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Where to find us
Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:55 pm by SgtSarros
New players who want to join the RPG can join us at , and joining the channel #fantasy-ooc

If you do not have your own IRC client you can go to and click chat now. to go to for their IRC client.

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 Fernando Albinp, the Shape-Shifting Wine Lover

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PostSubject: Fernando Albinp, the Shape-Shifting Wine Lover   Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:10 am

Name: Fernando Albino
Sex: Male
Species: Shifter
Height: 5ft 11in human, up to 10ft long as cat ( depending on size and type of cat ) 3ft 6in at the shoulder as a wolf
Weight: 185 lbs, up to 400lb as cat ( depending on size and type of cat ), 130lb as a wolf
Age: 26
Age in Appearance: 21
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green as human, white as cat, blue as a wolf
Skin Color: Pale
Personality: Sophisticated, but not superior
Weakness: Women and Wine
Profession: Negotiator
Weapons: Daggers as human, claws as anime
Armor: Wears light armor rarely as human, none as anime.
Items: Has a riding saddle
Skills: Negotiation, diplomacy, can turn into any kind of cat. Will usually be albino, though with enough concentration can change that slightly. Can also turn into a wolf, but will -ALWAYS- be a white wolf

Stats: Human / wolf
Fighting: Good / Good
Agility: Good / Remarkable
Strength: Good / Typical
Endurance: Good / Incredible
Reasoning: Good Good
Intuition: Good / Remarkable
Psyche: Good / Excellent

Feline Stats: Housecat / Tiger / Cheetah / Panther
Fighting: Poor / Excellent / Excellent / Remarkable
Agility: Excellent / Excellent / Incredible / Remarkable
Strength: Feeble / Remarkable / Excellent / Good
Endurance: Typical / Remarkable / Good / Excellent
Reasoning: Good / Good / Good / Good
Intuition: Excellent / Good / Good / Excellent
Psyche: Good / Good / Good / Excellent

Note: In his natural wolven form he can speak to other wolves, as well as those people who can speak to wolves. In his feline forms he cannot speak in an understandable language, though telepaths will find a 'human' mind to speak with.

Running Speeds:
Human: Typical
Wolf: Excellent
Housecat: Poor
Tiger: Good
Cheetah: Remarkable
Panther: Excellent

Hit Points: 40 human, 86 wolf, 32 housecat, 100 tiger, 90 cheetah, 90 panther
Mana: 40 ( While alternate forms alter RIP stats, only 'base' stats affect mana )


Fernando is a natural wolf shifter, born in a world where shifters were rare, but not all that unusual or unexpected. The people of this world believed shifters to be inferior, despite their human intelligence and, while slavery was officially illegal, many turned a blind eye when it come to shifters. They were butlers, housecleaners, beasts of burden, prostitutes and more.

Eventually the shifters rebelled against their owners. While many of them were killed, the rest managed to escape. chased through the world, they eventually came across a portal that took them to a new world. In this new world shifters were much more commonplace, but there was still discrimination. Feline shifters were considered elites, while most other shifters were commoners, and the wolven shifters to be the dregs of society.

With the help of some magicians he had made friends with among the shifters and those on this new world, he learned a spell that would allow him to 'shift' magically into various forms of cats, though he still kept his 'natural' shifting ability to a wolf.

After a while of acquiring wealth and success on this world, through hard work and good investments, he decided to start travelling to see if other worlds were different from what he was raised on. After going to many different worlds he arrived at Fantasy Island.

Fernando lives at Fantasy Island, having invested in the startup of several businesses and made a large fortune quickly. Even though he owns his own house, he often stays at the Seventh Heaven, where he helps fund the Island Defense Force with additional funding that the island itself does not provide them. His reason for this is simple: A peaceful island makes for more tourists, which means his businesses he's invested in makes him more money, which means he can afford to give MORE money to the IDF to keep things safe. Everyone wins.
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Fernando Albinp, the Shape-Shifting Wine Lover
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