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Ramza Beoulve EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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PostSubject: Ramza Beoulve   Ramza Beoulve EmptySat Sep 30, 2017 9:59 am

Name: Ramza Beoulve
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Age: 24
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Fairly pale


Ramza Beoulve is a knight to the core. Every facet of his being is dedicated to justice, no matter the circumstance or cost. As such, he is a fiercely loyal warrior to his friends, quick and decisive in his actions. Despite being the son of a knight of almost legendary standing, he still has good touch with his slightly more lowborn roots. He bears a sense of understanding, though at times it can be naivety as well.

Weakness: His forthright approach makes him deceivable, as well as manipulable at times in his staunch idealism.
Profession: Warrior/Tactician
Weaponry: Broadsword & Kite Shield
Armor: Banded Mail Armor - Provides good protection from all physical attacks. Wearer is immune to non-firearm ranged attacks unless it's a called shot. Restrictions: Agility type 2, Swimming type 1.
Items: He has the Zodiac Stones in safekeeping, in hopes they will never be found again, and still possesses the Germonik Scriptures, ready to expose the church for their heinous lies.
Skillset: Swordsmanship, military, leadership, Performer: Reed Flute (A flute essentially made only from blades of grass...not that great a skill really)


Fighting: Remarkable
Agility: Good
Strength: Excellent
Endurance: Remarkable
Reasoning: Good
Inntuition: Excellent
Psyche: Incredible

HP: 90
MP: 70


Everyone knew the story of the Lion Wars. Two princes fought for power in the wake of the king's passing...and amidst the chaos, a lowborn man arose from the ashes, becoming king and marrying Princess Ovelia. This man was none other than Delita Hyral, a cunning knight who was said to be a national hero, and brought the War of the Lions to a screeching halt.

But is this the truth?

A second figure, a former imperial cadet and child of House Beoulve, was brought to light by recent reports. The church maintains he was an insurrectionist, a heretic to the masses. His name was Ramza Beoulve, brother of Dycedarg and Zalbag Beoulve, son of Balbanes, a figure obscured by the smudging of the truth by the Church of Glabados. It had all begun in his first excursions as an enlisted Hokuten squire, in the town of Gariland. He had delivered crushing blows to the forces of the Death Corps, a group of commoner warriors who fought for the masses in the wake of the poverty they had been improperly rewarded with after their service in another war. Ramza's convictions had begun to waver the first time he battled with Miluda, the sister of Wiegraf, captain of the Death Corps. Cursing Ramza's pity as she made her escape, Algus shouted angrily at Ramza after a meeting with Dycedarg, when they learned Delita's sister Teta was captured. Knowing Zalbag would leave her for dead, Ramza and Delita marched for Fort Zeakden with all haste...only to watch as Zalbag ordered Algus to fire his crossbow into Teta's heart. In a massive gunpowder explosion to follow, Ramza, in the wake of this disaster, left the Hokuten and became a mercenary under a man named Gafgarion, while Delita eventually joined Duke Goltana's army, and captured Princess Ovelia right under the noses of Ramza and Gafgarion, as well as her personal bodyguard, Agrias Oaks.

This led them onward to a rescue mission, where they wrested Ovelia from the Hokuten and found safe haven at Lionel Castle for Ovelia and Agrias...or so they thought. Venturing further to Goug after rescuing a machinist named Mustadio, he had concealed the secret of one of the twelve Zodiac Stones. When he gave a fake crystal to the leader of the Bart Trading Company, they learned Cardinal Draclau, ruler of Lionel, was in on the conspiracy. Making a mad charge to Lionel, Ramza and Mustadio rescued Agrias Oaks, and then attacked the execution site of Ovelia, which turned out to be an ambush by Gafgarion. After fighting their way through and approaching Lionel Castle, Ramza killed Gafgarion in a life-or-death duel, as the rest fended off the forces at the gate. Inside was Draclau, who held one of the Zodiac Stones, and used it to transform into an ancient, profane monster, said to be an incarnation of an old Zodiac Brave. Destroying the Cardinal in a fierce fight, the secret of the Zodiac Stones was revealed.

