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 Limbo, The Plane between Planes

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PostSubject: Limbo, The Plane between Planes   Thu May 17, 2018 4:41 pm

Limbo is what looks to be a destroyed world, that is the doorway to other palces. Almost every teleportation spell or ability has the people pass through limbo when they go to a different world. As such it is a very important location. As the balance of Limbo changes, doorways between the planes open and close, meaning paths are sometimes harder to find then others.

There is no 'world' in Limbo in the traditional sense. Instead there are hundreds of floating islands. Most of the land is dead, though there are some small signs of life here and there.. The population is almost entirely demon, and has been as long for anyone can remember.

Below are the known factions of Limbo, and who they are loyal to ( if not independant ):

Darkchylde, Ruler of Limbo

Leader: Illyana Rasputina

Base of Operations: Palace of Limbo

Approximate Control of Limbo: 60%

Information: Once human, she was captured by Belasco, former leader of Limbo. She eventually overthrew him and took control.


  • Fasira - Captain of the guard
  • Verdia - Head Researcher
  • Firia - Head of Intelligence

Senior Members:

  • Glacia - Mentalist
  • Vinicius


  • Lucien - Guard
  • Vhesira - Dancer / Masseuse
  • Charysse - Guard / Researcher


  • Jules
  • Lucinda

Harkarne Bloodstone

Leader: Harkarne Bloodstone

Base of Operations: Western Castle

Approximate Control of Limbo: 30%

Information: Harkarne believes in a Caste system, and his faction follows it rigidly. Moving up or down between the casts is considered a massive honor or dishonor, and is thus done sparingly unless done by trial of combat.


  • Simca - Mate of Lord Bloodstone
  • Rubina - Head Advisor
  • Krishi - Security
  • Lady Adaline - Advisor

Elite Demon Caste:

  • Brogan
  • Shanoa

Demons Caste:

Worker Caste:

  • Evelina
  • Hope
  • Mila Adeline

Servant Caste.
( Those of the servant caste do not have names; they are referred to by their job, earning a name promotes them to the Worker Caste )

Succubi Of Light

Leader: Verdia

Base of Operations: Palace of Limbo

Loyalty: Darkchylde

Information: They are the only demons of Limbo capable of learning Light magic. As such even though Light is still a weakness to them to an extent, they take far less damage then other demons do. They also tend to be, for succubi, stronger then average, though other factions of demons may still have an easy victory in combat against them.

House Adeline

Leader: Lady Adeline

Base Of Operations: Western Castle

Loyalty: Lord Bloodstone

Information: The demons of House Adeline have been nobles for as long as anyone can remember. Despite their petite size they are both quick and strong, easily overwhelming an unknowing opponent. Magical capabilities vary greatly from one member to the next.

The Vharin

Leader: Unknown at this time

Base Of Operations: Western Castle

Loyalty: Harkarne Bloodstone

Information: The Vharin are a rarely seen faction, not just due to low numbers but also their ability to work very stealthily. It is said they are partially living in the shadow plane and as such can move in and out of it almost subconciously. They do not have wings but with their ability they are not needed. When they are out of the shadows and on this plane they are very fast though easily injured and are not suited for front line assault duty.

The Fellowship, AKA The Lost Faction

Leader: The Advisor

Base Of Operations. The Chateau of Memories, southern Limbo

Approximate Control of Limbo: 5%

Information: A faction from before The Great Destruction, where most of Limbo was lost dueing an era of peace. It was believed the humans who has befriended msot of the demons were to blame and a great war broke out. Most of the humans were killed, along with any demons who sided with them. With their flying demons slain and nowhere for them to go, the remaining humans started The Shielding, which would have protectded them from the other demons, however, something went terribly wrong...

... appearing just recently in the present, the group of fourty-some demons are led by a human known as The Advisor. They are a faction that is very warm towards humans and elves, wary towards other demons, and while fond of those of true darkness are initiallydistrusting of those of Shadow Magic.

Members belonging to unknown factions at this time:

  • Cynthia
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Limbo, The Plane between Planes
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