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Where to find us
Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:55 pm by SgtSarros
New players who want to join the RPG can join us at , and joining the channel #fantasy-ooc

If you do not have your own IRC client you can go to and click chat now. to go to for their IRC client.

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 Rowan the Wolfish Hunter

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PostSubject: Rowan the Wolfish Hunter   Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:28 pm

Name: Rowan Wolfsheart
Sex: Female
Species: Altered Human
Height: 5'7
Weight: 130lbs
Age: Approximately 3000 years
Age in appearance: 27
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Tan
Personality: She is a quiet woman who loves animals and nature. She dislikes people a lot, though doesn't seem to want to harm them. However, if people threaten her, her friends or her animals and glade, then she will do everything in her power to protect and defend. Loyal to those she trusts and cares about, though she can come across as being rather cold hearted and hard natured.
Weakness: Anyone who hurts/kills animals or destroys nature, being in small spaces, fire (large fires)
Profession: Woodland Defender
Weapons: Bow and arrow, staff/spear
Armor: Leather
Skills: Herbalism - +1 CS to Intuition to finding herbs, and +1 CS to Reasoning for indentifying herbs for various purpses, including but not limited to medicinal or poison making.
Weapons Specialist - +1 CS to Fighting or Agility, covers all weapons. Counts as two skills.
Tracker - Able to find footprints of people or creatures in some areas and lead them towards who they are trying to find. +1 CS to Intuition.
Hunter - Skills at sneaking up on game and shooting them. Gains stealth for purposes of hunting animals only, as well as tracking and expert aim. Gains Tracker for animal tracks only. Any animal successfully snuck up on you gain a +1 CS to shooting.
Communion With Nature - The animals and creatures of the forest consider you to be one with them, and you are naturally aware of everything around you in the forest. +1 to Intuition rolls in the forest, and +1 to reasoning to trying to calm an angry animal.
Description: She is usually in a dark cloak, dark brown skirt and a blouse,. She has a twisted wooden staff in her hand carved with celtic runes. She also has several leather thongs, the items hanging from them hidden beneath her shirt. Her body is covered in ornate celtic tattoos of various markings and important runes.
Stats: Stats: Human / Wolf
F Remarkable / Excellent
A Remarkable / Excellent
S Excellent / Typical
E Excellent / Remarkable
R Excellent
I Remarkable / Incredible
P Incredible
HP: 100 / 76
MP: 90
Running Speed: Typical as human, Excellent as wolf
Swimming Speed: Feeble as human, Poor as wolf
Spells / Special Abilities:
Clinging Vines
Cost: 2MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Opponent rolls agility. If caught, opponent rolls their strength vs poor to break free. If they fail to break free, they are at -2CS to fighting and agility until they do so. Flying characters are immune. Characters with good or higher strength break free automatically.

Communication with Animals
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Reasoning/Psyche ( whichever is higher )
Description: Allows you to speak to forest creatures such as deer, foxes, wolves and more for one hour. Once you learn your first fourth circle spell, cost becomes none and a roll is only required when something is resisting it.
Companion to Animals
Cost: 10MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Can turn any hostile animal into an ally, convincing it that the caster is one with the forest and will not harm them. This spell will only work on non-sentient animals and is broken only when the animal is harmed or if the spell is released.
 Blessing of the Hunter
Cost: 15 MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: On a green roll, grants a +1CS bonus to attacking with a bow or crossbow within a forest or jungle area. If targetting game such as a moose or deer for purposes of consumption, this bonus increases to +2CS. On a yellow roll, this bonus increases to +2/+4. On a red roll, this also grants a +1CS damage bonus, regardless of target.
Attunement to the Elements
Cost: 5MP for spell, 1MP per bolt
Uses: Psyche
Description: Changes the magic arrows in her bow to fire one of the three elements ( Fire, Lightning, Magic ) at her choosing. Effects are based on initial roll only, and affects all future rolls for the remainder of the spell. This spell can only be cast once an hour, otherwise the magical infusion could destroy her weapon. You cannot attack on the same turn you cast this spell.
Red: +2CS damage to opposite alignment, Critical-Hit damage is also doubled. Normal damage to same alignment.
Yellow: +2CS damage opposite alignment. -1CS damage to same alignment.
Green: +1CS damage opposite alignment. -2CS damage to same alignment.
White: Failure, can try again next turn.
Biography: Rowan doesn't talk too much about herself, though she has been around for centuries, protecting her glade and animals. Once she was the leader of a fierce band of warriors who roamed the uk patrolling the glades, protecting the vulnerable and keeping animals safe. That came to an end, and it is rumoured that she is the last of these protectors to live now. She doesn't talk about what happened to the others, nor does she talk much about herself.
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Rowan the Wolfish Hunter
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