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Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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 Group Files and Mission Statements

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PostSubject: Group Files and Mission Statements   Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:34 pm

Island Defense Force
The Island Defense Force is one of several groups whose job is to protect the island from hostile threats. Of the groups out there, it is one of the three main groups, and the only group that is financially backed by the island government.

The IDF was officially founded in 2009. Previous to this, there had been many small groups that dealt with the occasional incursion to the island by hostile forced. One particularly deadly attack took the lives of many island residents. Outraged the various groups charged through the portal to the enemy's base to seek revenge. The various groups had no decided leadership and each went about things their own way. As a result the various factions were easily out maneuvered and most of the forces did not return alive. There is a monument near city hall in memorial of this incident.

It was decided there needed to be some central leadership and the remnants of those groups formed the IDF. It's primary focus is the defending of Fantasy Island and the other nearby islands from any threats that attempt to take over, harm it's people and similar actions, that come from other worlds. For the most part, threats such as muggings, shoplifters, and murderers, are left to the local police, unless they request assistance or the threat is more powerful then they would typically be able to handle.

In rare situations, the IDF also goes on the offensive. If there is a group from another world that is constantly attacking, they may be forced to make a move to eliminate their base of operations.. the IDF does not condone killing if it can be avoided, preferring the people who attack the citizens of this island stand for their crimes, but understand sometimes it is unavoidable.

Those who work with the IDF get free room and board at the Seventh Heaven for as long as they are a member. In addition, they get a small stipend to assist with purchasing anything they require, with additional payments if they are called to do special assignments or off-world duties.. Businesses understand sometimes IDF members need to leave work to assist with issues, so having an actual job while on the IDF is not a problem most of the time.

Previous Leaders:
Sarros Salazar: September 2009 - January 2010. Original leader and founder of the IDF. Resigned once the group was fully formed and functional to mourn the loss of his fiancee, who perished in the failed counter-attack that caused the IDF's founding.

Hinoe Lightwind: January 2010 - February 2011. A kind leader, often faced criticism from the public that she was too lenient towards enemy forces that would attack. Was forcefully removed from leadership after refusing to attack a Magekian Group base. It was later learned this base was populated with civilians, not military forces. Has since gone into retirement and does not participate in IDF missions.

Sarros Salazar: March 2011 - July 2013. Was asked to return after the removal of Hinoe to restructure and rebuild the IDF into a full-sized combat unit to deal with new, increasingly threatening groups. Far more harsh then Hinoe, he is well respected by IDF members, but typically not liked. A commander who prefers to be on the front lines then at a desk, he had increasing health problems in later months, with a heart attack ending Salazar's leadership.

Shayla Jackson: July 2013 - Febuary 2015. Upon he removal of Sarros due to health reasons, The assistant to the Chief of Staff was assigned to take his place. Though lacking in confidence at first, Shayla was quickly trusted among many members. Leading the IDF on many missions, she stepped down in February of 2015 at the request of Larsa to take another position elsewhere.

Darku Xafel: January 2014 - Present. At the insistence of Larsa, a second leader was assigned to handle the many issues the IDF was handling. Darku is a feirce leader, with a compassionate side she lets only a few see. Eventually coming the full commissioner, She may be the most level-headed leader the IDF has had. She has gone through many scandals, including her assistant leader using IDF resources for personal vendettas, but has somehow managed to weather the storm and kept the IDF on course. Now with threats fro Madame Forska and Monster Island becoming a more dangerous threat to the island, the IDF is needed more then ever.
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Group Files and Mission Statements
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