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Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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 Valaine Reaver of Souls

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PostSubject: Valaine Reaver of Souls   Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:37 pm

Name: Valaine Soulreaver
Sex: Female
Species: Human (in appearance)
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110lbs
Age: 100
Age in appearance: 30 ish
Hair Color: White (Platinum Blonde)/Black
Eye Color: Green/Red
Skin Color: very pale
Personality: Very calm and serene, often keeps to herself but always has time to help out others. Not the standard type of Necromancer people might expect. However if people harm her step brother or close friends, she becomes very agitated and will do everything she can to protect them. She has a code of honour she tries to live by, though it differs slightly to her brothers code. She jokes a lot about death related aspects, partly to make herself feel better about her awful life.
Weakness: People in distress especially children or women, closed spaces such as windowless rooms or cells, Dementia, Anger
Profession: Necromancer
Weapons: Whip
Items: metal tin of keepsakes, hidden where only she knows the place.
Skills: Astral Projection - Can move your mental form to another location to speak with another or to investigate an area. As it's just your spiritual body, you will not be able to physically interact with anything.
Acrobatics - Flips, cartwheels, somersaults, walking on hands, and so on. +1 CS to Agility for use. Can be applied to aid in defending rolls by unarmed characters as long as it is not a crowded or cramped situation.
Cooking - Know how to make the best gumbo. +1 CS to reasoning.
Tailoring - Knows how to make the latest fashions. +1 CS to reasoning.
Fighting: Typical / Excellent
Agility: Excellent / Excellent
Strength: Good / good
Endurance: Excellent / Remarkable
Reasoning: Excellent / Excellent
Intuition: Excellent / Excellent
Psyche: Excellent / Incredible
(Years of mental torment have reduced Valaine's mental psyche from Remarkable. She has a stat of Remarkable for the purposes of magic)
Flying speed after transformation: Good ( 200lb  load limit )

