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Where to find us
Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:55 pm by SgtSarros
New players who want to join the RPG can join us at , and joining the channel #fantasy-ooc

If you do not have your own IRC client you can go to and click chat now. to go to for their IRC client.

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 NPC Rules Section

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PostSubject: NPC Rules Section   Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:27 pm

NPCs are a part of Fantasy Island. For the most part NPCs are played by GMs, though certain exceptions can be made. NPCs must follow a much stricter set of rules then normal characters, and those that violate the rules will be removed form the player and they will be not allowed to make any further NPCs.

The rules for NPCs are as followed:

1. NPC characters are characters that would be best described as situational, background characters, guild-masters, or in the cases of businesses, nobody employees to fill in when the character who owns the shop is not there.

Examples of these would be a lifeguard at a swimming pool, a neighbor from the world a character came from that only exists on that world, a clerk in a clothing store, and so forth.

2. For the most part NPCs do not need sheets.  However, key story-line characters that will be making multiple appearances will need sheets, as well as guild-masters.

Examples of this would be Jenny who runs the clothing shop when Ghenna is not around does not need a sheet, but Gerard who trained and raised Simone and is a close friend who will be seen often in the rp would need a sheet.

3. All canon characters that will be used as NPCs need to be approved by a GM before they can be played, as well as any character that will be a guild-master. A list will be maintained of the approved NPCs.

4. All guild-masters need a sheet that will need to be approved in the usual fashion. Included in the sheet must be what they will be able to teach to others. Specifics are not needed but at least some detail is appreciated so it can be properly set up.

Examples: A guild-master that teaches 'magic' and 'thief stuff' will not be approved, however one that teaches 'light magic up to circle 4 and earth magic up to circle 3, as well as basic fighting skills that an assassin would know'  would be. Even 'basic to moderate air magic' would be fine, and if we need more details we can ask.

5. NPCs do not have to follow the same rules as normal characters. They can be high ranked in multiple magic schools, and know many skills. Yen Sid, for example, would know many schools of magic very high.

6. NPCs can not be used in combat, unless a GM says they can be. ( you can NOT ask. Any asking will be automatically rejected. )

7. NPCs must be limited in appearances. NPCs that are seen regularly or excessively may be changed to PC characters. In cases there this occurs, the sheet will be revised to put them in line with normal characters.
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NPC Rules Section
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