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 Kiohai Almos Valdin

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PostSubject: Kiohai Almos Valdin   Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:04 pm

Name: Kiohai Almos Valdin
Sex: Male
Species: Werewolf
Height: 5'11 human form 7'11 werewolf form
Weight: 130 human 500+ werewolf form
Age: lost track of
Age in appearance: early 20's
Hair Color: dark brown and wild
Eye Color: hazel, light brown green with blue on the outer rim
Skin Color: white with slight tan

Human looks like:


Personality: His personality is generally nice, curious, and for the most part caring. He talks like he is old man and often gets lost in thought when the past is brought up. Shameless and not caring to hide anything. Will be brutally honest though so don't ask him questions where you want a white lie. Tends to get angry when being ignored or having to repeat himself. Has a habit of being to upfront often getting him in trouble and acts a bit like a know it all.

Weakness: Alergen to a pure silver, often loosing himself in thought, easily distraccted
Profession: Wizard, librarian, realm traveler, and hot chocolate drinker.
Weapons: Just an old family dagger and a spell tome
Armor: none other than the clothes on his back
Items: spell tome, bag, journal, pencil, dagger, keys, and a pack of cards.
Skills: Acrobatics, Tumbling, Jumping / Leaping, Mystic and Occult Lore

Stats: Human / Werewolf

Fighting: Excellent / Remarkable
Agility:  Good / Remarkable
Strength: Typical / Good
Endurance: Good / Excellent

Reasoning: Remarkable / Remarkable
Intuition: Excellent / Remarkable
Psyche: Remarkable / Good

HP: 46 / 80
MP: 80

Spells / Special Abilities

Werewolf Downwind Scent
Cost: N/A
Uses: None
Description: +1 CS improvement to intuition checks involving scent.

Beginner Magic
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Does damage equal to casters Psyche -2CS. Agility to dodge.

Cost: 10MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Does damage equal to casters Psyche -1CS. Agility to dodge.

Shadow Magic
Shadow Minion ( Level 1 )
Cost: 5MP, returned when the tendril is returned to it's plane. If the tendril is destroyed in an attack or dispelled by magic, this MP is lost, and the caster also takes 5HP damage.
Uses: Psyche to learn, none otherwise.
Description: allows you to summon a shadow tendril from the plane of shadows. These tendrils can do basic tasks, but cannot fight. When destroyed or no longer needed, it will go back to the plane it came from. Learning this spell is required in order to use almost any of the other shadow skills. As such, any potential shadowmancer must prove they can communicate with the shadow realm before they can be taught any other ability. Level 1 mastery allows the control of a single tendril.
Special Conditions:
1. Limitations for the tendril: It can move any item up to a maximum of 10 pounds. Any Light attack aimed at the tendril will dispel it. Any physical attack of 10hp or more will dispel it. It has no defense roll. If the shadowmancer loses conciousness, the tendril will vanish.

Create Darkness
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Removes light from an area, plunging an area into darkness. At Circle 1 this can darken the average bedroom. Circle 2 a large living/dining room area. At Circle 3 it can darken an entire restaurant. Circle 4 and above this spell works outdoors during the daylight hours as long as there is at least some shadow coming from above, such as trees in a forest ( this will not work on an open beach for example ). This spell lasts for 1d5 minutes / rounds times the maximum Circle of the caster.

Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Allows the caster to blend in the with shadows, increasing their ability to hide. This increases a characters hide and steath rolls by 1CS on a green or higher, 2CS if they roll a red. At Circle 3 they can cast this spell on others, and the MP cost becomes zero only when casting on themself. This spell works until noticed or target moves out of the shadows.

Shadow Sight
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche if countered, see special conditions.
Description: Allows you to use the shadows to find the location of an idividual. You must have met and physically met the person in order for the shadows to search for them ( speaking on the phone is not sufficient ).
Special Conditions:
1. The target can be no more then a couple miles away from you. IE on the same island as you in the main world, or in the same city as you if on a different world.
2. Other shadowmancers, along with those aligned with Light or Darkness can, if they wish, counter this with a psyche roll. If they succeed you cannot spy on them again for the rest of the day.
3. A player can, if they so wish roll intuition to sense if they're being watched. Those with no alignment to the Light or the Dark need to however roll a red to notice this. Those of Light or Darkness can spot the eyes with a yellow due to the alteration in magic in that area. Other shadowmancers, being as how this is natural for them, need only roll a green.