Hit Points: 56 / 80
Mana: 60
Spells / Special Abilities:
Valaine has a demonic entity buried within her, under plenty of mental controls. The entity is a very big known demon in the plane she comes from, but lies dormant within Valaine. She was forced into Valaine when Dementia split Valaine's soul and tried to pull her soul out. Dementia thought she had summoned the demon, but in reality the demon names Maazaenira Iexis came to Valaine's aid on her own. No one knows the reasons behind this, but the demon found herself bound into Valaine and was being controlled by an astral collar.
Over the years of abuse Valaine received, the demon has grown harsh and has little to no self control or morals. She looks very similar to Valaine, but has larfge black bat like wings, jet black hair with blood red streaks in it and completely black eyes. She wears dark looking blood red and black clothing decorated with spikes, bones and skulls.
She only tends to show if Valaine's life is being threatened, and feels that Valaine is being overwhelmed. Sometimes she can appear when those close to Valaine are also being attacked.
Bond with Shadow:
Valaine has an unusual bond with the shadows, due to the shadow being bound inside her. As such, the shadows treat her more favourably than most other shadowmancers. She has also acquired a faithful companion that is part death magic and part shadow magic, the faithfull hellhound. Unlike a true hellhound, this beast is not truly a living being, though it can be hurt and will be harmed. It is neither a shadow being nor a hellhound, as it was created through demonic means. The beast will protect Valaine at all costs, even at the cost of it's unlife. Once it has taken enough damage to knock it out, the beast will evaporate back to a non-corporeal state and return to it's own plane. If it takes enough to outright kill it, the beast will immediately return to its own plane and then spent time being reborn.
Mind Magic:
Telepathy basic
Empathy basic
Shadow 1st Circle:
Create Darkness
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Removes light from an area, plunging an area into darkness. At Circle 1 this can darken the average bedroom. Circle 2 a large living/dining room area. At Circle 3 it can darken an entire restaurant. Circle 4 and above this spell works outdoors during the daylight hours as long as there is at least some shadow coming from above, such as trees in a forest ( this will not work on an open beach for example ). This spell lasts for 1d5 minutes / rounds times the maximum Circle of the caster.
Shadow 2nd Circle:
Shadow Step
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche if countered, none otherwise.
Description: Allows the caster to walk into the shadows and appear in another location. This location must be on the same world as them, and it has to be an area they have been to before. ( Exception: If they are currently spying on someone through Shadow Sight they can step to that location ). There must be shadows in the area for them to step out of, for example they cannot appear in the center of the beach at mid-day with the sun out, though they could if it was night-time or there was a shadow being cast in the area from a large umbrella or something similar. Shadowmancers, along with those of Light or Darkness, if they are in the immediate area of departure and arrival ( within 20 feet ) can roll to attempt to block this.
Special Conditions:
1. You can take one passenger with you for each circle you have in Shadow Magic beyond two. For example a circle three Shadowmancer can take 1 passenger, a circle four can take 2 passengers, etc. Each passenger increases the cost of the spell by 5MP.
Necromancy 1st Circle:
Minor Life Curse
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Deals typical damage every round. Opponent rolls endurance to resist this spell. Spell lasts 1d2 rounds minimum. Every turn after, the target must roll the same color of the curse ( red needs only a yellow roll ) or takes Typical damage again. There is no resistance to this spell.
See The Great Beyond
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Allows the caster to see nearby spirits and incorpreal beings. Also allows the caster to see through illusions if they beat the illusionist's roll. Once the caster knows at least one spell in the fourth circle, this spell becomes the equivilent to Astral Sight, has it's mana cost removed, and a roll is only required if something is impairing the caster's access to the Astral Plane.
Necromancy 2nd Circle:
Spell Curse
Cost: 10MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Causes Typical damage every time a spell is cast by target. Target is unable to heal themself while this spell is active. Spell can only be removed through Purify, Transfer Curse, or Remove Curse.
Necromancy 3rd Circle:
Drain Life
Cost 15MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Drains HP from one living target. Steals Remarkable amount of health, half on green, quarter on white. WARNING: Caster must declare if they are going to prevent someone from being drained to the threshold of death.
Biography: Valaine was born to a powerful necromancer father, who already had a daughter from the same woman. Dementia was the daughters name and she was already 3 years old when Valaine was born. Valaine isn't sure what happened to her mother, though she is sure that she is no longer alive. She has tried to contact her mothers spirit to no avail over the years. Her father tried to mould Valaine into another powerful necromancer, but she didn't have quite the aptitude for it that Dementia did. Valaine wanted to study spirits, where her father had her learning curses and how to kill people by draining their life. This made her very uncomfortable from an early age, and she tried to stop learning. This only made both her father and sister very angry.
Her father tired of the constant questioning during his lessons, so he told Dementia to take control of her sisters learning. He didn't care how it was done, just get her to learn the magic. Dementia happily obliged and set about getting Valaine to learn. She would also practice her magic on Valaine, to show her how the life would be taken from someone or how the curses felt. Valaine was tormented and tortured all the years she was with her family. Her step brother Eldred arrived shortly after, and he was close to the same age as her. He would often take Dementia's anger on himself, protecting Valaine from it. Dementia was often fairly brutal with Eldred, as she didn't consider him to be true family.
Valaine and Eldred finally set about a plan to escape, and on Valaine's 17th birthday, they enacted it. They escaped to a distant place far from her fathers rule. Valaine however, became separated from her brother during the journey. She was able to contact him through a dream, where she let him know she was safe.
She set about making a life for herself. She had been taught to cook, clean and sew from her sister, who had treated her as nothing more than a glorified servant. So Valaine found work with these skills, and forgave her sister and father. She thought she had found peace, until one terrible night. Her sister found her, and bound her spirit so she couldn't warn anyone. Dementia killed all the villagers, and through the astral chains she'd placed on Valaine, she forced her to do the same. Valaine was sickened by feeling all the death, and part of her mind comparmentalised to protect her. Dementia dragged Valaine back to the family home, making her kill and learn curses on the way.
Dementia made Valaine assist in capturing Eldred when they went after him. Once they had Eldred, Dementia took them back to the family home again to torment them. She made Valaine into her personal slave and servant, using her collar to force her to do things. During one event when Dementia was tormenting Valaine, her soul was split in two. A demonic being was then fused with Valaine and became locked to her spirit, granting her more command and powers in the shadow realm. The demon was a high ranking member of the plane she was dragged from, and thus she has a lot of power in the shadow plane.
Dementia controlled and used the demon to further her own gains. Using the astral collar, she caused immense pain and suffering to the demon, threatening and using light magic on her to force her to do Dementia's bidding. Eventually Dementia and other powerful mentalists put enough mental blocks in to control Valaine, that it locked down the demon inside. Valaine was eventually able to free herself of Dementia's control through the help of Hinoe and others.
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Valaine Reaver of Souls
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