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PostSubject: Kirru Inuhenshin   Kirru Inuhenshin EmptySat Jan 27, 2018 9:59 pm

Name: Kir Ru(Keer Roo)

Sex: Female

Species: Inuhenshin(Canine Shapeshifters)

Height: 5'7(Humanoid), 2'5(Canine)(7'7Human/3'5Canine-CW)

Weight: 110(Humanoid), 50 lbs(Canine)

Age: 18

Hair Color: Purple(Humanoid), White with cream flame licks(Canine)

Eye Color: Brown with Cream Starburst Iris

Skin Color: Tan

Personality: Friendly and social, but has a good instinct for danger.

Weakness: Has a pleasant outward demeanor, but finds trusting people very difficult.

Profession: Police Officer

Weapons: Fists, Teeth, Remington .45 ACP Firearm

Armor: None


Martial Arts Master: +1 CS to fighting unarmed opponent as well, +1 CS to disarm attempts, negates -1 CS when fighting armed opponent, +1 CS to grapple attempts(Fighting to grapple and Strength for holding them.)

Law Enforcement: +1 CS to Reasoning for lawyers, +1 CS to Intuition when investigating crimes, +1 CS to Reasoning for making sense of evidence, +1 CS to Agility when using a firearm

Crime: +1 CS to Agility for moving/hiding in shadows or sneaking up on others, +1 CS to Intuition for searching computers/file cabinets/etc for information, +1 CS to Reasoning when dealing with/speaking to illegal things/gangs/gang member contacts, +1 CS to Agility for picking locks.

Description and/or Picture:
Humanoid Image
Kirru Inuhenshin Kirru10_800x600

Canine Image
Kirru Inuhenshin Kirru210


Fighting: Remarkable(Incredible Hand to Hand)
Agility: Excellent (Good as Canine)
Strength: Typical (Poor as Canine)
Endurance: Excellent

Reasoning: Good
Intuition: Excellent
Psyche: Excellent (No magical talent, but strong willed)

Hit Points: 76
Mana: 50

Spells / Special Abilities:

Elemental Armour - Water
Cost: 30MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Surrounds the caster in their element, in this case, water. Can block attacks like standard armor, but will eventually absorb enough damage to dissipate. Protects up to the casters Psyche in damage, once this amount of damage has been taken, the armor dissipates. Target is self, can't be used on others, only the caster. Can't be re-formed again within 5 rounds, as it is a large strain on the caster.
Special Considerations:
1. This armor protects the user from water attacks. All water attacks do -1CS damage, and the Water/watera/wateraga beginner spells are ineffective.
2. The armor takes additional +1CS damage from fire ( as it causes it to turn into steam).

Elemental Pet
Cost: 25MP, plus 5MP/round
Uses: Psyche
Description: Causes a water elemental to assist the caster. On it's turn ( It always has an init of 1 less then the caster ) it mayattack one target of the caster's choosing.
Special Conditions:
1. On a white roll, the elemental has 40hp with good fighting and agility. It can cast the water spell on targets for good damage. On a green roll this increases to 60hp with excellent fighting and agility, and the watera spell does excellent damage. On a yellow, it has 80hp, and the wateraga spell does remarkable damage. On a red it gains an additional 3d6hp. On a 100 it gains 5d10hp instead and the wateraga spell does incredible damage.
2. Having a body of water, it takes -1CS damage from all physical attacks unless the weapon has a magical enchantment to it, then it takes normal damage. It takes +1CS to magic and an additional +1CS to lightning magic.
(Spells are Chaos Wave only)

Biography: When she was but a small pup, she was bought by a rather cruel woman of seedy notoriety and was raised as a gladiator of sorts. Her owner was a fat woman who enjoyed her wealth that was gained by a couple of creatures that she entered into a fighting ring called simply the Underground Arena. Kirru was one of them. She learned quickly and became a fierce combatant. She had her own collar and was completely subjugated when her owner put it around her neck. The first couple of years of her life were spent training, learning takedowns and how to land an efficient strike. The fights in the Underground Arena were usually to the death, and part of her training around the age of six was killing blows, whether that be breaking the nose and shoving the bone into the brain, or breaking the spine at the neck. She became an efficient killer, and won match after match, leaving her opponent a corpse.

