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The Cat from Hammerspace EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
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 The Cat from Hammerspace

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The Cat from Hammerspace Empty
PostSubject: The Cat from Hammerspace   The Cat from Hammerspace EmptyWed Jul 04, 2018 5:24 am

Name: The Cat

Sex: M

Species: Felis Catus

Height: 9 in.

Weight: 8 lbs

Age: ??

Age in appearance: 2?

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Yellow

Skin Color: Fair

Personality: The Cat is very friendly and loves to be pat on his head. Otherwise… he’s a cat.

Weakness: Small. Can only speak cat.

Profession: He’s a cat.

Weapons: None

Armor: None

Items: A very strange collar with the word Cat on the tag.

Escape Artist - +1 CS to untying yourself, finding route out of an exploding building, and other life and death situations. Do not there are some situations where this skill will not benefit you.

Stealth - +1 CS to Agility for moving in shadows or keeping silent to avoid people or sneak up on them. Certain situations may negate this ability.

Jumping / Leaping - Extraordinary at making difficult leaps or jumps over distances most wouldn't be able to make. +1 CS to Strength or Agility as needed.

Tracker - Able to find footprints of people or creatures in some areas and lead them towards who they are trying to find. +1 CS to Intuition.

Communion With Nature - The animals and creatures of the forest consider you to be one with them, and you are naturally aware of everything around you in the forest. +1 to Intuition rolls in the forest, and +1 to reasoning to trying to calm an angry animal.

Description and/or Picture:

A black cat with yellow eyes.


Fighting: Typical

Agility: Excellent

Strength: Poor

Endurance: Typical

Reasoning: Poor

Intuition: Incredible

Psyche: Typical

Running Speed: Excellent

Flying Speed: N/A

Swimming Speed: Poor

Hit Points: 26

Mana: 50

Spells / Special Abilities:


The Cat can access Hammerspace in a variety of ways. He may hide objects and persons inside of it, even himself, he can even teleport from one Hammerspace to another.

Hammerspace is the notional place that things come from when they are needed, and where they go back to when not. The actual location of hammerspace is very hard to determine. There seems to be a great deal of it behind people's backs and on the opposite side of thin things like lampposts and slender trees. It also hides in people's coats, closets, clown cars, large sacks, and occasionally down their pants.

Biography: The Cat was once an ordinary household pet until his owner left for work one day and never came back. Faced with starvation or hunting for food, The Cat left his home and traveled through the city. One night The Cat was picked up by some strange flying frisbee and was taken to a place of green people. These people gave The Cat a special collar that would allow him to traverse a strange phenomenon called Hammerspace. What these green people failed to realize was that instead of The Cat becoming a super smart weaponized device of doom, he was just a housecat that used Hammerspace to help in his journey for food. The Cat never saw those strange frisbee flying green people again.
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The Cat from Hammerspace
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