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 Passion (Belia) Morales

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PostSubject: Passion (Belia) Morales   Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:16 pm

Name: Belia “Passion” Morales

Sex: Female
Species: Succubus
Height: 6’
Weight: 148 lbs
Age: 1,930
Age in appearance: 30
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White

Personality: Damaged.  There is little other way to describe Passion.  She used to have the most intelligent mind of the entire clan, and most of their home world, but due to her tribulations she has been broken in every sense of the word, barely put back together enough to function normally.

Weakness: Loud sudden noises, any kind of touch, green hair, any drink except water, bright light, raised voices….
Profession: Housekeeping

Stealth - +1 CS to Agility for moving in shadows or keeping silent to avoid people or sneak up on them. Certain situations may negate this ability.
Artist - +1CS to drawing pictures. This can be by paint, computer artistry, or even colored pencils or crayons. Only needs to be rolled when attempting to make a 'masterpiece' or work that could be worth a large amount of money if done right.

Fighting: Feeble
Agility: Excellent
Strength: Poor
Endurance: Amazing
Reasoning: Remarkable
Intuition: Good
Psyche: Typical ( Has icnredible magic power, but her psyche was destroyed through decades of torture and is slowly rebuiding herself. )

Hit Points: 76
Mana: 44

Spells / Special Abilities:

Shadow Minion ( Level 1 )
Cost: 5MP, returned when the tendril is returned to it's plane. If the tendril is destroyed in an attack or dispelled by magic, this MP is lost, and the caster also takes 5HP damage.
Uses: Psyche to learn, none otherwise.
Description: allows you to summon a shadow tendril from the plane of shadows. These tendrils can do basic tasks, but cannot fight. When destroyed or no longer needed, it will go back to the plane it came from. Learning this spell is required in order to use almost any of the other shadow skills. As such, any potential shadowmancer must prove they can communicate with the shadow realm before they can be taught any other ability. Level 1 mastery allows the control of a single tendril.
Special Conditions:
1. Limitations for the tendril: It can move any item up to a maximum of 10 pounds. Any Light attack aimed at the tendril will dispel it. Any physical attack of 10hp or more will dispel it. It has no defense roll. If the shadowmancer loses conciousness, the tendril will vanish.

Create Darkness
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Removes light from an area, plunging an area into darkness. At Circle 1 this can darken the average bedroom. Circle 2 a large living/dining room area. At Circle 3 it can darken an entire restaurant. Circle 4 and above this spell works outdoors during the daylight hours as long as there is at least some shadow coming from above, such as trees in a forest ( this will not work on an open beach for example ). This spell lasts for 1d5 minutes / rounds times the maximum Circle of the caster.

Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Allows the caster to blend in the with shadows, increasing their ability to hide. This increases a characters hide and steath rolls by 1CS on a green or higher, 2CS if they roll a red. At Circle 3 they can cast this spell on others, and the MP cost becomes zero only when casting on themself. This spell works until noticed or target moves out of the shadows.

Shadow Sight
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche if countered, see special conditions.
Description: Allows you to use the shadows to find the location of an idividual. You must have met and physically met the person in order for the shadows to search for them ( speaking on the phone is not sufficient ).
Special Conditions:
1. The target can be no more then a couple miles away from you. IE on the same island as you in the main world, or in the same city as you if on a different world.
2. Other shadowmancers, along with those aligned with Light or Darkness can, if they wish, counter this with a psyche roll. If they succeed you cannot spy on them again for the rest of the day.
3. A player can, if they so wish roll intuition to sense if they're being watched. Those with no alignment to the Light or the Dark need to however roll a red to notice this. Those of Light or Darkness can spot the eyes with a yellow due to the alteration in magic in that area. Other shadowmancers, being as how this is natural for them, need only roll a green.

