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Azazelle    EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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PostSubject: Azazelle    Azazelle    EmptyTue May 22, 2018 9:37 pm

Name: Azazelle

Sex: Female

Species: Dragon

Height: 2'10"(4'2" in Human Form)

Weight: 110 lbs(57 lbs in Human Form)

Age: 14

Age in appearance: A Very Young Dragon(Or roughly an 8 year old girl)

Hair Color: N/A(Blue in Human Form)

Eye Color: Ruby Red(Dark Brown with Ruby Red iris in Human Form)

Skin Color:  Sky Blue(Caucasian in Human Form)

Personality: Outgoing considering her size. Polite to those that are nice to her, she gives people the benefit of the doubt until they earn her distrust.

Weakness: Anti-magic sources.

Profession: Herbalist

Weapons: Claws, Teeth, Poison Sting Tail, Draconic Breath.

Armor: Scales

Items: Often carries a satchel to store herbs.


Medicine: +1 CS to Reasoning for stabilizing an injury. Green instead of Yellow is needed for stabilization/and a yellow roll instead of Red is needed to bring them to 1hp, +1 CS to Intuition for finding herbs and +1 CS to Reasoning for indentifying herbs for various purposed including but not limited to medicines and poisons.

Performer: +1 CS to any skill relating to the performance.

Farming: +1 CS to Reasoning of growing crops or taking care of animals.

Hunter: Gains Stealth(+1 CS to Agility for sneaking/moving through shadows) as well as Tracking(+1 CS to Intuition) for animals tracks ONLY. Any animal tracked you gain a +1 CS to Figthing.

Communion With Nature: +1 CS to Intuition rolls in the forest, and +1 CS to Reasoning to trying to calm an angry animal.

Description and/or Picture:
Dragon Form
Azazelle    Azazel10
Azazelle    Azazel10
Human Form
Azazelle    Azazel11

Fighting: Good(Poor in Human Form)
Agility: Typical(Good in Human Form)
Strength: Typical(Feeble in Human Form)
Endurance: Good(Good in Human Form)

Reasoning: Poor
Intuition: Good
Psyche: Excellent

Running Speed: Good(30mph)/Poor(10mph) In Human Form
Flying Speed: Typical(30mph)
Swimming Speed: Good(30mph/Feeble(5mph) in Human Form

Hit Points: 32(26 in Human Form, though if Human Form is brought to 1 or lower, revert back to Dragon Form)
Mana: 34

Spells / Special Abilities:

Fira in the form of Fire Breath. Can be used up to 4 times a day. Can be used in Human Form.

Barbed Tail Sting
Cost: N/A
Uses: Fighting
Description: Deals Typical damage every round. Opponent rolls Endurance to resist the venom. Venom lasts 2d2 rounds max in combat. Every turn after, target must roll the same color of the successful strike or take Typical damage again. As it is a venom and not a poison, Poison Resistance doesn't grant resistance. Can not be used in Human Form.

Circle One-

Nature's Touch
Cost: 2MP
Uses: Psyche ( Only if there is something in the area attempting to block this spell )
Description: Reaches into the heart of a dying tree or plant, giving it energy to help it heal and repair itself.

Whisper In the Woods
Cost: 2MP
Uses: None
Description: Allows the caster to send a verbal message to a person or area in the same forest as them. At circle three this is any forest on the same world. At circle six, this is any forest on the same plane. ( Limbo and Hell, for example, would not be reachable from Fantasy Island )

Biography: When she was born she found her egg tucked away in a corner that was actually quite troublesome to break out of. Due to the nature of dragons from her realm, she was born with the basic imprints of knowledge from her parents. She knew who they were, tidbits of important information like how to speak, how to walk, the general layout of the land surrounding the cave entrence that leads to the underground nest.

It took her a few hours for her legs to work, having only just been born, but she found the rest of the cave almost completely empty. The egg pit was empty, dried blood splattering the walls of the cave. She found a crispy body of some manner of humanoid that she knew to be edible, and thought to ration it over the next few days.

She was a week old when she came to the realization that her parents were very likely dead, and her siblings' eggs were taken for whatever nefarious reasons. It took her another week to finally drag herself out of her cave when she was suddenly found by a small group of adventurers. A human of the group wanted to kill her and harvest her for spell components, but the others took pity on her small form and took her in, protecting her.

She found her proficiency in nature magic and one of the companions taught her herbalism. They had raided an abandoned tower together, emptied out a goblin cave, stopped an evil warlord from destroying a town, ran a pool hall scam with her ability to transform into a human form.

Time passed quickly and after about four and a half years of adventuring with her family, the human that originally wanted to harvest her came around when she saved his life during an encounter with a den of werewolves, she awoke to the familiar smell of blood. She found herself bound to a cart. Bound to cart surrounded by men that were only vaguely familiar to her.

In her parent's last few moments, they had imprinted to her the faces of these men. She recognized the one that dealt the killing blow to both of her parents, the man wielding an unsavory and dangerous looking spear. She hissed and struggled, all to sure that she was about to meet the same fate as her siblings. She called out to her companions which only earned a chorus of mocking laughter from the dragon hunters.

"They are dead, Lizard." The spear-wielder barked.

She tried as hard as she could to escape the bindings, but they were too strong for her. With a sigh of defeat, she rested her head and closed her eyes. The spear-wielder patted her on the head and they moved on towards the nearest major city.

She could only hope that her parents, or something, would intervene in the several days of travel ahead of them. She was sure they would treat her with ill-will, not feed her, and she was correct. She can recall through memories imprinted on her through her parents in their dying moments what these men had done, but she had no idea what these men had been through.

Whatever their motivations were for hunting dragons, for riches, for revenge, it didn't matter to her. Whether they were selfish or righteous reasons, it only concerned her because she happened to be a dragon.

..on top of her mistreatment, they also killed both of her families.
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