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Where to find us
Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:55 pm by SgtSarros
New players who want to join the RPG can join us at , and joining the channel #fantasy-ooc

If you do not have your own IRC client you can go to and click chat now. to go to for their IRC client.

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 Ryu, The Yorae Dragon

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PostSubject: Ryu, The Yorae Dragon   Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:56 am

Name: Ryu
Sex: Male
Species: Brood (Light Dragon Clan; a people that bears the ability to shift into dragon form)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Age: 19
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: slightly tanned
Personality: Strong and bearing courage in his heart, Ryu can be a bold fellow. He's fairly industrious, and lives by a code of honor day by day.
Weakness: There are times he can be duped easily enough by an able con artist or a villainous trap.
Profession: Warrior
Weapons: Steel Shortsword
Armor: Leather Armor - Provides typical protection from blunt attacks ( staves, clubs, maces ), and poor from all other types.
Items: Fishing Rod
Skills: Swordsmanship, fishing, Dragon Clan Power
Ryu is capable of using the sword and shield. He's also able to fish! There is also the power of the Brood, his Dragon Clan blood bearing slumbering powers within, the ability to shift into dragon form, left to slumber till he passes specific trials at dragon shrines.
Picture: None available at the moment.


Fighting: Remarkable
Agility: Good
Strength: Remarkable
Endurance: Excellent
Reasoning: Good
Intuition: Excellent
Psyche: Incredible

Hit Points: 90
Mana: 70


Ryu was a simple enough lad, living in a small village for all his years, training in the martial arts as well as farming and fishing to help his parents out. It was not always as such, however, for his clan was constantly locked in battle with the Dark Dragon clan. This perpetual conflict would eventually engulf Ryu, offering him no escape from the inevitable turmoil to come.

They came with celerity and wrath, led by Commander Jade, who razed the village in powerful flame, bearing the spreading ambition of Zog, the king of the dark dragons, who had vowed to make the world his very own, and his sights were set upon the Light Dragons. Ryu was swiftly brought to the foyer of the chieftain's hut, where the surviving townspeople had managed to remain alive in thanks to their sorcery dousing the intense flames. In this desperate rally, also, was a sagely woman of the light dragons, named Sara, a powerful sorceress who mulled over what to do about this. In the end, much to Sara's chagrin, the elder decided there was nothing left to do but fight back.

Sara, daunted by the prospect of such a small retinue facing off against Jade's army, took charge and cast a spell of petrification upon the well as the rest of the innocents within the foyer. As such, the flames would no longer affect them, while Sara marched out alone to face off with the commander, offering the petrified Ryu a word of encouragement and hope as she marched to the village gates.

It was then that she learned of the Goddess Keys, a set of six mythical keys said to unlock the path to Tyr, the goddess of destruction capable of granting any wish to the bearer, whom had been warred over by the dragon clans for ages. After a fierce duel between the two, lightning flashing in the sky and pillars of flame blazing high, Sara was captured, as soon did the presence of Zog's army vanish, leaving the village to burn, and its denizens to remain to pick up the pieces of what remained of their dilapidated village a day later when the petrification spell finally wore off, never to forget Sara's act.

Some time after his arrival, Ryu, along with all other inhabitants of the island, was struck and cleft in twain by one of the fates.  On that day he had suddenly vanished and found himself in a whole new world.  His old half was sent off to wander, while the new half took form in the form of a man named Fou Lu.  Founder and first emperor of the Fou empire, it was a cosmic coincidence that there were those seeking to summon a god to unify the land and end a great war.

Fou Lu, however, awakened several centuries later, entombed near the imperial capital, having seen enough of the darkness of humanity.  While Ryu journeyed in hopes of finding peace, as well as his inevitable destiny of facing the god-emperor, Fou Lu, ambushed from all sides and striking down the 7th emperor's armed forces, had begun a massacre.


Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Does damage equal to casters Psyche -2CS. Agility to dodge.

-Dragon Powers-

Cost: 20 MP.  Costs an additional 10 MP per round to upkeep.
Uses: None
Effect: Grants the form of a red wyvern.  Strength +1CS, Agility +1CS, Intuition +1CS.  Enables Fire Breath.

Fire Breath
Cost: 10MP ( Only usable in Wyvern form )
Uses: Agility
Description: Fires a concentrated burst of fire at one target. Does Psyche fire damage.
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Ryu, The Yorae Dragon
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