Cost: None
Uses: Excellent
Description: Using your connection to one of your tendrils, you can send it to rse up fro the ground around an enemy's ankle to trap them in place. Opponents roll agility. If caught, opponents are at -2 to acts until they are free, and cannot run or fly away. Opponents already floating off the ground cannot be targetted. Those with less then Typical or lower strength need to roll strength vs Typical to break free. Those with Good strength can break free on their turn automatically. Those with excellent or higher strength break free on their first act and do not take any penalties.

Shadow Step
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche if countered, none otherwise.
Description: Allows the caster to walk into the shadows and appear in another location. This location must be on the same world as them, and it has to be an area they have been to before. ( Exception: If they are currently spying on someone through Shadow Sight they can step to that location ). There must be shadows in the area for them to step out of, for example they cannot appear in the center of the beach at mid-day with the sun out, though they could if it was night-time or there was a shadow being cast in the area from a large umbrella or something similar. Shadowmancers, along with those of Light or Darkness, if they are in the immediate area of departure and arrival ( within 20 feet ) can roll to attempt to block this.


Belia Morales was the one who had created the technique for binding bits of the clan’s souls to their home to ensure they are never truly killed.  While this backfired in a horrible incident, it was a sound set-up for a ten year old to come up with.  Like her other siblings, she was given a nickname to suit her personality. Passion was created for the soul purpose of giving empathy to the group of demons who called themselves the Morales clan, once Emilio and Angel left the children for unknown reasons.

Belia, Deltora and Rebecca were indivisible for the longest time, always winding up meeting and staging parties for their friends and relatives when possible.  It was during one of these “outings” when things took a turn for the worst for her.  A simple mission to scout out some new hunting grounds took them to a secluded island that was used as a staging ground for an invasion that was going on beneath the noses of the locals.  In a school setting, aliens and monsters of all kinds were given sacrifices of young girls to use for whatever ends they wished.

Being what they were, the girls adapted and blended in to the school setting, yet they were always the most disruptive.  Once the headmaster found out, he ordered them captured and killed.  Vampi and Justice were able to hold their own, Justice eliminating the headmaster’s guard while Vampi took on the headmaster directly. Yet, in the fallout of the attack, contact with Belia ceased and she was presumed dead.

Far from such, Passion had been captured and subdued, kept in a drug-induced state as she was tortured for years on end.  One form of torture would make her beg for death, only to be replaced by a new form entirely that redefined what the demoness considered to be pain.  Her body, soul, and mind were all taxed to the fullest extent, healed, and then assaulted again by an entire menagerie of filth aiming to do nothing but make her beg for death, which she did for the first few months.  After that, she fell silent, and didn’t speak again.

Word spread how the siblings were broken up, and the time came when Emilio Morales came looking for his daughter.  Finding her in the condition he had sent him in to a rage.  The island was turned red with the tide of bloodletting that the enraged incubi warrior brought on and in the end, nothing was left alive save for him, and Belia, who he collected and took to a recovery center for humans who’d been through traumatic experiences.  They may not have been able to help her but he had faith in her strength, and left her there to be cared for by people who wouldn’t hurt her. That he saw to personally.

It wasn’t until years later did she even begin speaking again, or functioning at all.  She would stare up at the ceiling of her room, unable to close her eyes from the visions that lay behind her eyelids.  Unable to sleep because the force of the nightmares would send her in to an inescapable panic for upwards of the next day and a half. Screaming, violent fits slowly gave way to calm resignation.  With the calm, came the last flicker of strength left in her.

Much like her other siblings, she redefined herself.  She behaved, and lived, as a human.  The only times she fed, she was delivered small vials of essence by the shadows that had once served her so well, but were now beyond her grasp.  There is little she doesn’t fear, but she is growing stronger by the day and has managed to be out in the sunlight for the first time in ages.  She busies herself with helping the maids of the “hospital” clean the rooms and set up for events, none of them the wiser about her dark nature, or the power her mind once held that is waiting to be unlocked.
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Passion (Belia) Morales
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