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 Optional: Character Races

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Optional: Character Races Empty
PostSubject: Optional: Character Races   Optional: Character Races EmptySun Oct 15, 2017 12:25 am

Optional: Character Races

Based on requests from people about how to build certain races, I have added this section to help out. We have a large number of fields that characters can come from. Note that some races may have restrictions or penalties that you have to consider. If your race is not on here, feel free to inquire to SgtSarros.

Keep in mind these templates are optional and you do not need to follow them unless you are making a character from that specific world. For example, if you were going to make an elf from Faunalyn's world or a Mithra from Gaia, you would be expected to follow these templates. A winged creature or catgirl from a random world you would not need to.


Standard race. Most people will likely be human. Very versatile and come in a wide variety of skills and abilities. Many also know magic.
Limitations: Normal humans will not exceed Excellent in strength and very rarely above Remarkable in other fields.


Name given to people with genetic powers, such as the X-Men. These are essentially altered humans, with some sort of power that grants them additional skills.
Limitations: Some enemies in the game will target you first as being a 'freak' or 'monster'. Some enemy groups have developed fields that nullify mutant powers in certain areas.
Modifiers: There are no set modifiers for Mutants, as their abilities range and vary drastically. Usually though they will get a bonus in one stat in exchange for a weakness in another. Examples are trading agility for strength, heat for cold, and so forth. While there are exceptions, you need to explain on your sheet why they wouldn't have a penalty.


This race includes Faeries, Pixies, Nymphs, and so forth. Highly magical race of beings.
Limitations: Cold Iron is the bane of all fae and an severely weaken them just by being too close to it. Physical contact can rip their magical powers out of their body for a time. Excessive contact can be extremely traumatic.


Typically nature-loving creatures with a strong sense of magic. Elves are a rare sight on Fantasy Island, but they are seen.
Limitations: Elves cannot have higher then Good strength, unless it is magically enhanced.
Modifiers: Elves are usually very nimble and quick, and therefore can choose one of the following bonuses on creation: Boost in run speed from Typical to Good, additional +1CS on stealth rolls ( which stacks with the stealth skill ), +1CS to psyche for purposes of magic resistance.
Modifiers: +2 to endurance for drinking rolls, and +2 to endurance to resisting poisons. However, if a elven character does gets poisoned, they take a -1 to all FASE stats in addition to the poison's normal affect.

Angelic / Winged

This race includes most winged characters, as there are many types. Exceptions will be given their own areas below. Winged beings are a semi-common sight on the island.
Limitations: People on the island in general have a fascination with wings. Expect to have them touched often, especially by children. Wings are a clear weak point, and many enemies will specifically target them, putting a character at a major disadvantage.

True Angels

These are angels that come from 'heaven', or a similar place on other planes. They have the power of Light and goodness behind them. Many people will naturally be 'friendly' to a True Angel.
Limitations: True Angels have a very strict order they -must- obey, and a hierarchy that is complicated at best. Violations of their rules and order could have them become fallen angels. As such, this particular race is NOT recommended. SgtSarros must approve all True Angels.


Powerful mythical creatures. Very powerful magically. Most can learn to shift into a human form to fit among society.
Limitations: Most, but not all, dragons come from the Land of Dragons / Land of Mists. Many places off of Fantasy Island fear or hate dragons, and dragon hunters do exist on other worlds. Primary weakness is the Dragon Lance, which can pierce their scales like it was paper. They are exceptionally in-tune with magic, as such devices that block magic can hurt them greatly, as they are essentially cut off from their life support.


General race category for most 'dark' creatures from the Underworld / Hell / Limbo. Typically dark / fallen angels, devils, and generic demons fall into this race.
Limitations: While some 'demonic' groups are welcome on Fantasy Island, many are not, and people may find themselves having to prove themselves often before many will even start to trust them. There are several planes that demons can come from. Do note that demons of one plane risk other planes being hostile to them, and demons with no association to any plane ( outcasts ) WILL be shunned and receive possible hostile action from ALL groups.


This race refers to any creature that has an animal form ( fox, wolf, panther, unicorn ) as well as a humanoid form. In rare cases a third 'mixxed' form exists as well.
Limitations: Only in very limited cases will a shifter be able to communicate with humans in their animal form. Despite having a human form, some believe shifters to be 'less intelligent' then humans and will try to use them as pets, slaves, beasts of burden, and so forth.

