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Raymond Fuller: Chubby Tasmanian Devil EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
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 Raymond Fuller: Chubby Tasmanian Devil

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Raymond Fuller: Chubby Tasmanian Devil Empty
PostSubject: Raymond Fuller: Chubby Tasmanian Devil   Raymond Fuller: Chubby Tasmanian Devil EmptySun Oct 22, 2017 12:52 am

Name: Raymond Fuller
Sex: Male
Species: Anthropomorphic Tasmanian Devil
Height: 3'3" (<1m)
Weight: 80lb (~42 kg)
Age in appearance: Adult for his species
Hair Color: fur is Black, with a white V stripe on his chest
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Pink (under fur)
Personality: Raymond is excitable and adventurous. His personality is outgoing, and has wit and charm that allows him to keep good friends for long periods. He is prone to outbursts of anger. He is very practical, and would rather use his hands than to think out the problem, but not overly so.
Weakness: Raymond loves sweet foods and decorated paper. He adores them both. As for physical weaknesses, he is short and easily kept away and generally isn't considered a 'fighter', lacking experience.
Profession: cake artist and floating candy demonstrator.
Weapons: claw and bite attacks
Armor: none
Items: Little backpack with necessities. A few pairs of clothes.
Skills: cooking (desserts), paper arts and crafts, knowledge candies and desserts, business, magic: paper folding/moving/unfolding.

Fighting: poor
Agility: poor
Strength: good
Endurance: good
Reasoning: typical
Intuition: typical
Psyche: good

Running Speed: 3/4 that of human
Flying Speed: N/A
Swimming Speed: 1/2 that of human

Hit Points: 28
Mana: 22

Spells / Special Abilities:
Paper manipulation
A skill that came about soon after age 7, Raymond was suddenly able to fold and unfold paper without the need to actually touch it. Since then, he has almost perfected this little cosmetic magic trick, and utilises it as much as he can.

Raymond can fold and unfold paper and paper like materials all the way up to thin clothes, at which point, the effectiveness of the ability drops sharply. With clever use of particular folding and unfolding motions, Raymond can make the paper seem to move of its own will. He can also make paper move slightly, but it cannot lift up off the ground with this ability.

Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche on learning, none otherwise.
Description: Heals an amount equal to Psyche -2CS in hp or 6hp, whichever is greater.

See The Great Beyond
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Allows the caster to see nearby spirits and incorpreal beings. Also allows the caster to see through illusions if they beat the illusionist's roll. Once the caster knows at least one spell in the fourth circle, this spell becomes the equivilent to Astral Sight, has it's mana cost removed, and a roll is only required if something is impairing the caster's access to the Astral Plane.

Clay Homunculus
Cost: 10mp + 10hp
Uses: Psyche
Description: Creates a small mindless servant with limited stats. The servant will only obey the person who created it. Has Typical in FASE stats, Feeble RIP stats. On a green roll can improve one stat one level. On a yellow can improve three stats one level. On a red can improve all stats one level. The improved stats must be mentioned immeditely after the dice roll. Lasts until destroyed or dispelled. If given no orders in combat it will use it's turns shielding the caster from attack.
Special Conditions:
1. Must be in an area where clay form the ground is easily obtainable ( this spell will not work in a concrete parking lot or on an yacht, for example )
2. Caster may only have 1 pet at a time.


Raymond was born to parents that just couldn't keep him. After a few months, they left him at an orphanage to be raised and cared for. People considered adopting him, but his aggression tied in with a lack of keeping up with his physical need seemed too much for many people. Thankfully, he was adopted into an average human family when he was six. He was old enough to know he was adopted, and tried exceptionally hard as any six year old could to please his family. This lead to some interesting gifts which were... Difficult for his family to accept. It became more interesting when his quirk or little bit of innate magic started to show. That led to gifts that his parents liked and admired a lot better.

His sleeping patterns made it almost impossible to spend time with him during the day, or send him to public schooling. Even more so, his unique medical needs compared to a human. Raymond even hid some of his problems, just so he wouldn't get sent back.

Oddly enough, his parents had another child. Raymond was a big brother. A couple years later, Raymond, and Tyler got to have a sister as well Stephanie. They grew up and loved Raymond to bits, even when they were starting to grow taller than him. Raymond got absolutely spoilt by riding on Tyler's back and getting children's tickets to places by accident.

Finally, Raymond decided that he needed to support his parents a bit easier, so after home schooling, he would apply for late night positions in fast food and diners. It was hard to accommodate for Raymond's small size in a stereotypically human or human height city, but Raymond eventually succeeded. He worked in an ice-creamery, and he worked hard. He was especially delighted to be able to have ice-cream as a staff incentive for high sales and used his paper magic, or 'paper quirk' to gain an audience, and highest suggestive sales, along with free ice cream to show for it. Soon, he was researching more into what makes people love desserts, and even attempting to make his own ice-cream at home.

Sadly, soon after finishing schooling, the company sold and Raymond was let go. He found another job in a slightly more home-made style combination cakes, candy and ice cream shop. After charismatically charming the owners with his acquired knowledge, he was hired casually, then worked his way to full time work. Through this, he learnt how to make candy, tips, tricks, and a new passion, cake decorating. Just like in his old job, he loved showing off, and worked all night that he wasn't working to learn how to make, mix and present cakes and icing.

His perseverance showed, and after a few more years working for Black and white candies, and he made a proposition to go further to sell his wares elsewhere. After a few months of preparations, he was thinking of changing jobs to get more experience before arrived on the island.

((Only edits made were ones suggested in later posts on previous forums.))
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Raymond Fuller: Chubby Tasmanian Devil
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