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Swift Huntbow EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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PostSubject: Swift Huntbow   Swift Huntbow EmptySat Jun 30, 2018 2:45 pm

Name: Swift Huntbow

Sex: F

Species: Centaur

Height: 6’11” (On all fours at least)

Weight: 1450lb

Age: 25

Age in appearance: 21

Hair Color: Yellow

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: (Top half- Fair) (Bottom half- Black with some White)

Personality: Usually Kind but most times she can be seen as rather Improper. Does not take kindly to those who see her as weak. Usually gets Mad whenever she fails at something (Or at least upset if it's nothing too serious)

Weakness: Scared of deep oceans, Can't swim, Loves to Eat, Swoons over good-looking Males (Mainly revolves around other horse like creatures, Anthros, and other Humans.)

Profession: Hunter, Traveler, Self-proclaimed Warrior

Weapons: Grand Elven Bow (aka, it’s a large wooden bow), Iron Daggers

Armor: Leather armor, Wooden Horseshoes, Leather Horse Strap

Items: Basic Healing Potion (2), Carrot, Apples (4)

1. Communion With Nature - The animals and creatures of the forest consider you to be one with them, and you are naturally aware of everything around you in the forest. +1 to Intuition rolls in the forest, and +1 to reasoning to trying to calm an angry animal.

2. Hunter - Skills at sneaking up on game and shooting them. Gains stealth for purposes of hunting animals only, as well as tracking and expert aim. Gains Tracker for animal tracks only. Any animal successfully snuck up on you gain a +1 CS to shooting.

3. Jumping / Leaping - Extraordinary at making difficult leaps or jumps over distances most wouldn't be able to make. +1 CS to Strength or Agility as needed.

4. Bows - +1 CS to Agility.

5. Marksman - +1 CS to Agility when using all ranged weapons. Counts as two skills.

Description and/or Picture:
Swift is a tall, female Centaur with fair skin and black fur covered with two white spots on the middle of her back, as well as a decently long solid black tail. Her upper body portrays a thick, muscled human female with long yellow (Some would say golden as well) hair, flowing back behind her whenever it isn’t usually tied into a ponytail. She seems to sport a B cup sized chest, and an athletic like stomach. Swift also has strong muscles that even though seem small, are considered tough (And for the case of a human, stronger than most). Her lower self supports a tough, Thoroughbred like horse body. Fast and strong, as well as slightly nimble, though slightly taller and heavier than a real one. The bottom supports dark hooves that require horseshoes in order to safety travel extremely long distances without hurting herself against any rocks or hard surfaces.


Fighting: Good. (Unless it’s towards kicking someone with her hooves. Then Excellent.) (10)
Agility: Excellent! (Poor Dancing skills however) (20)
Strength: Excellent! (20)
Endurance: Remarkable!! (30)

Reasoning: Typical.. (6)
Intuition: Good. (10)
Psyche: Typical.. (6)

OPTIONAL: Only include this section if it is different then normal

Running Speed: Good (30-35 Miles per Hour If 0-99lb is carried on her back. 20-25 Miles per Hour if 100-150lb is carried. 15-20 Miles if 151-225lb is carried. 10-15 Miles per Hour if 226-300lb is carried)
Flying Speed: Can’t Fly
Swimming Speed: Can’t Swim. Drowns

Hit Points: 80
Mana: 22

Spells / Special Abilities:
Cure- Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche on learning, none otherwise.
Description: Heals an amount equal to Psyche -2CS in hp or 6hp, whichever is greater.

Swift is usually loved by most animals and natural creatures alike, however due to past and her father pressuring her to become a guardian of the forest; Kealia, she often doesn’t enjoy being out in woods or forests unless it’s to hunt or gather materials. She often stays in towns and pubs, often drinking or eating away her fears and her past. She starts to work towards her dream in life, to become a well known warrior. Swift is usually seen training using her bow mostly everyday to improve her skills at fighting.

She left her home through a portal called the Circle Point that’s usually created through a small break in time at random, randomly transporting herself around different worlds and universes without really any sort of destination. With the start of her travels, she hopes she can finally find a place to call her home, ready to protect and live in any safe location to start anew.
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Swift Huntbow
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