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Gwendolyn Stacy EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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PostSubject: Gwendolyn Stacy   Gwendolyn Stacy EmptySat Jun 29, 2019 3:40 pm

Name: Gwendolyn Stacy

Sex: Female

Species: Mutant Human

Height: 5'6" (1.70 m)

Weight:  130 lbs (59 kg)

Age: 19

Age in appearance: 18

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color:  Blue

Skin Color: Caucasian

Personality: She is a well-balanced, smart young woman. She is somewhat self conscious, at times, and can feel snubbed easily. However, she is not one to hold a grudge; she forgives and forgets as quickly and easily as she may feel slighted.

Weakness: Her mind is more susceptible to psyche attacks than the average person, high-frequencies as well as magic having a +2 CS to stun or assail her(Or her having a -2 CS to Psyche rolls against mental attacks).

Profession: Super Hero

Weapons: Melee Combat

Armor: None

Items: Cellphone, Web-shooters, Inter-dimensional Wristwatch
An invention given to her shortly after receiving her powers; they form their webs from the moisture around her.
Inter-Dimensional Wristwatch:
A device that allows her to travel through dimensions at will.

Martial Arts Master -  +1 CS to fighting unarmed opponent as well, +1 CS to disarm attempts, negates -1 CS when fighting armed opponent, +1 CS to grapple attempts(Fighting to grapple and Strength for holding them.)
Acrobatics - Flips, cartwheels, somersaults, walking on hands, and so on. +1 CS to Agility for use. Can also be applied to aid in defending Fighting rolls by unarmed characters against melee attacks as long as it is not a crowded or cramped situation.
Law Enforcement  -  +1 CS to Reasoning for lawyers, +1 CS to Intuition when investigating crimes, +1 CS to Reasoning for making sense of evidence, +1 CS to Agility when using a firearm.

Description and/or Picture:
Gwendolyn Stacy Gwen310

Gwendolyn Stacy Gwen110

Fighting: Good(Amazing when defending via Spider Sense)
Agility: Incredible(Amazing when dodging via Spider Sense)
Strength: Amazing(Can lift approximately 10 Tons)
Endurance: Excellent

Reasoning: Good
Intuition: Remarkable
Psyche: Excellent(Typical when defending against high frequency or mental attacks)

Running Speed: Good(30mph)
Flying Speed: N/A
Swimming Speed: Poor(10mph)

Hit Points: 120
Stamina Points: 95
Mana: 60

Spells / Special Abilities:
Faster Then A Speeding Bullet I
Cost: N/A
Uses: N/A
Description: If the character is attacked while she is running at high speed, any white attack automatically misses. If she starts running in combat this takes effect at the start of the next round ( She can be hit normally until that round begins ). This will only work if there is sufficient room to maneuver ( a long narrow hallway will not suffice ).

Spider Sense Vulnerability:
Description: If she has suffered a mental attack, her Spider Sense ceases to function for 1d5 days.

Biography: Her life pre-bite was pretty typical as one would assume. She attended high school, her father was a police officer, she had a few friends including Peter Parker and Normand Osborne, and was in a band as a drummer called the Mary Janes. Her life took a dramatic turn, however, when she was bitten by a genetically modified spider and was given heightened senses, increased speed and strength, and small spikes on her hands and feet granting her the ability to climb on walls and ceilings.

She had the idea of using these new found powers in underground wrestling rings for money, but was compelled to stop a mugger. Her friend's uncle, Ben, however, actually stops the mugger and this led her to the idea of using her powers not for fame and money, but to fight crime. She got the costume ideas and web-shooters from a retired crime fighter named Janet Van Dyne and so began her career as a costumed hero.

Ever the need for a tragic backstory, her friend Peter struggled with a sense of uselessness. Dubbed by his peers as 'pathetic Peter', he chose prom night to inject himself with a serum in the hopes of making himself as unique as his idle - Spider Woman, but instead turned himself into the monstrous Lizard. Going into a rage and attacking the Prom, he and Gwen fought.

After downing the Lizard, the creature reverted back into Peter Parker who then died in her arms due to his wounds. Not only did this loss hit her incredibly hard, but she was then also blamed for the death of Peter, putting her at odds with the NYC police. A special task force was set up to take her down and bring her in, her own father being put in charge of it.

The underworld looking to get Spider Woman on their side, the right hand of The Kingpin, Matt Murdock (aka Dare Devil) sent one of their men named the Rhino as a hit man to kill Captain Stacy. She thwarted the assassination attempt and while being held at gunpoint by her own father as Spider Woman, she revealed her identity to him. He chose his daughter over his obligation as an officer.

It wasn't long after this that the multiverse was opened up to her. She was recruited by Spider UK to fight a group called The Inheritors who prey on those touched by some fate-touched entity known as the Spider Totem(the title of THE genetically modified spider that created any/all of the Spider- creatures of the multiverse. This is where she met some of her closest friends and allies like Spider Ham, Miles Morales, and even the mainstream Spiderman of Universe 616(our Spiderman).

She also walked away as a 'Warrior of the Great Web' with a universal teleportation device that allows her to travel between universes, which she makes often use of to visit her friends - Miles Morales especially. Since returning to her native dimension, she's had to take down various villains and had to deal with the police trying to hunt her down - not just for her vigilantism, but also her false reputation as a villain herself. So her adventures continue.
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Gwendolyn Stacy
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