She spent a little more than a decade in this hell before, one day in the arena, the lights went out and the door busted in. The room flooded with cops and police officers in full riot gear and she watched her owner get taken down to the ground and arrested next to about a dozen other people. A tall human with a bushy mustache named Artagan approached her carefully and led her out. She was only eleven years old and was put into an orphanage for troubled youth. She could barely speak, had trouble making friends, didn't always start fights but sure as hell finished them, though luckily, quickly learned that killing other kids was unnecessary. One day Artagan came back for her and took her home, officially adopting her. She found that she liked him a lot.

He taught her so many things about reading and writing. Speaking came with time, and he taught her to speak with articulation and clarity. She was put into a school and quickly excelled due to her discipline. Her knack for curiosity compelled her to learn ahead of the school's schedule and was able to skip a number of grades, eventually graduating a number of years ahead of schedule. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice when she was only fifteen, and in college, really learned to open up. Artagan almost didn't recognize her personality as she had always been quiet, but now she seemed..happy? At the very least, content.

Artagan brought her into his precinct and got her a job as an officer along side him. She learned how to use a firearm, learned to master her already dangerous knowledge of hand-to-hand combat skills, focusing on subduing rather than killing, how to take and catalog evidence at a crime scene, and how to perform certain feats like picking a lock, what to look for at crime scenes, deductive reasoning, etc. It wasn't but about a year later that the pair had made Detective and her skills could actually be put to good use.

It was on her seventeenth birthday when she and Artagan were called in on a case. They followed an armed suspect to a warehouse district and cleared room after room.

She could hear and smell that they were on the right track, but Artagan saw him first, pushing her out of the way as he took two shots and fell to the ground. She returned fire and heard the suspect grunt in pain. She approached the suspect to disarm and detain him, but was unaware of a second culprit. She was shot twice in the back and she whipped around, firing out of instinct and ended up shooting the second gunman in the face. The first suspect that she had shot managed to get to his feet and run off. She crawled back over to Artagan to find him dead.

As tears came to her, the first time she had cried since she was probably only four or five years old, she realized that she was dying also. A flash of light filled the room for a brief moment and a figure approached her. She was ready to finally die..but perhaps fate had a different idea for her.

And indeed it did. Her 'rescuers' were actually members of a group called Black Rose, a militant organization broken into three branches based on that branches leader's ideology it seemed. Although the bullets were removed and her wounds healed, though still left scars, she was collared to prevent her from being able to transform into a humanoid, forced to remain as a canine. She was caged, cruelly manipulated, and basically tortured for, it seemed to her, Black Rose's personal entertainment. In order to protect her psyche, her mind retreated into the pure instinct of her days at the Underground Arena.

At the end of her stint as a prisoner, she saw a business man type walk through the compound. A man whose name she'd learn to be Gordon. Seeming to pick her out of the number of others being tortured, she was leashed and given to Gordon to take home for, she assumed, some nefarious purpose. He took her to his home on Fantasy Island and introduced her to the other inhabitants of the estate, though her mind didn't trust this scene, this sense of potential 'freedom' at face value, so kept itself at bay. Shortly after Artagan had adopted her, she swore to herself that if she were ever put back into a situation like her childhood, she wouldn't roll over and take it like he had before. She wasn't even a toddler when her training had started, and she really hadn't known any better back then. Today she was a trained and incredibly capable as a police officer, though her mind wouldn't allow her the clarity of proper line of thinking.

Instead, she spent a month or so with a handful of escape attempts before she truly learned and actually believed Gordon's situation. If she escaped, the branch of Black Rose that had originally grabbed her would undoubtedly take her back eventually. So she slowly started opening up again, Gordon and others in the house earning her trust. It was a few months of this, living her new life, that she could properly mourn her adoptive father. It was an empty feeling that she wasn't sure would ever fill in, but considered a wound that time eventually scabbed over. She needed a job, something to occupy her mind. Having been an accomplished police officer, as well as detective, she spoke with Gordon about becoming an officer on the island.

Interviewing with the Commissioner Reagan, she was taken on in spite of being underage, and was put in charge of patrolling Dixon District, arguably the most crime infested area of Oceandia, the lone city on Fantasy Island. She worked this job for a little more than nine or ten months before feeling that her hand-to-hand combat skills weren't properly being tested. So she went out seeking a dojo of sorts and happened across Ghenna's Dojo. A quick spar later with Ghenna himself going 5-0 against him in strikes earned her a job as an instructor there as well. That's where she's at presently.
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