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PostSubject: Ena Luighseach, The Wildfire   Ena Luighseach, The Wildfire EmptySat Oct 27, 2018 5:05 pm

My Name: Beca`

Name: Ena Luighseach (Wildfire)

Sex: Female


Height: 5ft 3in

Weight: 125 lbs

Age: 21

Age in Appearance:(If applicable) 21

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Eye Color: Blue (white in SHT form)

Skin Color: Lightly Tanned

Personality: Ena Luighseach is a very unique person spending a lot time as a drifter. She seems a bit shy at first but has quite the personality. Ena is open and honest which can get her in trouble. She is not afraid to speak her mind if she sees a wrong. Ena tries to go about everything the right way but has a tendency to get into trouble. She has been known to be at the wrong place at the wrong time all too often. Ena tries to remain out of sight and in the shadows as to keep from getting into trouble. She has one of the worst tempers but is very slow to ignite. However once she is angered she does not let things go. Ena holds a grudge like the typical Irish girl. One thing you really notice about Ena is that she loves to make everyone happy around her.

Weakness: Water, Human Disease

Profession: Runaway turned wanderer

Weapons: Street fighting, natural fire magic

Armor: Fire Shield

Items: messenger bag, black zippo

Skills: Jewelry Making (bead work and a little metal), Writing (poetry and novels), Survival Skills (street smarts and woodlands)

Pyrokinesis: Derived from the Greek words p?? (pûr, meaning "fire, lightning") and ????s?? (kínesis, meaning "motion"), is being the ability to excite or speed up an object's atoms, increasing their thermal energy until they ignite, not necessarily objects, but also air particles (the largest free floating flame is only about the size of a baseball currently). Without some form of electromechanical device, such as a device to release several of the compounds that do spontaneously ignite upon contact with the oxygen in air (such as saline, a pyrophosphate gas, or rubidium), or some form of triggering device located at the source of the fire she has a harder time causing things to ignite. The hottest temperature she can reach at her current state is only about 450 degrees F.

Sunny Life: When she is out in the sun she feels a power boost as she seems to absorb the UV rays of the sun. She does not ever sun burn oddly enough having as fair skin as she does. The longer she is in the sun the more energetic she feels. She feels sluggish during the night because of this unless it is a half moon or more. She feels normal if it is at least a half moon because she takes the sun rays reflected off the moon.

Spontaneous Human Torching (SHT): When she is scared or finds herself in danger to where she fears for her life. Her body super heats itself much like how she ignites items to even the air, covering her body in blue fire that can reach up to temperatures of 450 degrees F. It helps when she is walking through flames and seems a bit uncontrollable. She actually finds herself lost in the flames making it both a good and bad thing. It also is dangerous because if she gets to near a gas tank or gas leak. She can cause an explosion and hurt herself badly. Only for about 2 hours can she be ignited before she starts to burn much like a sunburn which would progress depending on how long she is aflame.


Ena Luighseach may be a small girl only standing 5ft 3in but she can really draw attention to herself when she wants it. She seems to make things a bit brighter than before. Ena always carries a black zippo with her where ever she may roam. Her black messenger bag is very ratty looking but she is never without it. She prefers to wear baggy shorts and tank tops dressing much like a boy but when she is asleep she usually is only wearing boy shorts and her tank top. Ena seems to always be in brighter colors favoring reds and yellows. She wears sneakers preferring them to the heavier boots and even in the dead of winter does not wear a jacket. Ena has mid back length strawberry blonde hair that is normally in a braid or ponytail but has been known to let it free. Her white skin is flawless and very much like porcelain in color. Her dark blue eyes seem almost purple depending on the light.

Distinguishing marks: bite mark scar under her left breast, broken cheek bone from a fight at a gas station


Spontaneous Human Torching(SHT):

Fighting: Incredible
Agility: Remarkable
Strength: Typical
Endurance: Incredible
Reasoning: Good
Intuition: Incredible
Psyche: Excellent


Ena Luighseach was born in Long Beach, CA to an Irish couple by the name of Anna and Patrick Luighseach who had just gotten married barely a year ago. When she was born, they loved her more than anything else in the world. Her mother however was not so lucky and was unable to bear another child because of a hemorrhage in her uterus. Anna never spoke of it to her daughter fearing Ena might blame herself for being such a difficult birth. Anna and Patrick lived in a house about 1 mile from the beach and they went to the beach nearly every day loving the surf and the sun. Anna was a stay at home mom and Patrick was a computer programmer. Patrick worked long and sometimes odd hours but he always came home with a smile. Anna and Ena would visit the library when it was rainy and both loved to read. Ena thought her life was going to stay perfect forever until she started to feel a change inside her.

On her 13th birthday, she felt very sick and hot all day but she suffered in silence. It was not until nearly 3 months later when she got in a fist fight at school with bullies who were trying to steal another child's money. She was winning but a very well placed punch hit into her chin causing her body to ignite. Her anger fueled the inner flames making her send a golf ball fireball into the boy's face. He suffered third degree burns to his cheeks, chin and forehead. The teachers did not know what to do with it. They were in awe and demanded to know how the child ended up so badly burned. Ena could not explain it and was expelled for two weeks. She maintained her innocence and her parents said it had to be a freak accident. Her mother and father both were normal so they did not know that Patrick carried the X-Gene. Patrick's twin brother, Angus, went missing when he was only 14. So neither knew that Angus was a mutant as well. Patrick's parents did not speak about it either.

A few years went by and more and more strange things began to happen. Many fires would start out of no where making it to a point that Anna and Patrick had a fire extinguisher in every room. It was not until Ena turned 15 when everything went wrong. Anna and Patrick got a phone call that Ena was kidnapped from the school yard. She was gone for nearly a week before they finally found her shivering walking naked down the road. She did not have a single mark on her but was filthy. Her eyes wide and her voice locked away. The police found a burned out shack two miles down the road that they found Ena on with a single body burnt to a crisp inside. Ena was unaware of what had happened she only remembered walking down the road.

On Ena's 18th birthday, a huge fire broke out when Ena was dumped by her two year boyfriend. Everyone got out but Ena's childhood home was burned to the ground. It was only then that Anna and Patrick realized what she was. They had heard reports about it but never seen it first hand. They could not handle the news and demanded that Ena work. Patrick went to the bank taking out $500 and Anna packed a bag with food. Ena woke up alone the next morning in a hotel room with a note from her parents. They had abandoned her. She did not feel anger however only sadness. She spend the next three years walking from place to place never saying longer than a few days anywhere. She feared she would get abandoned again if she grew a to know anyone.

Famous Quote: I am like the wild and insane fire that burns the largest prarie and thickest woods. I am untamable and burn the hottest when all other fire goes out. I am and always will be Wildfire.
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Ena Luighseach, The Wildfire
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