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 Varok Saurfang

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PostSubject: Varok Saurfang   Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:30 pm

Name: Varok Saurfang

Sex: Male

Species: Orc

Height: 6'10

Weight: 280lbs

Age: 59 years old

Age in appearance: Late 50's, Early 60's

Hair Color: Grey

Eye Color: Light Brown

Skin Color: Faded green

Personality: An honorable warrior that would rather die than cheat in combat. He does not like fighting for fighting's sake, but will certainly finish a fight, should someone be overly confrontational. Quick to anger sometimes, he tries to do what is right over what is easy.

Weakness: Children and refuses to eat pork.

Profession: A member of the IDF

Weapons: Giant battle axe

Armor: Empyrium Steel Full Plate armor

Items: A slightly burnt pendant necklace with small bones interlaced, the pendant being white bone with the red symbol of the Horde ensignia emblazzened on it.


Martial Arts Master: +1 CS to fighting unarmed opponent as well, +1 CS to disarm attempts, negates -1 CS when fighting armed opponent, +1 CS to grapple attempts(Fighting to grapple and Strength for holding them.)

Resist Domination: +1 Psyche to defense against Mind magical attacks.

Military - The perfect soldier. Applies when it comes to military tactics, military training, or just dealing with the military in general.

Leadership: Expert at leading groups. Can, in certain situations, apply a +1CS to others in a skill he has for a limited time.

Description and/or Picture:


Fighting: Amazing
Agility: Good
Strength: Remarkable(max about 1,500lbs)(In the Warcraft movie, Blackhand chucks a warhorse like 30 yards)
Endurance: Incredible

Reasoning: Typical
Intuition: Good(Remarkable in the midst of combat)
Psyche: Incredible(Only in terms of willpower/intimidation. Magically innert)

Flying Speed: N/A

Hit Points: 130
SP: 93 ( Regens 5sp per round )
Mana: 56

Spells / Special Abilities:

Cost: N/A
Uses: Psyche
Description: This character has either been trained against terrifying sights, or has just been through such evils nothing anyone can do to them can frighten them. They are virtually immune to the Fear effect, taking 1 level less effect from any fear ability. ( Example: If a spell is to fear them round one, then results in -2 to rolls round two, then -1 to rolls round three, they skip the fear and only suffer a -2 to rolls in round one, then -1 to rolls in round two. )
Special Conditions:
1. A fear roll of 100 or a player roll of 1 negates this ability.

Cost: 10 SP
Uses: Physical Melee
Description: When an attack successfully strikes an opponent, he is granted a free attack to any up to four targets in the same group. Cannot chain attacks between two targets, only one attack per target. This skill can not be used with any other abilities.

Biography: Varok Saurfang is a legendary warrior for the Horde in Azeroth. His story starts before the doom of Draenor. He was originally a young warrior of the Blackrock Clan, drinking the cursed demon blood of Mannoroth like most orcs. Varok led the forces in the sacking of the Draeneish city of Shattrah leading into the First War on Azeroth.

Varok was made second-in-command of the Horde forces during the First War, and though they were continuously met, ultimately, with defeat, he went on to be a venurable veteran of the First, Second, and Third Wars. When the demon blood curse was lifted, he was haunted by his memories of the countless atrocities he had committed. Above all were the Draenei children, their death screams reminding him of pigs at the slaughter. Still to this day, he cannot eat pork which used to be his favorite.

He went on to help many of the other veterans come to terms with their actions. He will not shy away from war, or hesitate to defend his friends and the Horde. However, he refuses to start a war, and if it is within his power, he will prevent a warmongering spirit from doing so. Whether through actions or by words, he will stop them anyway he can... no matter what.

After Orgrimmar was settled on Azeroth, during the Second War of the Shifting Sands, he traveled to the front lines in Silithus and faught the Qiraji masters and the Old God C'thun.

It was during the War in Northrend against the Lich King that his son died and had been brought back as a death knight. The pendant around his neck is his only token of his son, and he will carry that burden with him forever.
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Varok Saurfang
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