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Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
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 Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines

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Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines Empty
PostSubject: Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines   Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines EmptySat Oct 14, 2017 11:36 pm

As said in many places the RPG is a mostly free-form RPG, with stats in case people do wish to use dice to determine certain events, though generally used in combat. As such I have included the Marvel dice chart for those who wish to use it.

The primary rule is pretty obvious: Higher roll wins, except in cases of a higher color. The color order is white, then green, then yellow then red. As such, a 61 yellow would beat a 64 green.

The colors mean different things depending on what you are using them for:

Uncontested Rolls:

These are typically non combative. Situations like gymnastics practice, research, strenuous lifting, telekinesis against inanimate objects, and so forth. These are truly only rolled for it you want to leave it for chance if you do something extraordinary.

Red: A critical success. Things went far above and beyond what you hoped for. For example, in gymnastics you may have put on a performance that for someone of your skill level would be considered outstanding.

Yellow: A success. Everything went how you had expected it to have gone, no major issues. An example of this is trying to move a crate from one end of the room to the other without dropping it.

Green: Partial success. You succeeded, but things didn't quite go as planned. Some minor mishap occurred at some part. Examples would be you may have spilled a little bit of the water in a glass you were moving with your mind, or perhaps a couple moves in gymnastics looked a bit sloppy. Besides that, it's all good.

White: Generally this would be considered a failure in the scope that you did not achieve what you wanted to. Examples would be the wood carving you were making looks shoddy, or you stumbled near the finish line in a race. It does not have to be a complete failure unless you want it to be, though unusually low numbers should be considered such.

A five or less: Failure. Something went bad. Maybe you fell off the balance beam, maybe you dropped the crate right on your foot. The incident doesn't have to be a major one or cause injury, but it is your choice in the end.

Contested Rolls:

While for the most part this means combat, it can also be used for event such as tug of war, baseball, chess or any situation where two or more people are going against each other.

Red: Critical hit.You generally found a weakness or caught your enemy off-guard and this allows you to do extra damage ( if damage is applicable ), or in a sport, perhaps a home run. If this is defense, it gives you a chance to counter on melee attacks.

Yellow: A hit / success. You strike the enemy dead-on or are very skilled in the game you are playing and make it all look easy.

Green: A partial hit / success. A glancing blow somewhat, doesn't quit hurt as hard as it could. If you win with this in tug of war or something similar, it was a struggle for you and you didn't really win by much. In combat this is half normal damage.

White: Barely successful. You managed to just nick the person for one quarter what you would normally would do for damage. In a sport, maybe a ground ball that barely stays fair.

5 or less: Failure. You trip, you miss the soccer ball when you kicked it, the bat flew out of your hand, something to this effect. If this is rolled in defense, you messed up avoiding an attack and will most of the time end up face-planting or on your back from the attack, leaving you somewhat vulnerable until your turn.

Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines Marvel10

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Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines   Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines EmptySat Oct 14, 2017 11:51 pm

Which Stat gets rolled for what actions:

Fighting: Punching, kicking, using a weapon, trying to grab someone, tackling them. Physical actions.

Agility: Balancing, gymnastics, throwing weapons, shooting a gun, avoiding something thrown / shot at you, running in combat since situations may not allow you to run at your maximum speed.

Strength: Having to lift something near your limit. Holding a door closed against an enemy force.

Endurance: Lasting through a marathon, strenuous actions, resisting poison, resisting tranquilizers, how alcohol affects you.

Reasoning: learning a language, first aid, decision making, problem solving.

Intuition: sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste... sometimes a 'sixth sense'

Psyche: Most mutant powers or magic goes off this, including usage or learning.
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Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines   Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines EmptySun Oct 15, 2017 12:10 am

The various levels for a stat are as follows:

Feeble, Poor, Typical, Good, Excellent, Remarkable, Incredible, Amazing, Monstrous.

Below is a general example of how each would be in those stats:

Fighting: Combat Ability

Feeble: You have the fighting ability of a five year old. Broken arm or something similar may also be the case here.

Poor: You have some handicap preventing you from being able to fight.

Typical: About as skilled as the average guy on the street.

