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The site does cost about $70 a year for the picture storage we have and keeping it ad-free when logged in, more if we get rid of ads altogether as some users have wished.

If you wish to help with donations click the link below. Avoid clicking on a custom gif as those are for Pro users of StreamLabs who do not mind paying a monthly fee.

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PostSubject: Isabelline Snow   Isabelline Snow EmptyTue Jun 04, 2019 6:20 pm

Name: Isabelline Snow

Sex: Female

Species: Anthropomorphic Bat / Noctral

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 180 lbs

Age: 35

Age in appearance: Young

Hair Color: Black and Silver with White trims.

Eye Color: Bright Citrine

Skin Color: Slate Grey

With a sharp mind and an equally sharp wit, Isabelline is rather cold and calculating at her core as a result of nearly two decades serving the Lunar Guard. For those that don't know her, she comes across as a rather stoic individual, difficult to read and even more difficult to get close to. While she certainly can be friendly and outgoing at times, she prefers to keep a professional air about her and keep her feelings to herself. For those under her command, however, she is known as a fierce protector, putting the life and the well-being of those around her first and foremost before anything else, even her own. Despite her high ranking within the Lunar Guard, she tends to personally lead her charges on the battlefield, acting as a beacon of support and moral for her allies. However, with the exception of the Silver Crescent (her personal surgical strike team), few have seen just how ruthless she can be towards her enemies. She absolutely despises the militaristic dogmas established by her superiors as well as the political games that often accompany higher ranking individuals such as herself-- she simply prefers to just get the job done.

As with most bat folk and Noctrals, sudden, loud noises or bright lights are apt to deafen her senses or completely stun her in a worst-case scenario. She’s (normally) not a very fast, nor graceful flier, relying on her wings more for power than anything else. In terms of militaristic weaknesses, she cares about the safety of her group and innocents to a fault, gladly risking mission objectives solely to keep her charges alive. She also has a rather difficult time swimming and absolutely hates water as a result.

Profession: Colonel and head key strategist of the Lunar Guard. Founder and Commander of the Order of the Silver Crescent.

Weapons: A very large, very heavy scythe that has been heavily modified to fit Isabelline's frame and fighting style. The main head/blade of the weapon is the largest and features two "locking" grooves near the shaft-- one on the upper side of the mount, and the other on the lower. A smaller, secondary blade curves out of the back of the first, featuring only one "locking" groove on the upper side of the mount. Additionally, the weapon sports a pike-like tip for deflecting or stabbing parallel to the shaft. In the unlikely event that her main weapon fails, she also carries a modified Kusarigama that she also uses to capture VIPs alive.

Armor: Armored Uniform - Not truly armored, but provides Typical protection against piercing attacks ( daggers and spears ) and Poor vs all other physical attacks.

Items: The only item of any importance that she carries with her at all times is an Order of the Silver Crescent emblem, of which only six were made. Each emblem has a phrase specific to each member engraved on its back-- hers in particular reads: Ferrum Lunae, Clypeus Populi. (Blade of the Moon, Shield of the People).


Military - The perfect soldier. Applies when it comes to military tactics, military training, or just dealing with the military in general.

Leadership - Expert at leading groups of people into situations. Can in certain situations apply a +1CS to others in a skill he or she has for a limited time.

Aerial Combat - +1 to Fighting against flying opponents. Must have some way of flying to use.

Sharp Weapons - +1 CS to Fighting.

Cooking - Know how to make the best gumbo. +1 CS to reasoning.

Description and/or Picture:
Isabelline Snow Isabel10_800x600
Isabelline Snow Galbre12

Stats: Strength Form / Agility Form

Fighting: Incredible (Amazing with her Scythe-- can only be used in her Strength Form.)

Agility: Typical / Amazing

Strength: Remarkable / Typical

Endurance: Remarkable

Reasoning: Remarkable (Incredible with military tactics)

Intuition: Remarkable (Incredible when analyzing a combatant)

Psyche: Excellent (Remarkable when leading/commanding a group) *Has no experience in magic other than its practical use on a battlefield

Hit Points: 106
Stamina Points: 93
Mana: 80


Running Speed-
Sprint (top speed)- Good

Swimming Speed-
Poor (Feeble if wearing armor)

Flying Speed- Strength Form / Agility Form
Maximum Carry Weight- 200 / 100 lbs
Average- Typical / Good
Maximum- Good / Excellent
Dive- Excellent / Remarkable

Spells / Special Abilities:

Strength Form
Cost: Varies (When attacking)
Uses: N/A
Description: What was once her "natural" form has now been sealed away due to involuntary circumstances (the method of switching to and from her strength form will be added momentarily). When this form is activated, Isabelline may wield her Scythe. Due to the nature of the curse, this form is merely temporary and will only last 5 turns before reverting back, leaving her exhausted for a turn. If for whatever reason she runs out of stamina before the allotted turns have expired, she will automatically and immediately revert and become exhausted.
Note: Attacks in this form consume stamina if attacking more than once. While it would cost 0 SP for the first attack, it would cost 1 additional SP per attack, e.g. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 SP (5 attacks for a total of 10 SP).

Whirling Blade
Cost: 15 Stamina
Uses: Fighting
Description: Only usable in Isabelline's strength form. With her Scythe equipped, Isabelline may spend 15 SP to whirl her Scythe around herself in a 5-foot radius, striking all enemies within range.

Protector 1
Cost: N/A
Uses: Varies
Description: Use one of your actions to defend a player from an attack. Roll as you would normally roll to defend. If the attacker wins you take damage. If your roll is more then 30 below the attack the protect fails and the original target must roll.
Special Conditions:
1. You may change people who you are defending for as many actions as your Fighting roll would allow you to attack. ( Excellent fighting allows 2 attacks so 2 defenses ) without penalty. If the next defense would push you to poor or feeble, the attack automatically hits you. You cannot protect someone again if you are at feeble.
2. This skill can be used in conjunction with attacking. For example, you have Incredible fighting. You defend once, then can attack twice on your turn for Excellent, Good ( normal -1 per action taken ), then defend again afterwards without exhaustion.

Biography: (WIP)
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Isabelline Snow
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