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Where to find us
Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:55 pm by SgtSarros
New players who want to join the RPG can join us at , and joining the channel #fantasy-ooc

If you do not have your own IRC client you can go to and click chat now. to go to for their IRC client.

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Jaded Dalanari

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PostSubject: Jaded Dalanari   Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:01 pm

Name: Jaded Dalanari

Sex: Hermaphrodite

Species: Chiroptera Anthropomorphous

Height: 5'7”

Weight: 145 Lbs

Age: Unknown ( October 13th )

Age in appearance: 18-24

Hair Color: Various shades of brown.

Eye Color: Silver

Skin Color: Sun-kissed but hidden by fur

Personality: Jaded is an odd person to be sure. Shi tends to be a bit lacking in social graces finding many of the worlds amenities as curious and often needless things. Course, hir raising in a more martial, and magical world are the stem of such things. Shi however harbors a healthy curiosity of the world in general and a bright, and friendly demeanor. [At times more friendly then most people would like.] Shi is generally very open about hirself and things in general and can, at times, trust a little too easily.

Weakness: Loud Noises that can damage human hearing, wind at certian levels of force. Lightning.

Profession: Herbalist

Weapons: Rapier and Main Gauche

Armor: Silvered Steel

Items: Random pouches filled with foodstuffs and herbs.

Skills: Aerial Combat, Bows, Herbalism, Performer


Stats: Jaded has made up in large part of hir physical strength and endurance with amazing agility and a very strong mind. While shi uses no magic, hir abilities seem to come from a different source.

Fighting: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Strength: Typical

Endurance: Good

Reasoning: Typical

Intuition: Incredible

Psyche: Amazing

Flight Speed:Good ( 60mph, 40 with a passenger )

Magic / Special Abilities:


Cost: 5MP

Uses: Psyche on learning, none otherwise.

Description: Heals an amount equal to Psyche -2CS in hp or 6hp, whichever is greater.


Cost: 10MP

Uses: Psyche on learning, none otherwise.

Description: Heals an amount equal to Psyche -1CS in hp or 10hp, whichever is greater.

Empathy ( Basic )

Cost: N/A

Uses: Psyche

Description: The mentalist attempts to sense, aided by a person's words, general demeanor, and their very top-most feelings, if they are being truthful or not. Once you reach circle 3, this does not have to be rolled for unless contested.

Telekinesis ( Basic )

Cost: 1MP / minute out of combat, 1MP / round in combat, per person or item ( only if used for more then 1 minute / round )

Uses: Psyche ( only if another person with mental abilities tries to target the same item )

Description: Allows the user to lift an object into the air and move it where they wish. User must be able to maintain eye-contact with the object at all times. Maximum weight of the item is 10 pounds. Maximum movement speed is Typical air speed.

Telepathy ( Basic )

Cost: N/A

Uses: Psyche

Description: Allows the mentalist to talk to someone in their mind, or read someone's mind. The target has to be within visible range with no obstructions between the two. Do note that even if you just read their mind there is a chance a non-mentalist can sense someone in their mind ( roll psyche and get a yellow or highr ) though they will not know who did it. Once the mentalist reaches circle 4, it is impossible for a non-mentalist to know if someone is in their mind unless they speak or reveal themselves.


Jaded was born and raised in a wild world, one with few laws, and even fewer restrictions. As open and as welcoming as it was, shi grew up without being picked on. Course, this world did have its dark side, and being of slight body, shi learned quickly how to fight effectively with hir natural grace. This was until shi became aware of and honed hir special abilities quickly carving out a small niche in the world where shi could be as carefree as shi pleased.

Bows - +1 CS to Agility.

Aerial Combat - +1 to Fighting against flying opponents. Must have some way of flying to use.

Herbalism - +1 CS to Intuition to finding herbs, and +1 CS to Reasoning for indentifying herbs for various purpses, including but not limited to medicinal or poison making.

Performer - A juggler, dancer, singer, and more apply under this skill. +1 CS to the stat used for that skill.
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Jaded Dalanari
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