Good: Can defend yourself against 1 or 2 people, but it'll be close. Basic weapons or self defense classes.

Excellent: Skilled weapons or martial arts fighter. Able to take on a group of standard villagers without problem.

Remarkable: Black Belt, elite weapons expert. Likely considered a top-tier fighter at this point

Incredible: Equal to the level of a warlord, many may consider you a master of your skill. Improving beyond this point is difficult as you already know almost everything there is to know.

Amazing: Grand-master in your fighting school. Weapons trainer. Likely the greatest on your continent. GM Approval needed.

Monstrous: Others want to come to you for training. You are the best in the world at your skill. No one can truly compete with you. GM Approval needed.

Agility: Grace, balance, nimbleness, and so forth. Running speed has been moved to it's own section.

Feeble: Wheelchair bound, or have a broken / missing leg.

Poor: A noticable limp impedes your movement.

Typical: Could walk a balance beam without falling. Sometimes. Standard human levels.

Good: Decent Balance. You seem more graceful then the average person but nothing special. Standard elf level.

Excellent: Unusually light and balanced. A dancer or gymnast may be at this level, race sprinters as well. People generally regard you as being light on your feet.

Remarkable: A crowd forms when you are at a dance club to watch you. May have won a few gymnastics awards. Professional dancer, or perhaps a bit of a contortionist at this point.

Incredible: Olympian gymnast, world famous dancer,may have been known to walk a tightrope over Niagara Falls. Peak human levels. Some may even say you are double-jointed with the ways you can move. Training beyond this point is difficult as there is only so nimble the body can get without making sacrifices in other areas.

Amazing: Gold medalist or professional contortionist. typically the top 1% in any field. GM Approval in most cases.

Monstrous: Beyond human. and can move your body in ways nobody else can. Perhaps even boneless. Needs GM Approval.

Strength: While this plays a part in the damage you do, in 95% of cases this is the maximum your character can physically lift and / or carry.

Feeble: Young child, or perhaps a pixie or other very small creature like a mouse or rabbit. Severe physical handicap here as well. Max lift 50lb

Poor: Up to a teenager for humans, perhaps foxes, small wolves, etc would be at this level. 51-100lb. Standard strength level of elves.

Typical: Average human strength or full grown wolf. 101-200lb. Standard level for humans.

Good: Can lift up to 400lb with no difficulty. Chocobos and Centaurs are usually in this range. Peak level for many races without magical enhancement.

Excellent: Can lift up to 800lb with at top levels. only the strongest horses and mounts are usually in this range. Note that just because you have this stat doesn't mean the top rank is your maximum. Peak level for humans without magical enhancement.

Remarkable: Superhuman strength. Between 1/2 ton and two tons in this area. the strength of smaller dragons usually. Note that just because you have this stat doesn't mean the top rank is your maximum. GM Approval needed.

Incredible: The strength of dragons at this point. Able to lift between two and five tons..

Amazing: Elder Dragon-kind is likely the only creatures that will reach this strength, with very rare exceptions. Lifting between five and ten tons.

Monstrous: Up to twenty tons or more.

Endurance: How long one an continue doing strenuous actions.

Feeble: Running across the house to get the phone wears you out. Paper cuts are agonizing.

Poor: Taking the stairs from the basement to the main floor is exhausting. Getting hit by a paperback stings.

Typical: Can run the mile. Barely. Can take a punch, sort of.

Good: Can run the mile with a good time. Able to take a few hits without hurting too bad.

Excellent: Training for the marathon perhaps? Can do physically strenuous tasks for an unusual amount of time. Takes a pretty hard hit to hurt you.

Remarkable: Frequently runs in marathons, can do things that tire people in a minute for several minutes at least. You may need to get stabbed or struck by a very sharp weapon to really notice pain.

Incredible: Peak human / mutant levels. Can get hurt bad enough to send a typical person to the hospital and keep on going as if nothing happened.

Amazing: May not even need to sleep or eat that often. Pain? What's that? Extremely strenuous tasks can be done for a very long time.

Monstrous: Robots envy your lack of downtime. Could perhaps be made of steel. Must have GM approval.

Reasoning: Brains / Education level

Feeble: A young child or severe mental retardation.

