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Where to find us
Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:55 pm by SgtSarros
New players who want to join the RPG can join us at , and joining the channel #fantasy-ooc

If you do not have your own IRC client you can go to and click chat now. to go to for their IRC client.

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 Simone 'Gabrielle' Hiyatt, Spy and Wolfpack Alpha

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PostSubject: Simone 'Gabrielle' Hiyatt, Spy and Wolfpack Alpha   Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:06 pm

Name Simone Hyatt ( Codename: Gabrielle )

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Height: 5'3

Weight: 100lb

Age: 22 ( June 14th 1992 )

Age in appearance: 22

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Pale

Personality: Kind, protective. A very friendly soul, especially to those who society have hurt, tortured or thrown away. She can sometimes end up being very protective of them. Generally has distrust or dislike for males but there are a few who have broken that habit of hers.

Weakness: Controlling men, A soul in need

Profession: Reformed thief, spy, Asst. Matron at the Women's Shelter

Weapons: Shurikens, Kunai, Dagger

Armor: Specially made corset capible of protecting her from weaker ranged weaponry or daggers/knives, her various cloaks generally also have minor physical resistance from kevlar within them as well.

Items: Numerous technological gadgets

Skills: Crime, Thrown Weapons, Stealth, Hiding, Escapology, Lock Picking

Picture: Outside of the cloak:


Fighting: Good
Agility: Excellent ( Remarkable with throwing daggers / Kunai, and thieving skills )
Strength: Typical
Endurance: Good

Reasoning: Good
Intuition: Remarkable
Psyche: Typical

HP: 46
MP: 46

Special Abilities

Cost: N/A
Uses: N/A
Description: Gabrielle's cloak allows her to go invisible to virtually all forms of detection.It can render her unable to be seen for up to 90 minutes per day. If she speaks or does something to make someone look directly at her ( such as botching a stealth roll ), the cloak automatically deactivates.
Special Conditions:
1. The cloak will use up 15 minutes of energy every time she cloaks, even if she does not stay cloaked for that long, so she cannot cloak more then six times a day.
2. She can only cloak herself, what fits inside of her cloak, and at must a single backpack. In addition, if someone is touching her or looking directly at her, she cannot cloak.
3. As thoughts cannot be cloaked, those with telepathy will be able to hear her if she is near, though as long as they do not look directly at where the thoughts are coming from, she will remain cloaked.


Gabrielle grew up in a very abusive household. Her father controlled the house with an iron fist and her mother did whatever was asked of her to keep him from getting angry. As she aged, her father started treating her and her sister the same way. One day when she was thirteen, in a drunken fit he tried to attack Gabrielle for refusing to do what he told her to. Scared, she ran away from the house, vowing never to return there.

Living on the street, she begged for money though when times were tough she'd try to take someone's wallet if it was hanging out of their pants or looked easy to grab. One day however she attempted to swipe the wallet of a member of one of the underground crime groups in her city, and was caught. They made her a choice. Work for them, or lose her life.

The next few years, the woman now known as Gabrielle was little more then a pawn in the criminal underworld. Abandoning her old name and family, she donned a black hooded cloak so that her identity would never be discovered. Her thieving and sneaking abilities were improved on and trained, and she was used as a thief as well as a spy, stealing information from other groups or listening in on important missions. Failure resulted in rather harsh punishments, so she quickly became very good at what she did. She also made many contacts in the underground during this time.

Once she reached adulthood, she started looking for ways to escape and run away. However they knew this day would come and they were ready. One day, her boss said he had something to show Gabrielle... they revealed to her that they had abducted her sister, and that if she wanted her sister to live, she'd keep working for them. Without a choice she continued the live she had been living, though treated worse now then she had been before.

One fateful day she was spying on a group, and as luck would have it a couple members were late on arrival and came from a different direction then usual. Through sheer luck, they managed to see Gabrielle in the shadows and surrounded her before she could make her usual escape. With her life seemingly about to end, she confessed what she was doing and why. The group offered to help free her sister, on the condition she help them, though after they were done with their respective tasks they could go their own ways. Knowing her death would mean the death of her sister, she readily agreed.

The betrayal of her old group seemed to go off without a hitch, the ambush was done, they group rushed in, grabbed Gabrielle's sister and ran ou. All seemed to be on path for a happy ending.. until one of the members of the group Gabrielle now formerly worked for started firing. At first it looked like the shots missed... until Gabrielle's sister was noticed laying on the ground. By the time Gabrielle ran over to her, she was already dead...

Distraught, she become very despondent and quiet, constantly blaming herself for the death. It was quite some time before she even attempted to leave the group's home she was staying in. when she did, she attempted to find the person who had killed her sister, not knowing at the time they were disguised to frame another person for it.

When she tracked down the person she thought was her sister's killer, she had difficulty believing the truth, but decided to work with them to find out. During this time she cleared out a renegade group called the Infection with the help of them, and officially ended her career as a criminal, working with Police and SHIELD as an over-cover agent in the criminal underground, using her contacts to 'help' the groups by having their enemies 'accidentally' arrested. It was cleaning the streets of crime, and a job she was happy to do. She brought back her true name, Simone Hiyatt, as her name outside of the cloak so she could work on both sides without being discovered, as to help get the criminals caught and arrested, Gabrielle often had to break the law, and while Simone was a trusted member, Gabrielle was wanted for numerous crimes.

One day a strange earthquake happened. She fell out of her bed and through a portal that took her to Fantasy Island. While she was relieved to see some of her friends had also come there, it left her questioning what to do with her life, with no real criminal underground to work with.

These days, she now works as a counselor for those who have come from abused families, troubled homes, slave worlds and so forth, helping them find a way to fit back into society. However, the Simone and Gabrielle personas are still two very different people with two very different purposes that constantly clash and make her life difficult. And one day, one or the other is going to get The Woman in the Black Cloak in over her head..
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Simone 'Gabrielle' Hiyatt, Spy and Wolfpack Alpha
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