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Wish to donate?
Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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 Jack Burton

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PostSubject: Jack Burton   Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:06 pm

Name: Jack Burton

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Height: 5’10"

Weight: 205lbs

Age: 35

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Greyish Blue

Skin Color: White

Personality: Jack Burton is the archetypal everyman hero. While he’s nothing really special, he’s brave, determined and always ready to help his friends even in the toughest, strangest circumstances. Unfortunately for him, he’s a likable guy who makes friends easily.

Weakness: Jack is highly dependent when it comes to his truck, the Porkchop Express. He is also prone to acting heroic, going the distance to help his friends regardless of the danger to his personal self. He also likes to talk too much.

Profession: Truck Driver

Weapons: Combat Knife

Armor: None

Items: Civilian clothes, Knife, his truck


Thrown Weapons - +1 CS to Agility.
Escape Artist - +1 CS to untying yourself, finding route out of an exploding building, and other life and death situations. Do not there are some situations where this skill will not benefit you.
Driving - +1 CS to all ground vehicles.

Jack has a knack for gambling, likely heightened by his uncanny luck.

Description and/or Picture:
Jack is fairly tall and well muscled, with shoulder-length brown hair and an unshaven chin.
His normal mode of dress looks to be brown moccasin boots, blue jeans and a white tank top. Tucked into one boot is a knife.

Fighting: Good
Agility: Incredible - Jack is highly skilled in throwing weapons and firearms, as well as having amazing reflexes.
Strength: Good
Endurance: Remarkable - Jack can take a beating and doesn't tire easily.

Reasoning: Typical
Intuition: Excellent - Jack knows when something is a bad idea, however that doesn't stop him from going along with it.
Psyche: Incredible - Jack is highly courageous, not letting his fear prevent him from being a hero.

Hit Points: 90
SP: 78 ( Regains 4SP / Round)
Mana: 66

Spells / Special Abilities:

Cost: 10 SP
Uses: Agility -1CS ( No dodge bonuses allowed )
Description: Jack has lightning fast reflexes, to the point of being able to catch thrown objects. On any rolled attack he can try to catch the weapon thrown at him. If successful he can throw it back at the enemy on his next turn if he wishes.

Luck is Fickle
Cost: None
Uses: Varies
Description: Jack has an uncanny knack for being extremely lucky when he lacks any planning, and extremely unlucky when he is trying to be a badass. Once a day he may re-roll any white or botch roll. The roll kept must be higher then the roll he skipped ( He continues to roll until this is the case ). However this ability comes with a price: The next red roll he rolls that day must also be re-rolled, though the second roll is kept regardless of what it is.

The truth about Jack Burton may be lost to history, but those involved know of his importance in the battle against Lo Pan in San Francisco’s Chinatown. After winning a bet against his friend, Wang Chi, Burton went with him to the airport to pick up Wang’s girlfriend, Miao Yin. After Miao Yin is captured by a street gang, Wang and Burton made pursuit.

Jack and Wang track the gang to the back alleys of Chinatown, where they find a funeral procession that quickly erupts into a tong war between the Chang Sing and Wing Kong, two ancient Chinese societies. When three mighty warriors with weather-themed powers appear, slaughtering both sides, Jack attempts to gun his big-rig through the crowd, but runs over Lo Pan, a decrepit man directing the Three Storms. Horrified, Jack exits his truck, but finds Lo Pan unfazed and glowing with magic. Wang hurriedly guides Jack through the alleys; the two escape the carnage and mayhem, but Jack's truck is stolen.

Jack and Wang meet with a few of their friends and the Chang Sings to lead a rescue mission on Lo Pan’s hideout. During their mission, Wang rescues Miao Yin, Jack rescues his truck and manages to kill Lo Pan. 

After the battle, Jack decides to take up trucking again, unaware that he has a stowaway in a demon beast that was once bound to Lo Pan. Once Jack finds the beast is friendly, he decides to head back to Chinatown to ask Egg Shen, a wise old wizard that helped during the battle against Lo Pan, about him. Shen tells Jack that the beast was bound to Lo Pan and, once Jack killed Lo Pan, the bond was transferred to Jack.

Jack, deciding to name the beast Pete, heads to the Midnight Road with Shen, another realm within the realm of Earth accessed through ancient Chinese black magic. On their journey, Jack is tricked by an evil servant of Lo Pan into a long journey that takes him to Hell, the future, and the past during the birth of San Francisco's Chinatown before finally back to his past of 1986 during the events of the battle of Lo Pan. Jack ends up inadvertently helping his past self and his allies before being transported back to his present.

After his adventures, he and Pete set off on trucking once more, this time with new horizons.

Pete, Jack’s demon beast sidekick.

Biography: “When the dust settled, though, it seemed the ugly son of was really just lonely. He missed his boss, and now that he was suddenly unemployed, he didn't know what to do with himself, apart from fling his own poop (which I once saw melt its way through the door of a 1970 Dodge Challenger--classic muscle car, what a damn shame). We bonded over a cold meatball sub, and right then, we both knew he was coming with me. I named him Pete, after all of my childhood pets, and dressed him up in my second-best T-shirt. I even learned to live with the fact that, whenever he picked his boogers, I could see the image of a soul screaming in eternal torment in each of them. After all, he told himself, there's only so many times you can pick dried-up flakes of demon saliva out of your wrist hairs before you know you have to make some pretty dramatic changes in your life.” - Jack Burton

Name: Pete

Sex: Male, probably.

Species: Demon Beast

Age: Adult

Hair Color: Red/Orange

Eye Color: Yellow

Skin Color: Brown

Personality: Pete has the personality of a brain dead chihuahua. He smells, he drools, he likely has fleas.

Weakness: Pete is bound to Jack Burton, however this bond can change ownership if someone kills Jack Burton, or resurrects Lo Pan.

Skills: None.


Fighting: Amazing

Agility: Poor

Strength: Excellent

Endurance: Monstrous or Amazing, Pete is a demon, even if a rather simple one. He doesn't need to eat or sleep and can take a beating.

Reasoning: Feeble

Intuition: Typical

Psyche: Feeble (Mental Willpower: Monstrous(?)) Pete is a subservient demon bound to protect and follow the instructions of Jack. Pete knows no fear.

Running Speed: Typical

Trained Mount: No

Rideable Mount: No

Licensed to Race: No

Can Fly: No

Sentient: Limited. Pete can understand commands from Jack but is incapable of speech or following commands of others.
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Jack Burton
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