Shadow Minion ( Level 2 )
Cost: 5MP per tendril, returned when the tendril is returned to it's plane. If a tendril is destroyed in an attack or dispelled by magic, this MP is lost, and the caster also takes 5HP damage.
Uses: Psyche to learn, none otherwise.
Description: Allows you to summon shadow tendrils from the plane of shadows. These tendrils can do basic tasks, but cannot fight. A physical attack with a weapon can dispel it and send it back to the plane it came from. Level 2 mastery allows the control of up to two tendrils.
Special Conditions:
1. Limitations for the tendrils: Working together, they can move any item up to a maximum of 25 pounds. Any Light attack aimed at a tendril will dispel it. Any physical attack of 10hp or more will dispel it. It has no defense roll. If the shadowmancer loses conciousness, the tendrils will vanish.

Shadow Step
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche if countered, none otherwise.
Description: Allows the caster to walk into the shadows and appear in another location. This location must be on the same world as them, and it has to be an area they have been to before. ( Exception: If they are currently spying on someone through Shadow Sight they can step to that location ). There must be shadows in the area for them to step out of, for example they cannot appear in the center of the beach at mid-day with the sun out, though they could if it was night-time or there was a shadow being cast in the area from a large umbrella or something similar. Shadowmancers, along with those of Light or Darkness, if they are in the immediate area of departure and arrival ( within 20 feet ) can roll to attempt to block this.

Mind Magic
Basic Illusion
Cost: 5MP per person being affected
Uses: Psyche ( If being challenged, typically minor pranks need not be rolled )
Description: Can make those around you see small things that do not exist are not really happening. For this level, examples could be a glass dancing across a table. Or a spoon singing such a high note said glass breaks. Nothing larger then a house cat, and no more then three items at a time. Can include sight and sound. Opponents roll psyche, any yellow roll disbelieves. In addition, trying to grab said illusion will break the illusion.
Special Conditions:
1. Must have at least Typical Psyche to attempt to disbelieve an illusion. Only one attempt is allowed unless the person rolling has at last remarkable psyche, then they can roll every round. Those with amazing psyche or, if the caster has amazing psche as well, one level higher then the caster, see through the illusion.

Telekinesis ( Basic )
Cost: 1MP / minute out of combat, 1MP / round in combat, per person or item ( only if used for more then 1 minute / round )
Uses: Psyche ( only if another person with mental abilities tries to target the same item )
Description: Allows the user to lift an object into the air and move it where they wish. User must be able to maintain eye-contact with the object at all times. Maximum weight of the item is 10 pounds. Maximum movement speed is Typical air speed.

Empathy ( Basic )
Cost: N/A
Uses: Psyche
Description: The mentalist attempts to sense, aided by a person's words, general demeanor, and their very top-most feelings, if they are being truthful or not. Once you reach circle 3, this does not have to be rolled for unless contested.

Telepathy ( Basic )
Cost: N/A
Uses: Psyche
Description: Allows the mentalist to talk to someone in their mind, or read someone's mind. The target has to be within visible range with no obstructions between the two. Do note that even if you just read their mind there is a chance a non-mentalist can sense someone in their mind ( roll psyche and get a yellow or highr ) though they will not know who did it. Once the mentalist reaches circle 4, it is impossible for a non-mentalist to know if someone is in their mind unless they speak or reveal themselves.
Special Considerations:
1. The mentalist is allowed 1 mental link per circle level they know in this skill. A roll must be made to esptablish it. A green roll is required for willing targets and yellow for unwilling.. Maximum range is 2 miles times the maximum circle known. At circle 2 this would be anywhere within the city of Oceandia itself.