Succubi / Incubi

There are many kinds of these in the world, though most are demonic in one way or another. They also in most cases need more then just food to feed. While sometimes this is sexual energy, most can live off any kind of energy.
Limitations: Most people have a problem with creatures sucking the live force out of another, and are generally distrusted and even hated if discovered. For those who need to feed, you must keep in mind that feeding on the general populace without their consent is a very good way for the character to get hunted down. If you have someone with consent, it will make things much easier.
As long as the creature is only snacking on their energy in minor amounts they should be fine, but any real 'meal' that is not trying to kill them or put their heath at serious risk, will reduce their stats by 1CS for 1d3 days.
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PostSubject: Re: Optional: Character Races   Optional: Character Races EmptySun Oct 15, 2017 12:28 am

Playable Races from Ur`Thur:


A group of winged beings from the northern land of Ur`Thur. They are a race of northern beauty; the color of their wings matches their hair color, which is often dark, but rarely, can be a white-blonde color. Their skin is often pale from living in the mountains and snow, but can become lightly tanned if adventuring. Their eyes are often a golden or amber color, though other colors such as blue and green do occur fairly frequently. They love the skies and would prefer to be there then on the ground. They are essentially a bird at heart, though how much of their inner bird shows is different between every A`Reah.

They live in small villages in the mountains, where the Elder is the undisputed ruler of the village. To betray the wishes of the elder is to go against the entire village. Expulsion is almost always a guarantee for doing such, if you live that long. They are a 'refined' tribal people.

The A'Reah are a very proud race. Many of them think of themselves as superior to other races. If they accept a job or task they will complete it at any cost, for failure brings a great dishonor to not just themselves, but their entire family. In addition, asking for a assistance on a task that should be done by one person shows inferiority, which is also shameful to the A`Reah's family. The weak are often culled from the village, expelled from their home and family. If they wish to live, and cannot survive in the village, they will have to survive in the mountains.

Limitations: Many A'Reah have a snarky, condescending dislike for humans, and an even greater dislike for members of their own kind who side with humans, often cursing them and disowning them as members of their own race. Befriending humans and showing up in an A'Reah village with one may cause the village to ignore your presence, or even request that you leave immediately.

Modifiers: A'Reah live in the northern mountains of Ur'Thur, as such most of them have resistance to cold in some fashion. Unlike most other groups with a resistance to cold, they are NOT vulnerable to fire. They usually have very low strength with the large majority peaking at Typical strength and only a few reaching their absolute maximum of Good. However they are very fast fliers, with good to excellent speeds being the norm, and some much faster. They suffer a -2CS to reasoning when it comes to modern technology which can eventually go away with learning of the ways of a modern world.

Their weapons are made specific to a person, as they can fuse small amounts of magic with their steel during the forging process. As such, an A`Reah using their sung and named weapon gains a +2CS to fighting. Trying to use another A`Reah's sung weapon will result in a -1CS to fighting. An A`Reah MUST keep their weapons name a secret. Weapons can be anything that can be forged, but are often short swords, hand-and-a-half swords, daggers, or other items that can be easily used during flight. They can also be summoned back to the A`Reah they belong to if they are close by with a mental command.

A'Reah are usually restricted to Light armor ( Leather and sometimes Studded Leather ), and take rather substantial penalties to Medium and Heavy Armor: Take take an additional -1 Agility and Flight Speed penalty in any armor above Studded Leather, and their flight speed is further reduced by using 'swimming' penalties instead of 'movement' penalties.

A'Reah who have spent extensive time with Midlanders or on the island can, if they so wish, gain training in combat techniques in these armors to somewhat reduce these penalties.


They are a common people, who range from fair skinned to tanned, blond hair to brown, to red, and commonly with blue or green eyes, though hazel is also an option. Their technology is weak at best, lacking any electricity, or plumbing. They are of lightly tanned skin, often with calloused hands from their craft work. They have developed a way to harness horses to be used as beasts of burden, and to pull carts.

Human-like beings who live all over the world of Ur`Thur, but mostly in the middle lands, thus their name. They tend to gather in settings of villages, towns, and cities with houses made of dirt/clay, wood, or as the people get more wealthy, cut stone. Traders, farmers, fishers, smiths, stonemasons, carpenters, and potters are common professions.

A Mid-Lander can become proficient with near any non-exotic weapon with enough time. They can also wear near any non-exotic armor.

Limitations: Besides normal human restrictions,the A'Reah are somewhat distrusting of Mid-Landers due to issues in the past, including slavery. A Mid-Lander in need will be helped by an A'Reah village, however they will not be overly welcomed, and will be discouraged from an extended stay.