Poor: Grade school.

Typical: High School graduate.

Good: Some college classes, one year graduate.

Excellent: two or four year college degree.

Remarkable: Masters degree.

Incredible: Doctorate. May be the expert in your field.

Amazing: The undisputed genius in your particular field. Few if anyone will ever be as smart as you.

Monstrous: Highly skilled in many major fields. Possibly the smartest person on that particular world. Must have GM Approval.

Intuition: How well you notice things around you.

Feeble: You are blind and deaf, with no way to sense anything around you.

Poor: Either blind or deaf with no aided way to sense around you.

Typical: You notice cars running red lights.

Good: Can hear people whispering on the far side of the room. A moving tile on the ceiling catches your attention.

Excellent: You can typically see people hiding in shadows. Hard to sneak up on you. Can tell when people are bluffing.

Remarkable: You might be able to hear all but the stealthiest person sneaking up on you. Nothing avoids your sight.

Incredible: Typically Peak human levels. Master detectives are usually here. Some magically aided people fit this area, or have things like a spider sense.

Amazing: You see and hear pretty much everything unless the person is among the most elite in their ability. Though you usually have some magical aid that can help you with that. Needs GM Approval.

Psyche: Mental willpower, magic ability, psychic ability. ( Some characters may have a 'standard' psychic level and a magical level, if they are significantly different. )

Feeble: You're a lemming. You're told to jump off a cliff, so you do. Also common for slaves to be at this rank as their willpower has been completely broken and has to be rebuilt, should they ever be free again.

Poor: You often do as others say you should, like slap yourself. People with extreme emotional trauma may fall under this range.

Typical: You're able to stand up for yourself, against a child. But are still intimidated pretty easily. Required to learn Beginner Magic.

Good: With with meditation and mind over body. Required to learn magic at an advanced school.

Excellent: Hard to frighten or control. Strong inner zen.

Remarkable: Your willpower and determination impresses people. Typically have a 'oneness with the forest' or something to that level.

Incredible: High level mages and elite psychics would be at this level. May take a mind controller or demonic entity to break your will.

Amazing: Pretty much have to have magical or mental abilities that boost your willpower to be at this point. You are beyond human.

Monstrous: You are among the elite in your field. Virtually no one can stand against you one on one. Possibly Sorcerer Supreme. GM Approval needed for this point.

Due to the fact these are broad ranges there can be various bonuses or penalties assigned if you feel a character would be better ( or worse ) with certain items.

Examples that characters have taken in this RPG follow:

Fighting: Good ( Excellent with daggers)

Agility: Remarkable ( Incredible dancing skill )

Agility: Incredible ( Excellent with large, two handed weapons. While they are trained in how to use these weapons, the weight of them throws off their balance )

Reasoning: Good ( Excellent with computers )

Reasoning: Good ( Poor vs modern day technology like computers )

Psyche: Excellent ( Remarkable magic ability )

Psyche: Remarkable ( Good vs mental attacks )
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Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines   Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines EmptySun Oct 15, 2017 12:15 am

In the Marvel system ( which this system is a copy of ) every stat has a point value to it. These are used for varying functions depending on the RPG but are also a good indicator of the power of a character. The point values are as follows:

Feeble: 2
Poor: 4
Typical: 6
Good: 10
Excellent: 20
Remarkable: 30
Incredible: 40
Amazing: 50
Monstrous: 75

These points an be used to determine if a character is within the 'normal' range for the type of character they are making. To do this, add up the FASE ( Fighting, Agility, Strength, Endurance ) stats and compare it to this listing

Note that is is a normal range for characters and exceptions can be made that take them outside of this range, however a GM will review if such is acceptable in that case:

If you are within these ranges you are virtually guaranteed to be approved but that does not mean you cannot set your character to start beyond these levels.

