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Combat Rules EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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 Combat Rules

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PostSubject: Combat Rules   Combat Rules EmptyMon Nov 20, 2017 4:45 pm

Before the battle

Generally, before the battle starts there will be a moment for the group to arrive and interact with whatever the possibly battle will be. During such time attempts to talk down the enemy may be done but unless the GM says otherwise actual attacks can not be used.

Once this part is complete the GM will call for initiatives. This system allows for turns to be figured out so everyone is not swarming the GM at the same time with what they're doing. A GM can determine how many characters each player brings into the battle, usually 1 or 2.

The roll for your initative is based on your agility stat. Each stat is worth a number of points:
- Feeble is worth 2 points
- Poor is worth 4 points
- Typical is worth 6 points
- Good is worth 10 points
- Excellent is worth 20 points
- Remarkable is worth 30 points
- Incredible is worth 40 points.

Once you know what your stat is worth, you roll 1dpoints to determine the number you get ( example, a good agility would roll 1d10, while incredible would roll 1d40 ). Obviously the higher your agility the higher chance of you going first, though this is not always the case as anyone can roll a 1. Once you have your number you add your name to the list with !init name number ( example: !init Hinoe 8 ). This continues until every player has added their characters to the list.

Starting Combat

The person who has the highest init on the list gets to go first. The GM will describe the situation, the enemies, and if all of them are in melee range. The player then has a choice of what to do.

If a player has their character attack, they roll their stat matching their action. What is rolled is determined as such:

A melee attack ( punching, kicking, striking with a weapon, a grab ): roll Fighting
A ranged attack ( shurikens, bows, guns ): Roll Agility
Most magic attacks: Roll psyche
Note that some skills will have exceptions to these rules, as will certain situations. When it doubt, check the skill on your sheet.

Once you have determined what you are rolling, you roll that stat. For example, if they are doing a melee attack and their fighting is incredible, for example, they type !r incredible. They will get a random number from the dicebot. The higher one's stat, the better chances of getting a yellow or red roll, which do more damage then a green or white.

If you are defending, you roll as you would attacking under these rules:

A melee attack: Roll fighting
A ranked attack: Roll agility
Magic attacks: Agility or Psyche, depending on the type of magic.
Note there are some exceptions to these rules if one has a special skill to defend with. When in doubt, check the skill on your sheet.

If one's attack is successful, they do damage. By default damage is the strength stat. How much damage they do is determined just like agility was. The rank of their strength stat determines damage. If they are successful on a green roll, damage is divided by 2. If they are successful on a white roll, damage is divided by 4. Conversely, if they are successful on a red roll, they do additional damage. you type 3d6 to determine how much damage you do, and add that to your damage. If you are lucky enough to roll a 100, you instead add 5d10 to your damage.

Special Rules

Multiple Attacks: Players may attack more then once on their turn. To attack multiple times, they take a penalty to Fighting or Agility on their first attack, and an additional penalty for each consecutive attack for as many as they wish to take.

Example: You have remarkable fighting and with to attack twice, you take the first penalty to the first roll, and a second to the second roll. So your attack would be excellent, good. You would roll this with !roll excellent good.

You can attack as many times as you want until your roll goes to feeble, then you cannot attack any more. Do keep in mind however, if your attack roll goes below typical, you are so focused on attacking you cannot defend until your next turn. ( Attacks against you are rolled normally, but they automatically hit, you cannot roll defensively. )


If someone rolls a red defensive roll on melee, they get a free single-hit counter attack. This cannot be any magic spell, though it can be any melee attack. Range red rolls are just epically dodged and cannot be countered.

Combat Examples

Player One Attack: Excellent 76% Yellow
Player Two Defense: Excellent 77% Yellow
Result: Defender Wins.
Player Two Attack: Excellent 51% Green
Player One Defense: Excellent 50% Green
Result: Attacker Wins.

Player One Attack: Excellent 76% Yellow
Player Two Defense: Typical 77% Green
Result: Attacker Wins. Color always trumps number.

Player One Attack: Excellent 76% Yellow
Player Two Defense: Excellent 96% Red
Result: Counterattack
Player Two Counter: Excellent 14% White
Player One Defense: Excellent 11% White
Result: Successful Counter. Player two now rolls normal attack as if counter never happened, no penalties form this additional attack.
Player Two Attack: Excellent 80% Yellow
Player One Defense: Excellent 79% Yellow
Result: Hit.

Player One Attack: Good 51% Green, Typical 49% White
Player Two Defense: Excellent 80% Yellow, Excellent 30% White
Result: One attack hit, One attack miss
Player Two Attack: Excellent 7% White
Player One Defense: Excelent 99% Red
Result: Counterattack.
Player One Counter: Excellent 14% White
Player Two Defense: Excellent 7% White
Result: Successful Counter. Counter Attacks count as a free turn. They do not take into account penalties for multiple attacks on their previous turn, nor do they apply any on their next turn.


If a player rolls a 5 or less,it is considered a 'botch'. Either the player tripped over a root, or lost their balance, or got taken by surprise or something of the like.. These have different results depending on when they were rolled.

Botch on Attack:
A botched attack means either you swung wildly due to some outside situation or the monster deflected your blow and staggered you sending your attack in another direction.. or in the case of a ranged attack perhaps something distracted your focus. A 1d100 is rolled to determine exactly what happened,

if the roll is 29 and below your errant attack starts going towards a team-mate. You will roll that attack again, and they will defend against it, with normal damage rules.

If the roll is 5 or below ( a double-botch ) you end up hurting yourself in some way, shape or form. An example could be you tripped and fell into an ally's weapon, your gunshot ricochets off a tree and took out the branch above your head which falls on you, etc. In many cases this damage to yourself can ignore armor.

Botch on Defense:
A botch defense means the enemy's hit managed to surprise you,or perhaps it got through your defenses in a way you wouldn't have expected. Botched defenses always result in the attack doing one level of damage higher ( +1cs ). There is the additional chance ( Depending on the GM ) of getting knocked off your feet by this. A 1d100 roll is done, with the following rules for knockdown

- If the attack is white, a 19 or lower results in knockdown
- If the attack is green, a 29 or lower results in knockdown
- If the attack is yellow, a 39 or lower results in knockdown
- If the attack is red, a 49 or lower results in knockdown

Note that if the attack already has a chance of knockdown, the chance automatically succeeds. No roll is needed.
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Combat Rules
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