Modifiers: Many of them are expect craftsmen. If they are skilled in a craft such as smithing, jewlery making, carpentry, and so forth, they can be Exceptional at one particular craft. ( This results in a +2 CS to that skill instead of +1 ). They have a firm disbelief in gods, which may annoy the various dieties that show on Fantasy Island.
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PostSubject: Re: Optional: Character Races   Optional: Character Races EmptySun Oct 15, 2017 12:31 am

Playable races from Gaia

Optional: Character Races Mithra12_800x600

The Mithra are a cat-like race, most well known for their feats of balance and grace. They have long tails that help with their balance and cat ears on the top of the head. They also have claws, though many Mithra seem willing to cut them down so they do not get in the way with more human-like gestures such as shaking hands. Their world of origin has not been found, so it is not known how they have gotten to other worlds.

According to the Mithra, they are a female prominent species. Approximately 80% of all newborn Mithra are female. Due to this fact the males generally stay at home and watch over the children, so that such a rare commodity is not lost. As such, beyond standard schooling male Mithra are not skilled usually in any profession, and the females are the laborers, the hunters, the fighters, and the politicians.

Mithra have a fascination with strange baubles, and are quite often willing to just take something they like. On their world this is a normal method of object acquisition; if you need or like something, you take it, and if the other needs or want, they take it back. Disputes usually involve the two fighting for ownership, though these are very rarely to the death. Once one is beaten, they admit the superiority and 'ownership' of the other and will usually not try for the item again, until it is 'acquired' by a different person. Due to this 'take what you want' attitude, some worlds have come to think of them as thieves, and much distrust is given towards them. In truth, few Mithras have any true concept of currency, but when once is taught the ways of it on a world, they are quick to respect that society's laws.

Optional: Character Races Mithra11_800x600

Physically, Mithra are slender creatures, generally being slightly shorter and having a more slender frame then a human. They are also generally lighter both in weight and balance, using this to their advantage as they are extremely quick-footed and agile. They have a strange fascination for dancing, and often will become dancers on worlds they come to. They are weaker and less hardy then humans, though only slightly.

They are unusually quick learners, and seem to be able to learn jobs fairly quickly. While most have an understanding of magic, few have the ability to use it, though those that do are rather powerful, especially in magics related to nature or life. Those few who learn darker magics are often soon lost to the influence the darkness can bring, and as such those showing a fondness for darkness are often slain immediately.

Many Mithra are skilled in how to fight, though more often then not they will prefer to avoid conflict if necessary. Despite this, Mithra mercenaries can be found. Some have come to favor the art of ninjitsu, while others archery, and a rare few melee combat with swords, however most reject restricting clothing and especially armor, preferring to stay light enough to run if things go bad.

Most metal armor seems to affect their equilibrium in a way even Mithra cannot yet explain, however there are some who wear it with the belief that if they can keep their balance even in unfavorable circumstances, it will show their superiority to other Mithra. A belief that seems to be proven numerous times.

Optional: Character Races Mithra10_800x600

Modifiers: Mithra are extremely agile, with even teens having at least excellent agility. They specialize in many areas, including hunting, leadership, 'treasure hunting' and more. Mithra receive +1 to intuition checks on any roll that is not done inside of a city. Being skilled learners, they can roll one rank higher when learning skills or spells.

Unbalancing Armor: Metal armor plays havoc with a Mithra's natural balance. Any agility rolls while in metal armor ( any type of armor above leather ) causes them to suffer an additional -2cs beyond the armor's normal modifier.
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PostSubject: Re: Optional: Character Races   Optional: Character Races EmptySun Oct 15, 2017 12:43 am


For people who get shapeshifted or altered from one race or another temporarily, this is how your stats change:

Elves gain +1 agility -1 strength, +2 endurance for drinking purposes and poisons, however if they are poisoned they automatically lose -1cs to all stats and this remains even if you shift until the poison wears off.

Mithra gain +1 agility ( +2 if in no armor, Kevlar counts as armor ), -1 endurance. +1 to intuition, ( +2 if in nature aka outside of a town or city ). Metal armor messes with a mithra's natural balance, and anything stronger then leather or kevlar vest not only eliminates the mithra bonus, but they take a -2 agility penalty.

A'Reah gain +1 fighting -1 strength, flight: good speed, though untill you get used to flight your range is limited. Take double movement and agility penalties in any armor higher then studded leather.

Succubus gain +1 agility + 1 endurance -2 fighting. +2 in rolls of negotiation, intimidation, etc with those of the opposite gender. flight: typical speed. tail that can pick up or throw anything 5lb or less ( if used in combat this is a free attack for typical damage )

Angels from Heaven, Demons from Hell, and the more powerful Beings of Limbo are 'Eternal' in the way that they can be reborn if killed. However due to this they are unable to change their FASE RIP stats as they will always default back to this if reborn. They can however learn skills, spells, and special abilities easier ( -5 to rolls )
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PostSubject: Re: Optional: Character Races   Optional: Character Races Empty

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Optional: Character Races
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