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 Pelagia Catori

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PostSubject: Pelagia Catori   Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:01 am

Name: Pelagia Catori
Sex: Female
Species: Altered Human
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Age: 24
Eye Color: Light blue/Aquamarine
Skin Color: Fairly pale white
Hair Color: Coral green
Personality: Pelagia still bears in her the spirit of an explorer, even with her devotion to the order. As such, she can be a rather curious person at times. However, this is hardly to say she will try anything once, for beneath that exterior lies the heart of a warrior, each step swift and sure, her intents as clear as a lake on a sunny day. Inside beats a heart of tempered steel, burnished with a strong sense of honor that demands clarity and consistency in the straight and narrow, never typically one to settle for less, wherever that path may lead.

Weakness: At times her curiosities can lead her into less-than-amicable circumstances. In addition, she struggles in dealing with those who are too flighty for her tastes, given her experiences with her late father, still bearing a sense of disgust deep down for his constant necessity to travel.


Water Trident
+1 CS fighting
+2 CS vs fire creatures
1 charge Frost Shield ( 24 hour recharge )

Armor: None
Items: No other items on her person to speak of, save a pouch for coin.
Skills: Swordsmanship ( Javelin ), Underwater Combat, Tumbling
Pelagia is an outstanding fighter, talented in use of the war fork/javelin, as well as a remarkable swimmer, capable of swimming 45-60 miles per hour unencumbered. In addition, she is capable of manipulating light to a small degree, an inexplicable ability she has always had, though it isn't that strong; she is only capable of brightening or dimming a light to a certain degree. She also possesses a modicum of tumbling ability.


Fighting: Remarkable
Agility: Remarkable
Strength: Good
Endurance: Remarkable

Reasoning: Good
Intuition: Excellent
Psyche: Excellent

HP: 100
MP: 50

Aquatic Communication
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Reasoning/Psyche ( whichever is higher )
Description: Allows you to speak to aquatic creatures such as dolphins, sharks, octopi and more for one hour. Once you learn your first fourth circle spell, cost becomes none and a roll is only required when something is resisting it.

Breathe Water
Cost: 5MP
Uses: N/A
Description: Allows one person to breathe underwater for Psyche minutes ( Excellent = 20 minutes, Remarkable = 30 minutes and so forth )

Shaping Water
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: The caster can shape and mould water into various shapes. The higher the level the more complex shapes can be created and held. Large enough shapes may require more MP at GM discretion.

Cost: 10MP
Uses: N/A
Description: Allows for someone to pull someone along in the water beside the caster. Useful for characters that cannot swim. Towed character moves at Good swimming speed or the swimming speed of the caster, whichever is lower.

Water Stream
Cost: 10MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Fires a continual stream of water that can be used to put out fires such as a house fire. Depending on the size of the fire the GM may ask for more then one roll of this to be needed.

Breathe Water, Mass
Cost: 15MP
Uses: NA
Description: Allows up to four people to breathe underwater for Psyche minutes ( Excellent = 20 minutes, Remarkable = 30 minutes and so forth )


The daughter of a sailor and a seamstress, Pelagia's youth was one often one contented and simple, spending the days perhaps dreaming of that perfect wedding someday, or wanting to join her father on one of his many voyages, since he was never home to tend to the family. She bore something ot a sense of bitterness in her youth, that father did not often stick around very long. However, at the age of 13, she finally managed to convince her parents to let her join her father on one of his journeys, her mother opting to tag along just to help keep the curious child in line.

Out at sea, the days passed, young Pelagia often seen standing on deck and looking out to see, feeling the breeze in her hair in wonder at what sights awaited on the horizon, thirsting to behold new lands and new peoples, the very sea itself unable to sate it. But a week later, however, a violent storm seized the sky, the panicked rush of sailors' footfalls thundering throughout. Sails flailed in the chaotic winds, the thunder rolling from far above. The sky and sea bore wrath alike, a thunderbolt rocketing to the sea, heavy rain washing over the deck. The winds tore away at the bow, lifting the bow of the ship before leaving it plunging into the crest of a massive wave. A few sailors were cast from the craft, leaving the rope of the sails to flail wildly. From the haven of the captain's cabin, young Pelagia watched her father stride out to try to help stabilize the craft, but the roar of the waves and the thunderclaps continued to drwon out their cries for help. Wacthing, she saw her father thrown off of the ship by a mighty crash of a tidal wave, the ship capsizing and collapsing beneath the wrath of the storm.

Amidst the eerie calm that followed, shredded boards and scattered sails littered the sea, every bit as calm and quiet as an ordinary, warm summer day. Pelagia alone clung to such a piece of debris, her eyes reddened from her weeping, having found not a single trace of anyone else, her survival instincts burdened by a mournful heart. A few moments later, a figure clad in light jade-lined armor emerged from the surface, noting the youngling. " cannot survive out here alone. Come with me..." he said, as Pelagia, through tear-laden eyes, agreed to come along. From there she was brought far beneath the waves, as the man offered oxygen through his lips along the way to keep her alive. Pelagia had been led to an underwater temple, where she would then be cared for for the rest of her youth, and devote herself to the temple's order, a temple that worshipped Leviathan, the legendary sea serpent.

When she had managed to get over her mourning, her resolve shone, and proved to be a great asset. Developing impeccable skill with the javelin and war fork, she was granted the rites to become a templar for Leviathan, and gifted with Leviathan's Blessing. It granted her the ability to breathe underwater, as well as heighten her celerity beneath the waves. The mark of the blessing serves as an ornate tattoo of the majestic sea serpent, strewn and winding over her back. Having been instilled with the values of honor, she sets forth now from the temple now and then, following the charges she is given.
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Pelagia Catori
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