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 Silvious the spider

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PostSubject: Silvious the spider   Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:06 pm

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Weight: 130

Age: 19

Hair Color: Dark Green

Eye Color: Black and has 8 of them

Skin Color: Green, Metalic Blue, orange, and dark green.

Personality: Playfull, Curious, morbid, secretive, keeps to himself, likes to ask questions,
and usually seems lighthearted.

Weakness: Aversion to swimming and wide open spaces and overly curious to the point of messing with something even though he shouldn't and probably laughs at the reults.

Profession: Weaver, tailor, and trader coming from a close-knit (heh) group of spiders who lived in the dense jungle on his homeworld who trades their webbing and hairs as fine goods.

Weapons: A hard wooden staff

Armor: None

Items: Clothes of various hues that were made in his home city. Knife from a rock, pack of various tools to weave and mend clothes.

Skills: Blunt Weapons, Tailoring, Stealth, Jumping / Leaping, and Communion With Nature


Fighting: Excellent
Agility: Excellent
Strength: Good
Endurance: Good
Reasoning: Good
Intuition: Incredible
Psyche: typical

Hit Points: 60
Mana: 56

Spells / Special Abilities:

Web making/ weaving: As a spider kin he can produce several differnt types of webbing strands to make intricate webs, ropes, clothes, and nets.

Urticating hair: (I would need a GM for this) hair on this guys body can be thrown defensivly as needles at an attacker for some (gm) damage.


Silvious is a young trader part of a clan of spiders(refered to as spider-kin) who live in the deep and dense parts of the southern jungles on his home world. Normally the recluse clan only comes out to the edges of the jungle to trade webbing, dyed webs, and quills that are shed, sometimes molten bodies are sold as armor. Their home sits in the densest part of the jungle that no other kins dare to enter due to rumors of them harboring giant and ancient spider-kins in it who through the years grew into monsterous beings for the good of the colony. Silvious was one of thirty young ones who were in the process of learning the multitude of trades that one would learn to keep the colony growing. Weaving, guarding, keeping the boundry, hunting, and how to trade.

Normally not an agressive species who retreat into the dense jungle when harm comes their way relying on the centeries old wood and decades of layered webbings to keep intruders out the peaceful life was rather... unfulfillying for Silvious who wanted to leave to explore the world of the other creatures they trade with such as the regal tiger-kin and snake-kin, the fierce wolf-kin who were at war with the equally ferocious lion-kin. His clan of spider-kin are a nuetral party in the war only trading goods, foods, medicine, and sometimes rarer weapons and artifacts when the trader is well known with them. Never the agressor's are these spider-kin and often they are not attacked by nations but by bandits. For if a nation is found attacking the Spider-kins then the neiboring spider-kins will no longer do trade with any other kins often leading to an almost immediate retribution since the market had need of the spider-kins intricit webs for both cloths and nets.

Silvious had a small bit of wonderlust growing in him as he was made to learn how to trade with the others on the border of the jungle. There he met a multitude of creatures and his ravenous curiosity grew. He was the most extroverted of his group quickly excelling at his trade. It was especially busy for the group as it was fishing season and the webs that the spider-kin made to trade with the fishers were water-insoluble. Often times bringing in extra from trades due to how well he could barter with the other kin. His training as a guard helped him learn more of the world becoming one of the staff hands who utilize the thick banches from the inner jungle as staves for defending their home. Never the agressor's are these spider-kin and often they are not attacked by nations but by bandits. For if a nation is found attacking the Spider-kins then the neiboring spider-kins will no longer do trade with any other kins often leading to an almost immediate retribution. His stave training was twofold one for the staves and the second for his extra limbs. The young ones would train on long stretches of thin branches (bout 6 inches wide) trying to knock the opponent off using staves and other tricks.

As he continued to train his eyes could not help but try to figure out the world outside as his curiosity had him leave the dense jungle for the edges more often then not being escorted back to the town by the edge guards. There was no hard rule on spider-kin's leaving home but they must have approval from the elders who allowed the young to venture out and return to bring in new skills, techniques, and wonders of the world. This is where Silvious's journey begins as he was the most eager to start on this transition. Now he get's ready to travel hoping to find wonders of the world he had heard so much about when trading with others.
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Silvious the spider
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