Knowing now the machinations of the church, Ramza made haste away from Lionel to meet with his sister Alma. Along the way, he received a tome known as the Germonik Scriptures, an old book kept hidden from the church. It bore the full brunt of all the lies the church lived by, and would surely garner the attention of the nobles. With this in hand, he was approached by a heresy examiner...and when he did not immediately go with him, Ramza was branded a heretic by the church.

Regardless, his march continued...knowing what he knew about the church now, he knew he had to stop them. Eventually he ran into an old adversary...Wiegraf, once a champion of the people, had become a dog of the church, and used one of the Zodiac Stones to gain immense power. Meanwhile, Alma was captured by the church, and Ramza swore to save her at all costs, knowing of what they planned to do to her, knowing they intended to revive St. Ajora. Carving through enemy forces, he confronted Wiegraf and defeated him in a duel. Wiegraf used the powers of Velius, supposedly a Zodiac Brave, and faced Ramza with his full might...but even then, Ramza overcame him, ascending further and facing Marquis Elmdor, who he had previously rescued in Zeklaus Desert. Accompanying him were a pair of demonic assassins, Ultima-class demons who bore great and deadly powers. Ramza refused to hand over the stones he held, and forced the Marquis to retreat.

After rescuing Cidolfus Orlandu, an old friend of Balbanes Beoulve, Ramza led his troupe to the very gates of Murond, the Holy City, after killing the heresy examiner who pursued him. He had also confronted Meliadoul along the way, a holy knight of the Church of Glabados, who joined Ramza after they had slain Marquis Elmdor, seeing the profane power of the stones firsthand. Given Ramza was a heretic, he had no qualms with declaring his disgust with the church from the frint gate, and broke through to confront a trio of high-ranking church knights. They demanded the stones and the Germonik Scriptures...but Ramza only offered a fake book. Moving onward through the chaos, Ramza found the High Priest himself assassinated, and offered but one work to Ramza.


First, however, he marched for his home of Igros to confront his brother Ducedarg, who had been working behind the scenes to seize power. Zalbag had refused to hear Ramza's plight...but when he heard Balbanes died of Mosfungus poisoning, and he knew that Dycedarg was well-versed in poisons, he confronted him. Ramza arrived just as Zalbag had begun to strike him down, but soon Dycedarg would reveal his own Zodiac Stone. Slaying Zalbag before Ramza's eyes, Ramza exacts his vengeance upon his betraying brother, and his dead father, destroying Dycedarg once and for all before he marched for the Orbonne MOnastery.

Led into an ancient portal that led to a literal hell, known as Murond Death City, Ramza was forced to fight Zalbag, and fought his way through the church's highest-ranking holy knights. It was upon an airship graveyard that he came face to face with Vormav, leader of the church's military force. Using the Zodiac Stone to heighten his own power, he fell to Ramza's blade, and then sacrificed himself for St. Ajora's arrival. To the side lay Alma Beoulve, the supposed body of St. Ajora. The two existed for that moment as separate, as Ramza and St. Ajora clashed in a titanic battle upon the ruins of a dilapidated airship. As the killing blow was struck, the airship burst into flames, throwing the group out of the ruins.

None knew their whereabouts in the wake of the battle, but the church would keep to its classification of Ramza as a heretic. He and Alma, however, survived the incident, and began to live a life of seclusion. The only one who knew of their survival was Olan, Orlandu's son, who saw the two passing by on chocobos after paying respects to an apparently empty grave.

Power Break
Cost: 5 MP
Uses: Fighting
Effect: Deals strength -1CS damage. Target takes -1 CS to strength for 3 rounds. Cannot stack.

Armor Break
Cost: 5 MP
Uses: Fighting
Effect: Deals strength -1CS damage. Target's armor provides -2CS protection for 3 rounds.

Cost: 5 MP
Uses: Psyche
Effect: Grants an ally +1 CS to strength for melee damage for 3 rounds.
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Ramza Beoulve
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