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 Yoshiko Komodo

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PostSubject: Yoshiko Komodo   Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:48 am

Name: Yoshiko Komodo
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135 lbs
Age: 22
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: White
Personality: There are times when Yoshiko plays the part of quiet observer, staying at a distance and learning from others simply by the way they act. Above all else he treasures freedom, and covets challenge. He is hardly afraid to speak of his mind, even if it makes him a few enemies here and there, his eyes set upon seats of power...not for the sake of acquiring them, but for the sake of removing the oppressors they bear.
Weakness: Light in excess, for one. He also is willing to undertake most any challenge, which can get him into very difficult situations.
Profession: Ninja/Assassin/Thief
Weapons: Kunai, Shuriken, Darkness-enchanted chained sickle
Armor: Ninja Suit
Items: Smoke Bombs
Skills: Crime, Acrobatics, Assassination. Has knowledge of Dark Magic/Summoning/Curses to a short extent.

Fighting: Remarkable
Agility: Incredible ( Amazing for sneaking, stealth, or infiltration )
Strength: Typical
Endurance: Good
Reasoning: Good
Intuition: Remarkable
Psyche: Remarkable

HP: 86
MP: 70

Magic / Special Abilities:

[Shadowmancy Circle 1]

Shadow Minion ( Level 1 )
Cost: 5MP, returned when the tendril is returned to it's plane. If the tendril is destroyed in an attack or dispelled by magic, this MP is lost, and the caster also takes 5HP damage.
Uses: Psyche to learn, none otherwise.
Description: allows you to summon a shadow tendril from the plane of shadows. These tendrils can do basic tasks, but cannot fight. When destroyed or no longer needed, it will go back to the plane it came from. Learning this spell is required in order to use almost any of the other shadow skills. As such, any potential shadowmancer must prove they can communicate with the shadow realm before they can be taught any other ability. Level 1 mastery allows the control of a single tendril.
Special Conditions:
1. Limitations for the tendril: It can move any item up to a maximum of 10 pounds. Any Light attack aimed at the tendril will dispel it. Any physical attack of 10hp or more will dispel it. It has no defense roll. If the shadowmancer loses conciousness, the tendril will vanish.

Create Darkness
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Removes light from an area, plunging an area into darkness. At Circle 1 this can darken the average bedroom. Circle 2 a large living/dining room area. At Circle 3 it can darken an entire restaurant. Circle 4 and above this spell works outdoors during the daylight hours as long as there is at least some shadow coming from above, such as trees in a forest ( this will not work on an open beach for example ). This spell lasts for 1d5 minutes / rounds times the maximum Circle of the caster.

Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche
Description: Allows the caster to blend in the with shadows, increasing their ability to hide. This increases a characters hide and steath rolls by 1CS on a green or higher, 2CS if they roll a red. At Circle 3 they can cast this spell on others, and the MP cost becomes zero only when casting on themself. This spell works until noticed or target moves out of the shadows.

Shadow Sight
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche if countered, see special conditions.
Description: Allows you to use the shadows to find the location of an idividual. You must have met and physically met the person in order for the shadows to search for them ( speaking on the phone is not sufficient ).
Special Conditions:
1. The target can be no more then a couple miles away from you. IE on the same island as you in the main world, or in the same city as you if on a different world.
2. Other shadowmancers, along with those aligned with Light or Darkness can, if they wish, counter this with a psyche roll. If they succeed you cannot spy on them again for the rest of the day.
3. A player can, if they so wish roll intuition to sense if they're being watched. Those with no alignment to the Light or the Dark need to however roll a red to notice this. Those of Light or Darkness can spot the eyes with a yellow due to the alteration in magic in that area. Other shadowmancers, being as how this is natural for them, need only roll a green.

