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 Kisu Cordatta - The Fallen Princess

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Jaded Dalanari
Jaded Dalanari

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Kisu Cordatta - The Fallen Princess Empty
PostSubject: Kisu Cordatta - The Fallen Princess   Kisu Cordatta - The Fallen Princess EmptyWed Nov 22, 2017 9:21 am

Name: Kisu Cordatta

Sex: Intersex

Species: Cybernetic Humanoid

Height: 5'7”

Weight: 175 Lbs

Age: 24

Age in appearance: 19

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Purple

Skin Color: White

Personality: Kisu seems to switch between a ivory tower princess to a melancholy loner and finally a rather childish tease seemingly as often as the wind changes.

Weakness: Very blunt and abrupt, prone to isolating herself, has a nasty habit of being very anti-establishmentistic

Profession: Corporate Heir/Professional Thief

Weapons: Dual compact flip out augmented crossbows.

Armor: Cybernetic metal grafts, shield generator, sneaking suit.

Items: Lockpicks, multipurpose quiver and bolts, mobility package [contains grappling hooks, breaching mechanisms, etc]






Description and/or Picture: Kisu Cordatta - The Fallen Princess Konachan-com-98494-ponytail-tagme

[She's the one on the right]


Fighting: Good

Agility: Excellent

Strength: Typical

Endurance: Good

Reasoning: Excellent

Intuition: Excellent

Psyche: Good


Flying Speed Good [cannot carry unless wearing heat resistant items / fire resitant person]

Hit Points: 46

Mana: 50 [can not use actual magic due to cybernetics though she might be able to use it to power mechanic objects ie as a power source by touch or “wireless”.

Spells / Special Abilities:

No Spells

Possible special abilities

Personal Shielding

Cost: 0MP

Uses: Psyche

Description: One of the few active applications of Kisus [mana] this self powered shield is part of her primary defense systems. Requires a green roll to activate. When activated all damage goes to Mana. If she takes more then 20 ( 10 on green ) damage in a single hit the shield collapses and she needs to spend her next turn re-activating it.

Scout Disks

Cost: N/A

Uses: N/A

Description: a cybernetic interlink with -hunter seeker- drones, directly linked into kisus mental systems. Allowing her to extend her range of sight, scouting, targetting etc, though they are unable to fire or manipulate anything they seem to be very useful for her ambush style of combat.

Special Conditions:

1. These can be sent out up to a mile away for recon missions, extended sight, etc. Have 20hp. If they take more then that they crash to the ground and are destroyed. Kisu will then have to spend time rebuilding them.

2. Kisu can carry no more then 4 drones at one time.

Refit: A very useful ability though it certainly has its drawbacks, Kisu has three separate cybernetic outfits that can change her abilities to fit a mission. However it also has its drawbacks, the refit has to be done by those with extensive knowledge of cybernetics and/or master metalworkers that can understand how metals must be handled and fitted properly. It also takes up to three days and she remains conscious the entire time. Though she certainly doesn't seem to mind it nor feel pain during it.


Kisu is the newest model in a line of state of the art enhancement of the human condition, the entire project is intended to vastly improve on the basic model of human life in its abilities, and perhaps more importantly life span. The endless chase for immortality while keeping ones humanity. As such, Kisu is neither quite human nor quite robot, as becoming fully robotic is seen as commiting suicide since it removes the human element, and of course humanity itself is seen as too frail for some. None the less the project has gotten quite a lot of support and interest from the rich, powerful, desperate, and sometimes simply vain. All that could afford to chase this dream in one way or another did so with fervor.

Kisu as luck may have it had once been part of a very prominent family and was gifted this transformation after her 21st birthday. The proceedure went on without a hitch but her families affairs where not so lucky during the time that she was going through the transformation, a rather lengthy process even with the advances in technowledgy, her father came under investigation for fraud, mother left him and went off with her family via ship to their islands taking her sisters with her. This left Kisu veritably alone for the rest of the proceedings, this had a rather profound effect on her attitude and demenor making her more rebellious, bratty even, and a bit cynical. This hardening of her personality progressed along with the hardening of her body after the year process actually allowed her to adapt and take hold of her life, one changed a bit, while taken care of it was no longer the life of luxury that she was once accustomed to. Though it came with the perk of finally being off the leash shes now exploring at will, and taking advantage of her new situation.

Her life luckily enough was spent in the presence of most of these things watching them develop from the window of her room out over the sprawling colony. Her family well as before mentioned her father had connections especially within the projects that where occurring within the colony itself. I guess in the end there are perks to being the youngest as well, she was spoiled no doubt though protected much like an ivory tower. After all it wasn't good business to bring ones family into play. At the same time it was the same reason for her fathers sudden problems. He used connections to get his daughters -upgrades- for free, along with acquisition of other things that they needed. Needless to say the earth based corporate office wasn't too happy about the proceedings or where they? Either way she doesn't know because she cant find him. And frankly doesn't really want to either.

The biggest secret in all of this though isn't the corporations meddling, or her fathers deals, no earth had little to do with this. Unbeknownst to her shes been under this procedure far far longer then she realizes.
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Kisu Cordatta - The Fallen Princess
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