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Wish to donate?
Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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PostSubject: Jules    Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:32 pm

Name: Jules

Sex: Female

Species: Kitsune

Height: 5'5

Weight: 125Lbs

Age: 18

Age in appearance: 15-ish

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Red

Skin Color: Caucasian

Personality: Skittish and shy to people she doesn't know. She has a very strong fight-or-flight reaction and once she commits to a fight, she can get pretty intense. For the most part she's kind and generally happy.

Weakness: She has a soft spot for cute things(especially baby animals). Has a low tolerance for pain.

Profession: Maid?(slave)

Weapons: Her claws/minor magic

Armor: N/A

Items: A small bag with a draw string she wears as a necklace containing a spherical diamond(Family heirloom on her mother's side)


Martial Arts A: +1 CS to fighting when opponent is also unarmed.

Acrobatics: +1 CS to Agility for flips, somersaults, walking on hands, etc. +1 CS to Fighting in defending against unarmed melee attacks so long as it's not crowded.

Stealth: +1 CS to Agility for moving in shadows or keeping silent to avoid people

Jumping/Leaping: Extraordinary at making difficult leaps or jumps. +1 CS to Strength or Agility as needed.



Fighting: Good

Agility: Excellent

Strength: Poor

Endurance: Excellent

Reasoning: Poor

Intuition: Excellent

Psyche: Good

OPTIONAL: Only include this section if it is different then normal

Running Speed: Excellent(45mph)

Hit Points: 54

Mana: 34

Spells / Special Abilities:

Shadow Minion ( Level 1 )

Cost: 5MP, returned when the tendril is returned to it's plane. If the tendril is destroyed in an attack or dispelled by magic, this MP is lost, and the caster also takes 5HP damage.

Uses: Psyche to learn, none otherwise.

Description: allows you to summon a shadow tendril from the plane of shadows. These tendrils can do basic tasks, but cannot fight. When destroyed or no longer needed, it will go back to the plane it came from. Learning this spell is required in order to use almost any of the other shadow skills. As such, any potential shadowmancer must prove they can communicate with the shadow realm before they can be taught any other ability. Level 1 mastery allows the control of a single tendril.

Special Conditions:

1. Limitations for the tendril: It can move any item up to a maximum of 10 pounds. Any Light attack aimed at the tendril will dispel it. Any physical attack of 10hp or more will dispel it. It has no defense roll. If the shadowmancer loses conciousness, the tendril will vanish.


Cost: 5MP

Uses: Psyche

Description: Allows the caster to blend in the with shadows, increasing their ability to hide. This increases a characters hide and steath rolls by 1CS on a green or higher, 2CS if they roll a red. At Circle 3 they can cast this spell on others, and the MP cost becomes zero only when casting on themself. This spell works until noticed or target moves out of the shadows.


Cost: 5MP

Uses: Psyche

Description: Sometimes the best way to avoid being attacked is to convince your opponent not to attack you. In Jules' case, her eyes glow purple as she sends a subconcious message to her opponent that 'this is not the creature you are looking for'. Opponent rolls psyche. If successful, Jules is removed from the list of attackable targets by this enemy for 1d3 rounds. If Jules is the only Target, she must roll a yellow or higher for the enemy not to harm her.

Life Absorb

Cost: 5MP

Uses: Psyche

Description: Kitsune have the power to drain the life and soul of their opponents. To this effect the caster throws a ball of energy at their target. Opponent rolls endurance or psyche, whichever is higher. If successful, Jules deals excellent damage and the orb returns to her, healing the same amount, but cannot be used to exceed her max HP. Standard damage level rules apply to this spell.

Biography: She was born in a world that she learned was called Zaphod. Where she grew up was heavily forested and her life sucked from almost the very beginning. Being a Kitsune, and since Kitsune can use magic, she and her kind were hunted by the other more technologically advanced inhabitants that her family called Elves(who for whatever reason either didn't or couldn't use magic). She never learned how the conflict started or why it escalated the way it had, but by the time she was born there were few of her kind that were still free.

They mostly roamed in nomadic tribes, trying to never stay in one place for too long lest a raiding party descend on them and they be taken. Until recently, she never knew exactly what happened to those that were taken. Her father had trained her well enough in combat, being able to at least defend herself, and her mother was starting to train her in the ways of magic until tragedy fell upon them.

She watched her father die and was taken from her mother to be transported seperately back to the city. It seemed they were sold into slavery to either be used as maids or, more nefariously, concubines. As she was very easy on the eyes, she was selected as a concubine and was on her way to whoever was going to own her when fate stepped in to give her an oportunity for another path...

And so her story starts anew.
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