[Shadowmancy Circle 2]

Shadow Minion ( Level 2 )
Cost: 5MP per tendril, returned when the tendril is returned to it's plane. If a tendril is destroyed in an attack or dispelled by magic, this MP is lost, and the caster also takes 5HP damage.
Uses: Psyche to learn, none otherwise.
Description: Allows you to summon shadow tendrils from the plane of shadows. These tendrils can do basic tasks, but cannot fight. A physical attack with a weapon can dispel it and send it back to the plane it came from. Level 2 mastery allows the control of up to two tendrils.
Special Conditions:
1. Limitations for the tendrils: Working together, they can move any item up to a maximum of 25 pounds. Any Light attack aimed at a tendril will dispel it. Any physical attack of 10hp or more will dispel it. It has no defense roll. If the shadowmancer loses conciousness, the tendrils will vanish.

Shadow Step
Cost: 5MP
Uses: Psyche if countered, none otherwise.
Description: Allows the caster to walk into the shadows and appear in another location. This location must be on the same world as them, and it has to be an area they have been to before. ( Exception: If they are currently spying on someone through Shadow Sight they can step to that location ). There must be shadows in the area for them to step out of, for example they cannot appear in the center of the beach at mid-day with the sun out, though they could if it was night-time or there was a shadow being cast in the area from a large umbrella or something similar. Shadowmancers, along with those of Light or Darkness, if they are in the immediate area of departure and arrival ( within 20 feet ) can roll to attempt to block this.

Cost: None
Uses: Excellent
Description: Using your connection to one of your tendrils, you can send it to rise up from the ground around an enemy's ankle to trap them in place. Opponents roll agility. If caught, opponents are at -2 to acts until they are free, and cannot run or fly away. Opponents already floating off the ground cannot be targetted. Those with less then Typical or lower strength need to roll strength vs Typical to break free. Those with Good strength can break free on their turn automatically. Those with excellent or higher strength break free on their first act and do not take any penalties.

Biography: With his parents slain at war at a young age, Yoshiko was ushered to a secretive academy of martial arts, known simply as the Iga clan. Trained in the ways of stealth and shadowmancy, his natural curiosities led him to steep himself in the instruction of dark magicks as well. He had found much in his tutelage here, good fortune as well as decent company...even if this clan steeped him in disciplines. He had fallen in love with the master's daughter, his life joyous and rather exhilirating. He had grown affectionate with her...but it was not to be thus forever. It was not till one of his particular assassination missions when he realized the true consequence of his path.

His master was not someone who would be proud of such a bond betwixt his daghter and his student...and as such, he one day ordered that his daughter be executed, and that Yoshiko himself be the executioner, for the sake of testing him. Refusing, Yoshiko was tortured for days on end till he submitted once more to his master's rule. Not long thereafter had he received an order that would prove to be the end of his service to the Iga, as bitterness and resentment festered within his spirit, brewing a unique hatred for the man who once took him in. Bereft of his love and living in silent seething, Yoshiko accepted his task nonetheless...for he knew where his path was soon to lead him.

Instructed by his old master to slay his lord, Yoshiko found himself at an impasse, when he realized that truly the only way he could have his freedom was to slay his master. The pretenses of the mission at hand were simple enough...Yoshiko's master was set to meet with his lord under the pretense of a guised friendly visit, which truly was an extension of the bonds between the Iga and his lord. As the minutes waned onward, Yoshiko pondered...of the many years spent in training, of atching as dark dealings proceeded beneath his nose. Over the course of time and through bonds of trust did Yoshiko learn of the secrets behind his trade. Tonight, everything would change...

...and with but that thought, did he betray both lord and master, his chained sickle quietly gleaming in the darkness, slung through the dead of night. As the blade tore through the flesh of his lord, his master did applaud him...affording a moment of vulnerability. Destroying his old master, Yoshiko began to flee immediately and live in hiding, becoming his own master, the dog who bit the hand that feeds. His old clan mates began to hunt him, a rogue ninja who had become a traitor in the shadows.
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Yoshiko Komodo
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