Illusionary Attack
Cost: Varies
Uses: Psyche to contest, normal attack for weapon type
Description: The caster creates an illusionary weapon. Sword, shurikens, handgun, and so forth. Defender rolls normal combat defense. On a successful hit can roll psyche based on the rules below.
Special Conditions:
1. Those who have at least remarkable psyche can roll to disbelieve once per round. Those who have at least Typical psyche can roll to disbelieve once per battle. If you reach 0HP you can roll again to disbelieve or lose conciousness due to the 'shock' of your injuries to your system.
2. This is non-lethal damage. You cannot die from these attacks.
3. The caster can create how much dmage the attack does on creation, with the following limits:
- Circle 2: 2MP per hit, Typical damage
- Circle 3: 5MP per hit, Good damage
- Circle 4: 5MP per hit, Excellent damage
- Circle 5: 10MP per hit, Remarkable damage
- Circle 6: 20MP per hit, Amazing damage

Telekinesis ( Novice )
Cost: 1MP / minute out of combat, 1MP / round in combat, per person or item ( only if used for more then 1 minute / round )
Uses: Psyche ( only if another person with mental abilities tries to target the same item )
Description: Allows the user to lift an object into the air and move it where they wish. User must be able to maintain eye-contact with the object at all times. Maximum weight of the item is 50 pounds. Maximum movement speed is Typical air speed. Can also throw an object up to the limits of Telekinesis ( Minor ) in an attack. Attack roll is Psyche, defense is agility. Deals Good physical damage for purposes of damage absorbtion.

Fire Magic
Burning Hands
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Creates a firey aura around target's hands. This fire does not harm them, but instead adds +1CS damage to any unarmed attack. This spell lasts 1 round on white, 2 on green, 3 on yellow. On a red roll, all successful strikes also add 1d6 damage.

Ice Magic
Create Snowball
Cost: 5MP
Uses: None unless resisted, then Psyche
Description: Creates one snowball times the level of the caster. Besides the obvious use for these, these magical snowballs can be thrown at fire element people and creatures. Attack and defense is both agillity. If it hits it does Good damage ( elemental modifiers do not count for this attack ) and they must roll endurance. On a green or lower endurance roll it also reduces their fire spells by 1CS for a period based on the initial attack: 1 round on white or green, 2 on yellow, 3 on red.
Special Considerations:
1. While the spell takes up a casters turn, the snowballs last 5 rounds. They can be thrown on their next turn with the usual combat penalties for multiple attacks.
2. A player or creature can only be under the weakening effect of one enchanted snowball at a time.

Frost Shield
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Attacks do 1CS less damage to the caster. Any attack that does less then Typical damage is negated completely. A fire attack that would do at least Excellent damage after modifiers melts the shield. Lasts one round on a white, two on a green, three on a yellow. On a red roll, damage is reduced by 2CS and the first Excellent fire attack only reduces the shield's power by 1CS, it would take a second to destroy it.

Ice Sculpting
Cost: 10MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Makes a figure out of ice. While pretty but otherwise useless on it's own, other magical people or schools may be able to animate this as a temporary golem ( Such as necromancy, for example ). The stats of such a golem will be up to GM discretion.

History:Kio was born on earth 2 to the parents of almos and his wife.where at four years he was brutally separated from them by an attack group sent by the evil sorceress jenshia. He took to wondering after that becoming a skilled thief till a high mage caught him. Instead of killing him or selling him he took a liking to the young lycan and taught him the basics of magic before passing away. Kio went back to thieving shortly after his mentors death causing greater trouble with his new found skills. When he was 17 he was caught stealing from a mob boss who was going to kill him for fun. He happend to be saved by Avilair and Lon who where a pair of traveling mercenaries from a village called earthsky. After helping them and their group take out the mob boss he took to traveling with the two. While they where traveling a romance started between Kio and Lon and shortly after a few weeks of travel they started dating. A few months after that and Once the group was strong enough they tried to take out Jensia who was going to resurrect a god and take her powers. When they got there she was just about to finish her ritual as it was done on the full moon meaning that the group of lycans where at their strongest but it was a trap. She succeeded her ritual after rending the group of their strength and then as she started to tear the planet apart for more power killing the guardians of that world Kiohai attempted to cast a teleport spell to save everyone but he failed and was cast unto a new world.(room died)