Normal human ( no mutant powers or enhanced magic ability ):
FASE between 20 and 60

Sentient animals ( between foxes, wolves, cats and so forth ) and enhanced animals ( riding wolves, panthers, etc ):
Normal Animals: FASE between 20 and 56
Enhanced Animals: FASE between 30 and 70

Enhanced humans ( Mutants, magic users, morphers )
FASE between 40 and 120 ( The average is between 60 and 80, but extremes are listed )

Mythical Creatures ( Dragons, Unicorns, and so forth )
Young: FASE between 30 and 70
Adult: FASE between 60 and 140
Elder: FASE between 120 and 200

Extra-planar: ( Angels / Demons for example )
Standard: FASE between 70 and 150
Elite ( Archangels / Top Tier Demons ): FASE between 140 and 200

***** NOTE: Once a point Value exceeds 120, you are considered an 'advanced' character and as such should be discouraged from being played in many adventures as a 'major' character, just to ensure others can participate and not feel too under-powered in comparison.

In addition, to prevent this from becoming an rpg of elite characters, unless you are a GM you will be limited to no more then two (2) characters of 140 points and up. This may raise in the future.

Lastly, note exceptions can be made that bring characters outside of this range. However you have to state why you wish for it to exceed that range and need to have a GM approve it. If you are a GM you must have a GM besides yourself approve it. ( Example, I would need either Kyttaen's or Simca's approval to make a completely normal human with an 80 point build )

'Typical' Race Stats and Maximums:

This section is designed to give people an idea of what a normal 'villager' or 'civilian' would have as their stats ( AKA: Cannon fodder ), and also the highest characters can generally train their stats up to. GMs can approve higher but there has to be a VERY good reason to do so:

Human Villager:

F - Typical
A - Typical
S - Typical
E - Typical
R - Typical
I - Typical
P - Typical

Human Maximums:

F - Amazing
A - Incredible
S - Excellent
E - Incredible
R - Incredible
I - Remarkable
P - Amazing

Elven Villager:

F - Typical
A - Good
S - Poor
E - Typical
R - Typical
I - Good
P - Typical

Elven Maximums:

F - Amazing
A - Amazing
S - Good
E - Remarkable
R - Amazing
I - Monstrous
P - Amazing

A'Reah Villager:

F - Typical
A - Good
S - Poor
E - Good
R - Poor
I - Typical
P - Typical

A'Reah Maximums

F - Incredible
A - Amazing
S - Good
E - Remarkable
R - Remarkable
I - Amazing
P - Amazing

Incubi / Succubi Villager:

F - Typical
A - Good
S - Typical
E - Good
R - Good
I - Poor
P - Good

Incubi / Succubi Maximums:

F - Remarkable
A - Amazing
S - Remarkable
E - Incredible
R - Incredible
I - Remarkable
P - Monstrous

Mithra Villager:

F - Poor
A - Good
S - Poor
E - Typical
R - Poor
I - Excellent
P - Typical

Mithra Maximums:

F - Incredible
A - Monstrous
S - Good
E - Incredible
R - Remarkable
I - Monstrous
P - Incredible
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Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines   Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines EmptySun Oct 15, 2017 12:17 am

Due to issues with running speed being associated with Agility: It will be given it's own separate section here. Note the different speeds for running and flying. You normally only have to alter what is on your sheet if your movement speed in the air, on the ground or in water is different then the average person. ( Numbers listed are the maximum speed for that category )

NOTE: The average human runs at Poor speed, with sprint runners being able to achieve Typical speed. The average human swims at feeble speed.

On land / In the Sea: ( Maximum Speeds )

Feeble: 5 miles per hour
Poor: 10 miles per hour
Typical: 15 miles per hour
Good: 30 miles per hour
Excellent: 45 miles per hour ( For non-quadrupeds GM approve needed beyond this level )
Remarkable: 60 miles per hour
Incredible: 80 miles per hour
Amazing: 100 miles per hour
Monstrous: 125 miles per hour
Unearthly: 150 miles per hour. Some levels beyond this would be allowed under special situations.

Air Speeds:

Feeble: 10 miles per hour
Poor: 20 mile per hour
Typical: 30 miles per hour
Good: 60 miles per hour
Excellent: 90 miles per hour
Remarkable: 120 miles per hour ( For non dragons GM approval needed past this point )
Incredible: 160 miles per hour ( All fliers need GM approval past this point )
Amazing: 200 miles per hour
Monstrous 250 miles per hour
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Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines   Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines Empty

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Stat Chart, Levels, and Racial Baselines
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