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Ichiko Harada - 407-2 EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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PostSubject: Ichiko Harada - 407-2   Ichiko Harada - 407-2 EmptyTue Aug 28, 2018 7:16 pm

Name: Ichiko Harada a.k.a. 407-2

Sex: F

Species: Replicated Humanoid

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 120 lbs

Age: 2

Age in Appearance: early 20s

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Fair

Personality: Ichiko is fairly straightforward and to the point, caring little for the feelings of others. However, she is also very subservient to those in charge, performing her duty without question.

Weakness: Ichiko is a replicated humanoid and as such doesn't understand social norms like natural born beings do.

Profession: Bounty Hunter

Weapons: Militec-1 Viper Submachine Gun

Armor: None

Items: None


Marksman - +1 CS to Agility when using all ranged weapons. Counts as two skills

Jumping / Leaping - Extraordinary at making difficult leaps or jumps over distances most wouldn't be able to make. +1 CS to Strength or Agility as needed.

First Aid - +1 CS to Reasoning for stabilizing an injury on another person to aid in healing. If someone is dying this skill can help save them. A green roll instead of a yellow roll is needed for stabilization, and a yellow roll instead of a red roll is needed to bring them to 1hp.

Military - The perfect soldier. Applies when it comes to military tactics, military training, or just dealing with the military in general.

Assassinations - Whether it's gunshot to the head, dagger to the heart, poisoned drink, you know the perfect way to kill someone. +1 CS to the needed skill to make this work. Can ONLY be applied if you are attempting to kill someone off this attack. Note: Many worlds have an issue with assassins and if you fail or are discovered you will likely have a manhunt on your hands

Description and/or Picture:

Ichiko Harada - 407-2 Science-fiction-cyberpunk-xp


Fighting: Excellent
Agility: Incredible
Strength: Typical
Endurance: Remarkable

Reasoning: Incredible
Intuition: Excellent
Psyche: Typical

Running Speed: Typical
Swimming Speed: Typical

Hit Points: 96
Mana: 66

Experiment 407, a replicated humanoid made from vat-grown organic tissue and cybernetics. She was the first success in The Department. Once all diagnostics were complete, The Department issued mass production of her model. The first off that production line was 407-2. Being born in a fully matured body, capable of mimicking all functions of a normal human, including reproduction, she was given the limited task of being a well trained bounty hunter for a corporate executive. She was given the designation Ichiko Harada, a false past and orders to self terminate if captured.

Ichiko returned one day to find her owner murdered in his office, the victim of retaliation for one of Ichiko’s hits. With no master to provide her with directive, she aimlessly wanders the city, looking for a new master to work for.
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Ichiko Harada - 407-2
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