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 Chocobo Farm and Racetrack

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Chocobo Farm and Racetrack Empty
PostSubject: Chocobo Farm and Racetrack   Chocobo Farm and Racetrack EmptyTue Oct 03, 2017 9:38 pm

The Chocobo Farm
The Chocobo farm is a well-maintained area out in the countryside. It allows the chocobos to have a place to stay and eat, and a place for the public to come if they with to pet one, go for a ride, or purchase one.
People can have their chocobos stabled here as well, as there is plenty of space. Some of the chocobos owned by Bill himself sometimes 'accidentally' escape the farm and explore the town and beach, allowing the public a chance to see them and follow or ride them back to the farm, where more information can be gotten about them. Strangely enough, none of the privately owned chocobos ever seem to escape...

Unowned Chocobos: ( The letter inside the brackets indicate their gender )

Gold Chocobos: None Currently

Black Chocobos: Max(M),  Lucille(F)

Red Chocobos:  Scarlet( F ), ( F )

Blue Chocobos: Navy ( M ), ( F )

Green Chocobos:  ( F ), ( F )

Yellow Chocobos:  ( M ), ( M ) , Pot of Gold( F ) , Samantha( F ) , ( F )

Owned Chocobos and their owners: ( Note: while all 'unowned' chocobos are owned by Chocobo Bill, ones listed below owned by him are not for sale )

Gold Chocobos: Seline* ( F ), owned by Kethend Vaslakni; Inaya* ( F ), owned by Kethend Vaslakni; Ashley* (F), owned by Chocobo Bill
Black Chocobos:  Midnight ( M ), owned by Anna; Esmerelda ( F ), owned by Shaiya
Red Chocobos: Ikki* ( M ), owned by Simca, Ruby ( F ), owned by Shaiya, Blaze ( M ) , owned by Chocobo Bill
Blue Chocobos: Sapphire* ( F ), owned by Lenne Seriah; Violet ( F ), owned by Ivy Lightwind; Masa ( F ), owned by Natsumi
Green Chocobos: Gaia* ( F ), owned by Shayla Jackson; Orion* ( M ), owned by Kiohai, Emerald (M), owned by Shaiya
Yellow Chocobos: Fortune ( F ), owned by Aerith Gainsborough; Sunlight ( F ), owned by Chocobo Bill; Lucky ( M ), owned by Aerith Gainsborough

* = These chocobos are registered with the Chocobo Racing Authority, and can be used by racers who are licensed and qualify. Chocobos who are not registered can be, but they have to pass tests and a fee must be paid for registration.

The Chocobo Races

Chocobo Racing takes place at the newly completed racetrack on Fantasy Island, near the Chocobo Farm. While most of these racers are from various worlds, some of them are from the Farm itself. Much money can be won not just from the betters but also from the racers themselves.

There are four races each day there is an event going on at the racetrack. Currently the racing authority allows races to have at least four, but no more then six, chocobos in the race.Races can be one track length or one and a half track lengths.

The Racers

Here are the chocobos that most often compete at the chocobo racetrack, along with their riders, and betting odds:

1. Garlin - Yellow Chocobo. Rider: Shevan. Odds: 10 - 1
2. Segil - Green Chocobo. Rider: Pretim. Odds: 7 - 2
3. Warlin - Blue Chocobo. Rider: Valmose. Odds: 6 - 1
4. Bad Luck Willy - Yellow Chocobo. Rider: Lucky. Odds: 20 - 1
5. Shiva - Blue Chocobo. Rider: Ansep. Odds: 5 - 1
6. Ifrit - Red Chocobo. Rider: Alina. Odds: 5 - 2
7. Zeke - Gold Chocobo. Rider: Faora. Odds: 3 - 2
8. Paltrina - Black Chocobo. Rider: Marrow. Odds: 4 - 1
9. Dalsom - Yellow Chocobo. Rider: Masin. Odds: 9- 1
10. Darsuke - Green Chocobo. Rider: Lisa. Odds: 9 - 2

The Race

To determine who will compete in this race, the GM will roll the number of competitors d10, so if there are four racers there will be a 4d10 roll. Duplicate numbers are re-rolled.

A chocobo to reach the finish line must roll at least x number of points in order to finish the race. A white roll gives 1 point, a green 2 points, a yellow 3 points, and a red 5 points. Here is what is rolled for each color chocobo:

Yellow: Typical
Green: Good
Blue: Excellent
Red: Remarkable
Black: Incredible
Gold: Amazing

This system allows for the rarer chocobos to have an advantage, without making it impossible for the 'weaker' colors to win. Do note more then one word can be rolled at a time, so to roll for a yellow, blue, yellow, gold race you would !roll typical excellent typical amazing .

Tie Breakers

If when the race is over, if there is a tie for placing, ties are decided by
1. Who has the most of the top color. ( If one chocobo has 1 red roll and the other has 2, the one with two wins. )
2. If they have equal numbers, the higher average wins. ( 89 and 87 would beat out 93 and 74, for example )
3. If the average is the same, this continues on to the next color down.

Competing Yourself

It is possible for a player to compete in the chocobo races if they so wish. However, to do such first they must earn a license.

While anyone can rent a chocobo at the farm, competing with one requires a license that states you are trained in the knowledge of how to ride a chocobo and race them safely. Licenses can be gotten through Chocobo Bill, who is authorized by the Association to give out licenses.

Rookie racers can rent out a yellow chocobo from the farm for competing in races or for practice. As they improve in skill they can compete with other colors, or even acquire a chocobo of their own, which can be stabled at the farm if they do not have their own facilities. In addition, those who race at least five times can earn the 'Chocobo Rider' skill, giving them a +1CS to rolls when they race. If they fail learning the skill they must participate in at least 1 more race before trying again.

Racer Ranks:
Grand Champion: 250 points
- Gold Chocobo Unlocked
Champion: 100 points
- Black Chocobo Unlocked
Elite: 50 points
- Red Chocobo Unlocked
Skilled: 25 points
- Blue Chocobo Unlocked
Beginner: 10 points
- Green Chocobo unlocked
Rookie: 0 points
- Yellow Chocobo Unlocked

The points you earn each race is 11 - rank. So if you finished 1st you'd get 11 - 1 = 10 points. If you finished last you'd get 11 - 10 = 1 point.
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Chocobo Farm and Racetrack
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