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Raziek "Blake" Draconis-Aensland EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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 Raziek "Blake" Draconis-Aensland

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Raziek "Blake" Draconis-Aensland Empty
PostSubject: Raziek "Blake" Draconis-Aensland   Raziek "Blake" Draconis-Aensland EmptyThu Mar 07, 2019 4:20 pm

Name: Raziek “Blake” Draconis-Aensland
Adopted the Aensland surname at an early age, named Blake by his step-father during the time of his biological family's civil war in another plane. Real name is Raziek Draconis.

Raziek "Blake" Draconis-Aensland 01397cb1134fd37739979a758eca7e4f

Sex: Male
Species: Demon
Height: 5'9”
Weight: 160 lbs
Age: 130 yrs
Age in Appearance: Human Mid 20s

Hair Color: Dark Red
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Light-skinned

Personality: As a youth, Blake was stubborn and brash, and, to a point, he can still be so under the right circumstances. Time in another world has tempered Blake's undisciplined flame, and transformed his personality into a much more reserved one. Still a matchbox waiting to be lit, Blake's temper can flare on a whim, but outside of threats to himself or others, he is easy to get along with and exhibits a genuinely friendly demeanor most of the time. For empaths, they can feel a raging inferno inside of him, but it is completely controlled.

Weakness: Men. Whether in combat or out of combat, Blake can easily become manipulated or deceived by an attractive male, causing him to drop his guard. Outside of this, Blake has an irrational hatred for the man who killed his parents - Trevor Draconis. He also becomes extremely protective over those whom he loves and cares about such as family or friends such as those within both the Aensland and Morales clan, and individuals especially close to him such as Bakkar and Rave.

Profession: Free-Lance - Currently putting in applications

* Gauntlets (Martial Arts) - Bare hands are also considered a weapon when gauntlets are unequipped
* Throwing Stars


Martial Arts Master (Counts as two) – All martial arts abilities
     Martial Arts A - +1 CS to Fighting when opponent is unarmed as well
     Martial Arts B - +1 CS to disarm attempts
     Martial Arts C - Normally unarmed opponents take a -1 CS to fighting when attacking someone with a weapon. This skill negates that penalty.
     Martial Arts D - +1 CS to 'grapple' attempts ( to Fighting for grabbing and holding an opponent, and also to Strength for holding them once you have them )
Acrobatics - +1CS to Agility for use vs melee
Thrown Weapons - +1 CS to Agility
Wrestling - +1 CS to Fighting vs unarmed opponents

**Additional Notes:** Blake's fighting style is equal to that of Krav Maga in the real world. His techniques are used primarily in self-defense; however, they are designed to be as ruthless and aggressive as possible to end the combat the absolute soonest and either get away or finish the job. He specializes in holds, disarming, grappling and wrestling. With this fighting style, Blake maintains an overall peaceful demeanor on the outside, only allowing the full fury of his martial prowess when his life is in danger or he is pushed too far in a sparring match.

Description and/or Picture:

Raziek "Blake" Draconis-Aensland 75adf4c2fda553a785b1cb6b831a307f

Additional Details: Blake sports a couple of small canines that become evident when he smiles or laughs. He also has a couple of small scars along his jawline and, when shirtless, possesses an enormous scar taking up the majority of his upper torso from an old wound when he was in another world.

Fighting: Excellent (20)
Agility: Good (10)
Strength: Good (10)
Endurance: Excellent (20)
Reasoning: Typical (6)
Intuition: Typical (6)
Psyche: Typical (6)

Hit Points: 60
Stamina Points: 39
Mana: 18

Special Abilities:

Cost: NA
Uses: Fighting
Requires: Minimum of 2 Martial Arts skills
Description: The fighter on attacks gets one extra attack at -1 fighting in combo attacks


In his original existence, Blake was born to Adrammelech & Catherine Draconis of the Gothika plane, a neighboring world to that of Makai - a world of demons. He was born during rising tensions between his father's House and that of his uncle Trevor's, who staged a coup to dethrone his parents and take over the realm. He succeeded, but not until after Blake had been successfully transferred to and adopted by a certain incubus dwelling within Makai. In his alternate existence, Blake was a half-demon hyrbid born to a demon prince named Adrammelech Draconis who took advantage of a young priestess named Catherine who was murdered by his father shortly after Blake was born. In this world, Blake was abandoned at the doorstep of an old man who took him in, gave him his name Blake and raised him as his own. The name of this old man is unknown.

As a youth, Blake was always getting into trouble in his original existence, and, even in his alternate existence, Blake had problems growing up. In his alt world, he grew up in the care of the old man, but frequently wandered the streets as the old man worked long hours to make whatever little he could for the two. Once he became of age in both existences, Blake grew more independent and gained friends. In his original existence, he met a feline by the name of Bakkar and, later, got to know his son Rave - from rival to courtship. In his alt existence, Blake met two friends by the name of Raf and Nicole. Nicole was the oldest of the three, and they all became great friends going on to establish the faction Gorgon's Fist where they'd work diligently to assist people around town. It eventually became a military organization of the kingdom to aid in its defense against the empire.

In his original world, Blake's life took an unexpected turn when he disappeared mysterious almost 20 years ago compared to his adulthood in his alternate existence. Having found his way back to his original existence after 20 years, and Blake is trying to relearn where his life left off at except he has matured through his alt existence. More mature and disciplined, the new adult Blake seems to be much more reserved than old Blake with an aura of 'war wisdom' surrounding him. He views fighting like a language and no longer goes out of his way to start fights as he did when he was a kid. Having this philosophy, Blake has become much stronger and those who are able to see auras or sense energy would feel a raging inferno contained within him.

(Modern Day)

* Blake has arrived on the island via a big blue box. He met with Vampi and, soon after, Bakkar - who had emerged from his shadow via magic spell. The two transported Blake to the Seventh where Blake is now registered and begins his journey of figuring out his past, who he is, and what happened to him so long ago.

* After a week of being on the island, Blake has finally bumped into his old rival, best friend and lover, Rave (Ravenous). Although Blake did not recognize him specifically, his feelings recognized the wolf's energy and brought Blake to tears that he had finally found, at minimum, his best friend. He felt safe now, and invited Rave to his room for the night to catch up on old times and grab breakfast in the morning.

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New Member

Posts : 3
Join date : 2019-03-07
Age : 33
Location : Victoria, TX

Raziek "Blake" Draconis-Aensland Empty
PostSubject: Re: Raziek "Blake" Draconis-Aensland   Raziek "Blake" Draconis-Aensland EmptyFri Mar 15, 2019 1:10 am

Requesting permission for a couple of things:

1.) Permission to be able to RP Blake as possessing a "demonic chi". It is what would allow him to be able to perform...

2.) Special Ability: DraconFlare - +1 CS to a single attack 1/day, must be declared before attack. Cannot be combined with other special abilities such as Brawler.
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Raziek "Blake" Draconis-Aensland
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