Kio found himself on the world of immarel with little to no memory of his previous life save for the dagger he had. He was found by a group of slavers and sold into slavery. He was taken and traveled by them for several months until he was bought by a sadistic wizard named Mazari. Mazari took Kio and made him a servant to use and abuse any means possible. The two years under Mazari was horrible and Kio tried to kill himself multiple times failing every time, the most evident is the scar left from his attempted hanging that is now covered barely by anything he wears. He finally was able to flee the mansion he was in fleeing down the road. He found himself later in the city of sundown where he was mildly welcomed with open arms to the whispering raven inn. He took to refuge behind here till he met another werewolf who became the new alpha of the two who went by the name of Lukas. Mazari would come by multiple times to find Kio leaving off gifts while Kio was out working or with the new group of adventure's he befriended. Then one day the two ended up running into eachother and with the help of his new friends killed Mazari after a long battle. Afterwords Kio took Mazari's house and claimed it as his own living there and learning much of his magic from the books that Mazari had left behind. A few weeks later he met Prince, A young weretiger, and the two took off with a bumpy start as friends that later turned into a relationship. This was mainly due to the fact of Kio's memory from earth two was returning rather slowly. This only got worse when Lon returned causing many fights in the inn and at home. Kio after Lon convinced prince to stay stopped going to the Whispering raven for he felt he didn't need to bring the other people who had been nice to him his drama. (room died)

Now that he receded into the mansion all the time to work on his magic he ended up turning it into a place for him and his lover(s). After a year or two it turned into the tower where Kio began to travel to a multitude of planes making his age untraceable. After that people who needed help began to appear in the tower where Kio happily helped them. This group included, Dema, Meeya (different from earth II), Gwen, Feralis (different from DW and FI), and a few others. One who in particular was Avilair who showed up after a fight between Kio, Prince, and Lon. He was informed that Lon helped Avilair ascend by killing him when they where separated thanks to Kio but his powers where failing due to Jeanshia continuously draining the planet. He came by wanting to warn Kio and Lon that she was after any survivors of Earth II so that she could kill them or use them for slaves. Kio using his powers to make them as untraceable as he possibly could from her as He moved the tower into a pocket dimension. Kio allowed something to happen that he regrets to this day and that was he let Avilair die so that he and Lon could live even though Avilair said it was ok and he did not mind doing this for them. Shortly afterwords the three who lived in the tower began to fight as Kio began to get mad at every little thing and pick up drinking. In a rage at the two of them for scarring off all of their friends he decided that forcing them to stay with them while he was like that was not fair and evicted them giving them a nice home on a new planet and moving on from them.(room died/rebooted)

He took to traveling then going to a small town on the edge of an evil forest. He would meet a number of friends in this paranoid town who looked at everything as a regard of evil. He hid his being as best as he could as he worked on his magic there but it was unstable due to the nature of the world. He met a Lamia who was named Day who gave him a job and a place to stay while he was there helping him understand the world as he worked with the group there to keep the town safe from whatever the forest surrounding them felt like throwing at them. Sadly this feeble attempt at safety did not last long as the forest encroached upon the town and swallowed it causing Kio to start drifting again.(room died)

He then found himself on a floating citadel that was once a the strongest mage facility in the land but one day all the people who lived there died. Day was there now working on turning the place into a University for Magicians. He decided to stay there and help her out seeing as she was the closest thing to a family he has at this point. He worked for her as the general jack of all trades and librarian. He grew even more powerful and even got his familiar a small spider named Wolfrik who was supposed to be there since Kio first started learning magic but he never was taught how to summon him. Together he and Day dealt with the day to day things of running the school until they had to start protecting the place. They would end up fighting slimes, whales, the golem who controlled the place named Alise, a chaos mage and what ever else felt like attacking them. He often returns here after traveling to various places. (ongoing) (there was a Feralis on this place to that was from the town surrounded by the forest)

He would get abducted from his tower by a machine made for a real live chess person getting himself pulled into an inter-dimensional war on a universal scale. His tower would be lost in the darkness that was consuming the universe. He then began to help the side he was on making many more friends and a love interest with a male starchild who went by the name of pisces although he originally was only in it for his tower. Kio helps them out till he gets his tower back...(only short cause this is still ongoing.) (New Meeya on this place)

Once he finally got back to working in the Library at the magic university he was visited by a self proclaimed demon king who only wanted to use him for his blood. He was saved from him by another demon and found himself in yet another war albeit on a smaller scale. He resided on the Island helping out everyone that he can as he travels between there and the magic university. (ongoing) (New Feralis on this place)
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Kiohai Almos Valdin
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