 CS to Fighting only on counter attacks.

Air and Lightning Magic:

Circle One:

High Jump
Cost: 5mp
Uses: N/A
Description: Allows the caster to jump upwards 10 feet times the maximum circle level of the caster. Must land on something at the top of the height or they will fall and take take Typical damage for every 10 feet they fall.

Whisper on the Winds
Cost: 2MP
Uses: None
Description: Allows the caster to send a verbal message to a person or area in the same area as them that only they can hear. At Circle 1 this is 1 mile away. By Circle 3 this is anyone within 10 miles. At circle 6, this is anyone on the same world. Both the caster and the target must be outdoors.

Circle Two:

Cost: 10MP
Uses: None unless resisted by another wind or weather caster, then Psyche
Description: Brings in a heavy fog to obscure people from sight. trying to attack someone within the fog requires a -2CS roll, however those within the fog receive a -2CS to attack and defense. The caster, as well as anyone with circle 3 wind magic, can see through the fog and take no penalties.

Biography: Kurenbo's egg cracked in a hatchery among so many others in one of the largest Kobold nests in the Underdark, deep below the surface of Tal`Dorei in the world of Exandria. To the surprise of most, she was born with wings. Some were proud and revered her; most we envious. Knowing how most would view her, some of her brood took to protecting and raising her to eventually be the leader of their nest, believing Tiamat to be looking down upon them favorably.

Fast forward about twenty years. She'd long since reached adolescence, was quite capable with a weapon, adept at fighting while flying. While very few Kobolds ever actually managed to live long enough to die of old age, it would seem those that were to protect her did not share that fortunate fate. Over time, her friends died of inconspicuous means; a raid here, an ambushed escort quest there.

When she had but one friend left, another Urd, a winged Kobold like her, was brutally murdered in front of her by others from her Brood when they saw the opportunity to remove them. While her friend fell and was butchered, she managed to escape to the surface, and while her eyes took several years to adjust to the surface light, she grew accustomed to it eventually.

She roamed the surface for a number of years, managing to make a small name for herself as a do-gooder, helping the common folk with tasks as needed. It was a while before other adventurers trusted her enough to let her travel with them, but once a party did, she quickly showed her fighting prowess and usefulness in tight situations.

The turning point in her life was when she was separated from her party and bumped into an injured knight. Through narrow escapes and death-defying combat, she managed to escort him out of the fortress that her party was plundering. The knight introduced himself as Caster and invited her, with her party as honored guests, to join his order, the Knights of Drakkenhall.

Several weeks of traveling and sharing tales of their acts of valor as well as plundering, and even one of raiding a dragon's lair by her getting caught and persuading the dragon that she had come to swear fealty to him. Laughs, ale, and a fancy feast were had until they arrived to the capital city of Emon where she was introduced to a room full of knights, many of whom were hesitant to accept a Kobold into their ranks, but she was sworn in regardless. A Knight of Drakkenhall.

While there were certain privileges that came with knighthood. Equipped with a rapier and armor that was customized to her body, she was given months of combat training to make her a more efficient fighter until she felt she was capable enough, which only enhanced her deeds of helping others. She was grateful for rewards, but more than anything she was glad to be accepted by the surface dwellers where her own kind had pushed her away.

Little did she know...
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Kurenbo Drakkenhall
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